DSI’s New DS-15 Rifles


DSI – Dark Storm Industries – is fairly new in the gun world, having been founded in 2013. Friends and firearm enthusiasts Peter and Ed started DSI out of irritation at the lack of locally-available AR parts, and they’re already getting a reputation – a good one. On their website they sell a variety of rifles, parts, optics, rails – and more – and they’ve got half a dozen gun stores carrying their products in the New York area.

Their DS-15 line was specifically created to supply regulation-compliant rifles to New York and California; DS-15 rifles come in standard, non-detachable mags, featureless, and post-ban styles. New in the DS-15 line are the Typhoon and Super Typhoon. From the press release:

“Built on the DS15 billet lower receiver, the Typhoon series is chambered in 5.56 NATO and features ambidextrous safety and sling mount points as well as an ultralight 12” key-mod forearm to allow for installation of accessories without the need for heavy rails.”


The Typhoon will come in all four configurations offered by the DS-15 line; standard and non-detachable mag models will have a Magpul CTR stock, Hogue pistol grip, and DSI CQB compensator. Rather than Magpul, the featureless Typhoon will have a Thorsden FRS-15 fixed rifle stock.

Right now the standard trigger for DS-15 rifles is stainless steel, which is listed on their site as having an 8-lb pull, but the Super Typhoon features a drop-in trigger with a black anodized billet housing. It’s significantly lighter, too, with a pre-set 4-lb pull, although it’s adjustable between 3 and 5 lbs. According to DSI’s website the upgraded trigger, hammer, and disconnector are heat-treated and the hammer and disconnector are nickel-Teflon coated.

Building NY SAFE-ACT compliant rifles isn’t necessarily a fun task, but at least DSI makes them look good. (Word is they’re also working on a DS-10 for next month, possibly chambered in .308 Win.) DSI’s compliant rifles are just what you need if you live in a state with the kind of strict gun regulations that will keep me from ever becoming a resident. DSI bonus: if you move out of those states, DSI will update their rifles for the original owners (for a fee).

The Typhoon’s MSRP is listed at $1095.00 while the Super Typhoon’s MSRP is $1195.00. You can visit DSI’s website at: www.dark-storm.com and check out their full line of products. Or take a look at their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/DarkStormIndustries to see Black Friday deals, which include 500 rounds of .22LR for free if you buy a Ruger 10/22. ‘Tis the season, and we all know you can never have too many guns or too much ammo.


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  • echelon

    I am always happy to see small businesses flourish on the one hand…on the other…meh…more ARs at the $1K price point…yawning ensues…

    • tony patric

      the quality of them is really nice. i have seen them in person. they are not a huge operation, so they are all hand assembled. and if you go to their location they are extremely helpful in helping you find what you need

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Not to be argumentative… But having been to a couple large mfgs… All AR15 rifles are “hand assembled”.

        • Dan

          But these are extra hand assembled with love.

      • echelon

        That’s cool. Hopefully their customer service and reputation can carry them in a saturated market. If they are doing low volume or this is a side gig for them that will also help.

    • Grindstone50k

      I agree, but at least they are making rifles that are compliant with local laws (as asinine as they may be). Not a whole lot of AR putter-togetherers are doing that.

      • echelon

        I respectfully take the opposite stance. I feel that complying with these “laws” only serves to give them validity.

        True opposition is defiance in the face of asininity…

        • Grindstone50k

          Not everybody has the inclination or ability to resist laws. But that isn’t germane to this discussion.

          • echelon

            It is because you brought it up as a merit for the company. I’m just disagreeing with you respectfully. I look at it as a demerit for the company.

            In my mind it’s no different then lawyers who make their living off of “laws” that they can bend or manipulate. Now, I don’t think companies like this are doing anything nefarious, it’s more out of ignorance or a misguidance. They might truly think they are doing something beneficial by making “compliant” guns.

            To me they are enabling the very thing they probably are intellectually and philosophically against. That’s what makes it the most sad.

            And I totally agree with you about peoples’ inclination or ability to resist “laws”. That’s why above all else we have the government we deserve.

          • ruffone

            Well if it comes down to an economics concern and they want to stay in business of course they are going to be complaint. It is only good business sense.

            So does your reasoning stick when it comes to Black Rain Ordnance since they are one of the few companies making a NY complaint AR so that those who normally wouldn’t be able to own an AR can? They are going to make a bundle selling their compliant AR.

          • echelon

            People also made a bundle selling black slaves in colonial America. It was only good business sense. I don’t see how your point proves anything…

            If they are only in it to make a buck then they are no different than any other company, true, and that’s my point. If they want to roll that way I have no problem. My problem is touting it as some sort of “up yours” to The Man when in fact it is nothing more than a cash grab.

          • ruffone

            You said you look at it as a demerit to any company that sells complaint firearms, which for your crazy mind covers every company that sells firearms in the US, and I stated that they sell them to make money. No company goes out with the intent to make and or sell non-compliant items, especially knowing that if they do they will lose their shirts knowing that nobody could buy them legally and they could face jail time for breaking the law. Or you could look at it like a normal person does and see that the companies make complaint firearms so that it gives firearm fans that live in areas with restrictions the opportunity to handle/own the same firearms that we all get to handle/own.

          • echelon

            I’m apparently the crazy one…

            So by your logic the US should not exist because our “Founding Fathers” were traitors to the Crown and they revolted and broke many of the King’s laws. Anyone found helping the rebels would’ve been aiding and abetting them and would’ve surely been punished as well.

            You’re coming at this problem from the stance that our government is generally good and the laws, while sometimes misguided, are generally good. I’m not coming at it from that angle.

            It was apparent from the time of the drafting of the Constitution where this country was headed. The Whiskey Rebellion was a foretaste of what was to be expected out of our new Republic.

            The problem is not that I’m crazy, the problem is that the once fine citizens of our nation are not crazy enough to throw off the yoke that is around their necks…

          • ruffone

            What are you smoking or drinking… Hee-Hee-Hee… I am coming at it from a businessman’s and commerce point of view. We aren’t talking wars and revolt’s.
            And again you are wrong, I don’t think our government is good.