ArmaLite .308 Pistol

ArmaLite pistol

ArmaLite was showing a whole new line of pistols along with a complete make-over of the AR-10 and M-15 lines of rifles at the 2014 NASGW Expo last week. One of those new guns is a AR-style pistol chambered for the .308 Win cartridge.

The pistol has a 13.5″ barrel topped with an OSS brake. The gun uses a KeyMod hand guard and uses a Magpul pistol grip and magazine.

The unit uses a SIG arm brace in conjunction with a Law Tactical Gen3 folding stock adaptor. The adaptor allows the shooter to fold the stock for transport or carry. The gun can be fired from the folded position without damaging the rifle. However, once fired, the stock has to be opened and the charging handle operated to fire a second time.

According to the rep I spoke with at the NASGW show, ArmaLite will not be selling the Turkish-made AR-24 pistols any more. Additionally, the company will be focusing on AR-type pistols exclusively for the company’s handgun line.

New ArmaLite guns will begin shipping at the end of October. The entirety of the company’s new guns will be in full production by March 2015.

Richard Johnson

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  • Tim U

    At that size, just put the extra 3 inches on the barrel and call it a rifle. The “pistols” really lose their purpose with barrels greater than 10 inches. I’d never go that large in a “pistol” non-sbr

    • echelon

      I’ve not done the research on the .308 in short barrels, but perhaps Armalite selected that length because it has a minimal effect on velocity of the round.

      I selected 11.5″ for my 5.56 “pistol” and it’s still small and handy while still retaining better ballistics than, say, a 7.5″ variant…

      I personally wouldn’t want something like this, but I say keep the “pistols” coming! The sooner the whole SBR registration racket takes a dirt nap the better, along with suppressors and the whole works! 😉

      • MclarenF1Forever

        Pretty sure the SCAR 17s in the military have ~13″ barrels, so that maybe the sweet spot for short 7.62×51 barrels.

        • Rusty Shackleford

          The SCAR 17 CQC uses MK 319 ammo exclusively to help compensate for barrel length.

  • Tom – UK

    I’d be much more interested in say an FN FAL/Ak pistol with this folding arm brace than an AR-15 variant. Yes you can shoot it once with the brace folded but meh any time I need to shoot a gun with the brace/stock folded it wont be a one shot deal and any time I need a .308 gun folded because of space issues I’m unlikely to need to shoot it especially something requiring a .308 .

  • USMC03Vet

    I don’t get it. All that real estate for the non vertical grips you can put on that gigantic barrel.

    God damn you, ATF.

  • Justin P

    Where/when can we find out details on the rest of the changes to Armalite’s lineup and what new guns they are releasing?

  • wetcorps

    “Pistol”, eh 🙂

  • Duray

    But….now where will I go for rebadged Turkish CZ copies?

    • echelon

      Canik55 Stingray. Awesome gun and cheap too.

  • Patrick R

    Kinda poking the bear with this one aren’t we Armalite? Keep offering factory “SBR” builds with an arm brace and the ATF will drop some new ruling.

    • waffen ss

      it’s capitalism- if you are doing something and making $ you keep doing it until it’s illegal and then if they ban it and you have big balls you keep doing it and make even more $

  • nature223

    too bad it’s armalite.. like the idea.. but I won’t buy from them

    • Dan

      Care to explain why? Or are you going to make us speculate?

      • Stan Darsh

        I assume he is referring to the deal Armalite made with the Anti-Gun side after Newtown.

        • nature223

          selling to cops and not the citizens in ban states for one.. mark westrom is an a–hole for two..
          AND the Newtown deal for three..
          shall I go on??
          now.. but considering that SAC holds the name.. I MAY reconsider seeing as how westrom gets no more say in the day to day operation. but if he owns shares.. he DOES profit and I won’t give him my hard earned, F*** him

    • Fred Johnson

      What would be worth finding out is if the “sales rep” that got in that e-mail “situation” that Mark Westrom tried to cover is still with ArmaLite. Strategic Armory Corps did purchase ArmaLite from Westrom over a year ago.

      It does appear that SAC is moving ArmaLite forward from ArmaLite’s older ways. It’s still way past time for ArmaLite to get a new website, though.

  • Cymond

    “The gun can be fired from the folded position without damaging the rifle.”

    That must be new for the Gen 3 adapter, the Gen 2 would lock up from a single round of 223 if fired when folded.

  • Agitator

    So they finally decided to go with the SR25 magwell? Or has that been going on for a while?