DSI’s New DS-15 Rifles


    DSI – Dark Storm Industries – is fairly new in the gun world, having been founded in 2013. Friends and firearm enthusiasts Peter and Ed started DSI out of irritation at the lack of locally-available AR parts, and they’re already getting a reputation – a good one. On their website they sell a variety of rifles, parts, optics, rails – and more – and they’ve got half a dozen gun stores carrying their products in the New York area.

    Their DS-15 line was specifically created to supply regulation-compliant rifles to New York and California; DS-15 rifles come in standard, non-detachable mags, featureless, and post-ban styles. New in the DS-15 line are the Typhoon and Super Typhoon. From the press release:

    “Built on the DS15 billet lower receiver, the Typhoon series is chambered in 5.56 NATO and features ambidextrous safety and sling mount points as well as an ultralight 12” key-mod forearm to allow for installation of accessories without the need for heavy rails.”


    The Typhoon will come in all four configurations offered by the DS-15 line; standard and non-detachable mag models will have a Magpul CTR stock, Hogue pistol grip, and DSI CQB compensator. Rather than Magpul, the featureless Typhoon will have a Thorsden FRS-15 fixed rifle stock.

    Right now the standard trigger for DS-15 rifles is stainless steel, which is listed on their site as having an 8-lb pull, but the Super Typhoon features a drop-in trigger with a black anodized billet housing. It’s significantly lighter, too, with a pre-set 4-lb pull, although it’s adjustable between 3 and 5 lbs. According to DSI’s website the upgraded trigger, hammer, and disconnector are heat-treated and the hammer and disconnector are nickel-Teflon coated.

    Building NY SAFE-ACT compliant rifles isn’t necessarily a fun task, but at least DSI makes them look good. (Word is they’re also working on a DS-10 for next month, possibly chambered in .308 Win.) DSI’s compliant rifles are just what you need if you live in a state with the kind of strict gun regulations that will keep me from ever becoming a resident. DSI bonus: if you move out of those states, DSI will update their rifles for the original owners (for a fee).

    The Typhoon’s MSRP is listed at $1095.00 while the Super Typhoon’s MSRP is $1195.00. You can visit DSI’s website at: www.dark-storm.com and check out their full line of products. Or take a look at their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/DarkStormIndustries to see Black Friday deals, which include 500 rounds of .22LR for free if you buy a Ruger 10/22. ‘Tis the season, and we all know you can never have too many guns or too much ammo.


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