Review: Strike Industries AR Enhanced Pistol Grip

Factory grips are usually one of the first parts to go when a consumer decides to customize their AR15 type rifle, and Strike Industries is now bringing to the table a nice offering similar to the dominant MagPul MOE grip called the “AR Enhanced Pistol Grip”.

To see how it compares to a MagPul grip, I pulled out an AR that I have graced with a MIAD:


I removed the MIAD and slapped on the Enhanced Pistol Grip:


This grip also has a similarly designed compartment for storing spare parts, batteries, candy, etc.:



The grip fits well and compliments the lines of the rifle just like the MagPul offering:


I would also like to point out that the grip feels a bit smaller, and if you have smaller hands it may work well for you:


The Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip retails for $18.95 and is a very viable alternative to the MagPul MOE grip.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • noob

    I’m glad they put grip on it without writing “GRIP ZONE” on it.

    • echelon

      I think Springfield should make an AR grip with that on it just to troll everyone! Heck, I’d buy one just on principle…but not one of their pistols with it on there, lol.

      • noob

        we should 3d print an ar grip with “GRIP ZONE” and “THUMB ZONE” and “CANDY STORAGE ZONE” in ABS and then use it as a master for a glass filled polymer casting.

        sell them on ebay or something 🙂

        • Grindstone50k

          I’d by the candy one in a heartbeat.

        • Taylor TX

          Tactical skittles break engage!

        • echelon

          I think GripZone is TM so SA might have a problem with that one…but totally need to make all sorts of “zones” and do that!

  • Don Ward

    How many ounces of Skittles does this hold? (I’m glad we’ve all spent time watching the same educational videos).

  • BattleshipGrey

    I find it interesting that many more companies are jumping into the steeper angle grip, after all these years. I run the Magpul K grip on my AR and love it over the standard and Hogue grips.

    I’m over generalizing here, but I’m rather turned off by any new “tactical” rifle that hits the market if it doesn’t utilize the adaptability of the AR grip market.

  • A metal one.

  • gunslinger

    justnoticed that the article images aren’t coming up on the page.

    cloudflare thinks my computer is a ddos attack?

  • ruffone

    I’ll stick with my ERGOs