American Tactical Imports sues Tennessee Arms Company

American Tactical Imports (ATI) is suing the Tennessee Arms Company (TAC) for patent infringement. ATI claims that TAC’s Hybrid Polymer Lower Receiver infringes on ATI’s patent 8,789,305 (“Hybrid lower receiver for a rifle”). This patent forms the basis for American Tactical’s OMNI Hybrid AR-15 Lower Receiver.

ATI OMNI Reciever

ATI OMNI Reciever

TAC Hybrid Receiver

TAC Hybrid Receiver

Additionally, ATI claim that TAC’s new logo infringes on their “AT” mark. From the complaint filed with the court:

As can be seen from a comparison of the AT Mark with the Defendant’s AT Mark, they are confusingly similar. Both employ a capital A and a capital T superimposed over one another within a geometrical form, except A TI uses a diamond shape and T AC uses a circle.




ATI’s logo (left) and TAC’s logo (right)


I expect, like most of these cases, the companies involved will settle out of court.

Steve Johnson

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    They may have some stance on the lower, but the logo is kinda pushing it.

    • Agreed. Sadly, the way the American Legal System works is that if you don’t defend your tradermarks, you weaken your rights to defend them in the future (in a generalized statement).

  • Joe from Richmond

    They’re both infringing on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy anyway.

  • echelon

    Yay, more sewage. I now know I can come to TFB almost daily for my latest firearms company sewage report. Sheesh.

    • You can always skip the post if you don’t like it:-)

      • echelon

        My comment was less about TFB’s coverage of lawsuits and more about the frequency they seem to be happening lately. I find it a little alarming.

        We’ve become such a litigious society that it makes me a little ill.

        If it’s news it’s news, right? You post it I comment and the world goes on I suppose. 🙂

  • Mystick

    This is less of a patent case a more of a trademark dissimilation suit.

  • TnArmsCo

    Our lawyers have been in contact with them about our prior art. The trademark issue is laughable. Business as usually here in Tennessee

  • Havok

    “The metal insert includes insert side walls incorporated within the polymer sidewalls of the lower receiver housing such that the sidewalls are adapted to receive a takedown pin to secure the upper receiver to the lower receiver.”

    That part of the patent makes me think that TN Arms Co will walk away from this one with hardly a scratch. And the Logo issue is a joke…

    • TnArmsCo

      I agree 100%

  • Mike

    The TN Arms Co owner is on reddit a lot, and is a very stand up guy and takes a lot of feedback regarding his products. I have no doubt ATI has lost sales to TN Arms Co.

    • Mayor of Nopeville.

      That would be me.. You can’t even buy a stripped on their site anymore. They are always “Out Of Stock” . Again..we’ve contacted them via lawyer and haven’t heard a peep from them since we showed them what we had for prior art