XS 24/7 Sights for Colt XSP

    XS Sights Colt XSP

    XS Sight Systems announced they are now offering the 24/7 Tritium Express sights for the Colt XSP pistol.

    The sights are available in sets with either a Big Dot or a Standard Dot front sight. These front sights use a tritium vial that is visible in low light conditions. A white outline encircles the tritium vial.

    The rear sight is a shallow notch with a vertical tritium insert. A white line surrounds the insert.

    The XS Express sights are designed to give a shooter a fast sight picture in a defensive situation. The MSRP is $120 for both Big Dot and Standard Dot sight sets.

    From XS Sight Systems:

    XS® 24/7 Tritium Express Upgrade: Colt® XSP

    XS® Sight Systems announces the release of 24/7 Tritium Express sights to upgrade your Colt® XSP; available in Big Dot® or Standard Dot® Tritium Front, Tritium Rear set options. The Colt® XSP is consistent in size to the Mustang Pocketlite, but is designed with additional features such as an ambidextrous safeties and a squared off trigger guard that allows for easy mounting of lasers and lights. This model also features a dovetailed front sight, allowing XS® Sights to be the go-to defensive sight upgrade solution for this conceal carry handgun. Made in the USA.

    XS® 24/7 Tritium set features a Tritium front sight, Tritium rear; msrp $120.

    Big Dot® p/n# CM-0011P-5. Standard Dot® p/n# CM-0012P-6

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