Akaitama sent us these photos he took of a M60 Light Machine Gun he used during Reserve infantry battle formation training. His staff sergeant said the gun had been used in the War in Laos (1953-75). This would make it about three times as old as the men who train with it.

Also note the M1 Garand

Also note the M1 Garand

Akaitama did not say which Army Reserves he served with and I do not recognize the uniform. M60 and M1 Garands were, and still are, widely used in Southeast Asia for arming reserve and training units.

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  • Dukeblue91

    At the very least they could give that M60 a little TLC.
    That it still works in this condition is amazing to me.

  • Phillip Cooper

    This is quite obviously not a US unit. Nevermind the uniforms, the condition of the weapon alone is an obvious indicator.

    Anyone letting their weapon get into 1/10th of that bad a condition would have hell rained down upon them several times over.

  • USMC03Vet

    What an ostentatious paperweight.

  • CrankyFool

    You know, usually POTD makes me smile in nostalgia, but this one sort of made me cringe with pain.

  • Jeremy Star

    Never heard anyone refer to the M60 as a light machine gun. It’s generally considered a GPMG.

  • Kevin

    To further the comment from DPC, I believe that the “M60” is a DP replica and was never an actual weapon, too many things on it look “wrong”. In short, I reckon it’s a Drill Practice item to simulate the characteristics of the 60 without giving Reservist Cadets the real thing.

    (For some qualification on my statement – I was a member of the Aussie Army Reserve for a decade and was a Gunner for several years with most of that time operating the 60)

  • claymore

    Used in LAOS war. I think not, because any of our involvement after 1962 was illegal therefore anybody we supplied used AK style weapons and this would be a big kink in the supply chain to supply yet another ammo type just for the pig.

  • A guy named Joe

    It is US Made but you have to remember that parts are very hard to find in that corner of the world. In the Philippines, they are still using BAR’s in the reserves and they have 40 rd magazines for them. YES..30 and 40 rd magazines for them folks.

    • bernardg

      Hell, they even still using M3 Grease Gun for their Navy. Talk about preserving the grandpa.

  • Jason

    Look behind the M60. Those appear to me the muzzles of M1 Garands.