Nathan at Aimed Research, who specialize in ultra-high speed gun photography services and equipment rental (I did not know this was even a thing … I have lots of ideas for posts with this kind of equipment), sent us this photo of a .243 bullet. Nathan wrote

This photo demonstrates the terminal ballistic fragmentation of the Federal Power-Shok 100grn .243 projectile upon impact of a soft target such as the Clear Ballistics synthetic ordnance gelatin block.

The image exposure was 1/2,000,000th of a second (0.0000005 sec), illuminated with a total of approximately 150,000,000 beam candela of light. The image was captured with a simple Canon Rebel XT by Aimed Research.

Note the multiple small and large projectile fragments.


  • Torn

    And according to the “experts” a .243 is to light to effectively kill a deer. I have at least 10+ one shot kills with a .243. most of those were Mule Deer. Look at how that 100 gr. goes thru that Ballistic Gel!

    • Mark N.

      This was probably true when rounds were only 55 gr. FMJs. Heavier HPs with faster twist rates to stabilize them have changed the game.