ArmaLite .308 Pistol

    ArmaLite pistol

    ArmaLite was showing a whole new line of pistols along with a complete make-over of the AR-10 and M-15 lines of rifles at the 2014 NASGW Expo last week. One of those new guns is a AR-style pistol chambered for the .308 Win cartridge.

    The pistol has a 13.5″ barrel topped with an OSS brake. The gun uses a KeyMod hand guard and uses a Magpul pistol grip and magazine.

    The unit uses a SIG arm brace in conjunction with a Law Tactical Gen3 folding stock adaptor. The adaptor allows the shooter to fold the stock for transport or carry. The gun can be fired from the folded position without damaging the rifle. However, once fired, the stock has to be opened and the charging handle operated to fire a second time.

    According to the rep I spoke with at the NASGW show, ArmaLite will not be selling the Turkish-made AR-24 pistols any more. Additionally, the company will be focusing on AR-type pistols exclusively for the company’s handgun line.

    New ArmaLite guns will begin shipping at the end of October. The entirety of the company’s new guns will be in full production by March 2015.

    Richard Johnson

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