North Eastern Arms Compact Carbine Stock

A few companies have been showcasing their firearms with this compact carbine stock.

Troy has their M7A1.




LWRC has their PDW




Well this stock is actually made by a Canadian company called North Eastern Arms.

My FFL got one in and I got to play around with it in his garage. I added it to my KRISS Arms M4 stock adapter and put it on his Vector SBR.



The CSS stock looks awesome on the Vector. The only downside is that the two guide rods are too narrow. So the stock cannot collapse all the way. The picture below shows the stock collapsed as far as it can go. If the rods were ground down or channels were cut into the polymer upper, then the stock would be able to close.


At the moment, there are only a few people importing this stock into the US. Troy Industries will be selling it soon.

Here is a video by SMGLee posted last January testing the CSS on a SBR.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • Vorpalis
    • waffen ss

      Jesus H Christ- $330!?

      • tfb.lurker

        AR tastes on an SKS budget, I see…

        • waffen ss

          my m70ab2 underfolder set me back $200 more than this stupid stock costs. AR fanbois prove the old “a sucker born every minute” adage.

          • asdffdsa

            That is the stock + buffer tube + buffer spring + bolt carrier and is in no way only $30 worth of metal and plastic unless you think parts just grow on trees instead of requiring CNC machines to make. Also, you bought a used rifle that was built from a parts kit and you are comparing it to new manufactured parts. I’m also gonna bet that your gun was assembled by Century Arms which is known for their shitty quality.

          • Fred Johnson

            That is an interesting bolt carrier. I guess you can’t just pivot open the rifle with that set up?

          • Cymond

            That’s totally $30 worth of raw materials if you buy raw ore. Heck, I can probably gather up a couple of pounds of aluminum & steel at the dump for free! Everything else is incidental. [/sarcasm]

            In all seriousness, I saw a guy arguing that Geissele triggers shouldn’t cost more than $30, or $50 at the most.

      • Weaver

        If you add up that you get the modified bolt carrier, recoil spring, “buffer” and the stock its a reasonable price.

    • Cymond

      Supposedly the NEA stock is usually (always?) out of stock at Brownell’s.
      And $330 is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $500 that Troy is asking for the same stock, but apparently Troy actually has them.

  • Cymond

    For those interested in how it works internally: Pics!
    Note the special bolt carrier.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Your’s looks a little different. Why does yours have that knurled end cap?

      • Cymond

        I apologize, I never meant to imply that I own a NEA stock. I just save pics of the mechanical workings for any weird gun part I see.

  • ColaBox

    Damn you LWRC, always coming out with something amazing that’s too expensive and costly for any normal person to actually buy. That SBR is incredible.

    • KestrelBike

      I drooled over that issue of Recoil that had their PDW in white. I wonder if it’s a special order and comes with an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet 😀

  • Taylor TX

    Stormtrooper PDW /drool engage!

    • Stan Darsh

      I was thinking the same thing! Although, it might look best on a Scout Trooper.

  • AJ187

    This looks nice, not so sure I wanna be attached to the proprietary BCG. Neat idea to put it on the adapter. Some people report having trouble with certain sling adapters and battery assist devices, so do your research before you take the plunge.

    Nicholas C
    Nicholas C

    • AJ187

      Nicholas C, great job I meant to add…..:)

  • big daddy

    I ordered one from Canada in 2013. I waited and waited and waited, so I cancelled the order and got the LWRC short stock set. It ran fine but was so uncomfortable I gave it away. I used it on a pinned 14.5″ barrel. These are useless if the gun is not a true SBR, the cheek weld looks horrible and like the LWRC I’m sure it’s not fun to shoot. It’s for making the shortest gun possible and nothing else. Yes the cool factor is off the charts but in reality a Magpul CTR stock isn’t much longer when it’s collapsed than these stocks and a lot cheaper.

  • Noakes

    I got a full-screen ad clicking my way to your page. Bye.

    • Bye

      I specifically allow ads for websites I frequent just to help them out, but the second you start forcing a full screen “click to continue” ad down my throat is the day I blacklist and block it. I’m giving TFB a week to iron this out and if it continues I’m going to be leaving.

      • We changed a link and got rid of it once. Is this that primarily white page with blue letters and just a couple of words?

        • Rusty Shackleford

          I’m not sure what he is seeing, but I’ve been seeing a what page with the word ADVERTISEMENT in the center on top with the word CONTINUE to the right of it and a 5 second countdown similar to the kinds WSJ or Forbes use. Only once have I seen an actual ad on the page and is was for TrackingPoint a day or two ago.

          • Bye


    • Andrew

      Full page TrackingPoint ads every other day. So much fun trying to click that tiny X with man thumbs and a smart phone. Gotta love it.

  • For the Kriss, couldn’t you mount the tube upside down, but insert the stock rods normally? I suppose the locking cuts wouldn’t align then, nor would the buttplate properly clear the buffer tube.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Roughly $500 to add length to the Vector as compared to the factory folding stock? Sounds like a deal!

    • Nicholas Chen

      I think it is better than the Magpul UBR we see all the time on Vectors.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      And I thought the $350 on the original NEA version was too steep.

    • M

      Well, realize that you’re also buying a receiver extension/buffer system as well as a proprietary bolt carrier/buffer along with it. The NEA’s asking price of $330 isn’t TOO unreasonable given the above.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Thats true, although I’d rather buy it from NEA. Since NEA never returned my email, I hoped Nicholas C would clarify if NEA can sell/export these to a U.S. citizen or if they have ITAR regs.

        • Gregory Markle

          The e-mail that NEA sent out when they had them in stock stated that you had to file a Form 6 for them to export the stock to you.

        • Nicholas Chen

          What Gregory said. You need a Form 6 to import this.

  • Cornelius Carroll

    THAT WHITE SBR!!!!!!

  • robert

    It won’t work on a Colt 6920 or any lower that has a sear web or block. And even ones that have a sear web-like bulge it just won’t fit

    • Nicholas Chen

      I just realized it wont work on lowers with an extended receiver pin.

  • Mabey

    Two Canadain products in one day.

  • patrickiv

    Any advantage over the regular KRISS folding stock?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Variety. That is all. I like the folding stock on the Vector. At the moment the M4 Stock adapter does not allot for stocks to fold. I believe a LAW Tactical folding adapter will alleviate that. I am waiting for my FFL to get one in.

  • B31A

    What would the overall length be on a 10.5 inch rifle with the nea stock in the collapsed position verses the same rifle with a standard M-4 style stock in the collapsed position?

  • Andrew

    Nope nope nope. I’ll stick with my LWRC Ultra Compact stock and standard BCG.

  • guest

    This is not a PDW. This is a compact assault rifle. PDW is an ersatz term for modernised submachineguns. Could just as well take a slightly shorter barrelled Minimi and market that as a “PDW”.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    NEA have been around for many years. They have garnered a decent reputation for reliability and consistency in the process, so existing issues concerning supply and demand related to them may be the result of trans-national security and administrative issues rather than anything else. I am perfectly willing to concede that I might be incorrect in saying this, or lagging in the updates to the latest cross-border issues, so please correct me and post the latest factual information regarding this issue if you have it.

    The end result can only be of benefit to all of us on TFB.