Muzzle Device Jackets

Companies are coming out with QD covers for muzzle devices.

Griffin Armament has their QD Blast Shield. It slips over their muzzle devices and locks in place.


According to Griffin Armament:

The Griffin QD Blast Shield is compatible with our line of QD 5.56mm mounts, Including the Flash Comp, Muzzle Brake, Compensating Flash Hider, and Tactical Compensator. It is also compatible with A2 Compensators that fall within the NATO spec blueprinted dimensions. Although many companies manufacture A2 style compensators not all of them are dimensioned properly. Not Compatible with BCM, BCE or PWS muzzle devices.


They are best suited for short barreled rifles or pistols like the AR pistol.

The jackets help direct the muzzle blasts to avoid hitting any fellow range users on either side of the shooter.


Gemtech has their version called the Blast Jacket.

Nicholas C

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  • Giolli Joker

    Cool looking, but it’s a 150$ fancy steel jacket.

    Better video on the Gemtech, still promotional but less worthless: 🙂

    • Ron

      Got one of the GA ones the other day. It works as claims and does turn your brake into a Krink type linear comp. But the cons is you add some weight to the nose of the gun and instead of the attached muzzle brake working as intended now the blast deflector is adding a push to the rear. So you have to make the choice directing blast forward to minimize concussion around the shooter or brake to help with recoil mitigation to speed your follow up shots.

      • Giolli Joker

        Thanks, you’ve given the first report I’ve read about the effects of these jackets… all the manufacturers aren’t highlighting the fact that the muzzle braking effect is lost once you mount them.
        The QD feature should however give quick choice over the feature preferred, depending on the intended shooting in the particular moment (e.g. target shooting in range, jacket on; 3-gun match/training naked muzzle brake).

        • mig1nc

          Yeah, I think that’s the true appeal. Folks that have the same gun for 3-gun and defense could just keep the jacket on until they need to put the pedal down at a match.

    • Dan

      Could he possibly over exaggerate the recoil anymore in that video

  • claymore

    Why not just design their devices with less blast in the first place.

    • MR

      If the device is a suppressor QD mount, redirecting gasses to the side is part of its job.

  • LRB

    So these are american interperrations of Bulgaian Krinkov brakes? What’s old
    Is new again

  • echelon

    How about we just do away with all the silly “sbr” and suppressor laws and just make suppressors common and standard devices…then we wouldn’t have to worry about all this nonsense.

  • Lance

    Not worth the money save up for a suppressor or stick with a flash hider.

  • Gol

    Sorry for the dumb question, but wouldn’t these devices just negate the effect of the muzzle break?