American Tactical Imports sues Tennessee Arms Company

    American Tactical Imports (ATI) is suing the Tennessee Arms Company (TAC) for patent infringement. ATI claims that TAC’s Hybrid Polymer Lower Receiver infringes on ATI’s patent 8,789,305 (“Hybrid lower receiver for a rifle”). This patent forms the basis for American Tactical’s OMNI Hybrid AR-15 Lower Receiver.

    ATI OMNI Reciever

    ATI OMNI Reciever

    TAC Hybrid Receiver

    TAC Hybrid Receiver

    Additionally, ATI claim that TAC’s new logo infringes on their “AT” mark. From the complaint filed with the court:

    As can be seen from a comparison of the AT Mark with the Defendant’s AT Mark, they are confusingly similar. Both employ a capital A and a capital T superimposed over one another within a geometrical form, except A TI uses a diamond shape and T AC uses a circle.




    ATI’s logo (left) and TAC’s logo (right)


    I expect, like most of these cases, the companies involved will settle out of court.

    Steve Johnson

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