Four New Magpul M-Lok Products

At AUSA, Soldier Systems shared 4 new M-Lok compatible products by Magpul.

They are:

1. M-Lok Vertical Grip retails for $22.95.


2. M-Lok Offset light rail retails for $34.95 it is made of aluminum quite a departure from their usual polymer light mounts.

Offset-Light-Optic-Mount-Aluminum-440x296 Offset-mount-2-440x285

3. M-Lok QD sling mount retails for $19.95


4. M-Lok Bipod Mount retails for $22.95


These are all available for purchase on Magpul’s website.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    So far I’m kind of disappointed in the initial amount of support I’m seeing for MLOK.

    Yea, I’m well aware it’s new. But I’m just not seeing even talk about it, DD just jumped in keymod, and although Magpul says MLOK is better they haven’t made any attempt to prove that.

    We’ll see how SHOT goes I guess. Maybe some big names will announce versions of their products for both systems – but I kinda doubt it.

    • Tim U

      My opinion is that mlok came out too late. The industry has adopted keymod, and that’s how it’s going to be as a standard. The only mlok support I see coming will be from magpul.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Agreed, their timing was poor. This is one product they should have “Magpul traditionally released” (shown at SHOT and actually available two years later)

      • Magpul

        M-LOK is basically an updated, direct attach, open license system of the original MOE slots we have been using since 2007. It is backwards compatible with the older MOE system via an adapter plate and all Magpul products using the MOE slots will be converted to use the M-LOK system this year. The MOE system is almost 10 times larger than the entire Keymod market place so even counting only Magpul using it as a propriety system it’s adoption will be larger than Keymod in 2015.

    • An Interested Person

      You can buy MLOK handguards from Geissele and a few other manufacturers. It has a lot of potential, and seems to be gaining traction.

      But you are right, SHOT will be the deciding factor.

    • Zachary marrs

      According to the magpul hype trian, it can cure cancer.

      This wouldn’t be thier first failure due to hype

      • Magpul

        Please read our foundations page at We do relativity little advertizing and find our best source of marketing is education. Here is what we have posted about the advantages of M-LOK over Keymod. It is simple and factual without “hype”….

        M-LOK works over a wider material thickness range than Keymod.

        M-LOK uses a flat nut that is suitable for polymer, metal and carbon fiber mounting surfaces.

        M-LOK is a true direct attach system so a line of accessories
        mounted next to each other do not need to be slid off to remove just one

        M-LOK has better recoil/impact support than Keymod.

        M-LOK uses a larger bolt and has greater direct surface contact than
        Keymod resulting is greater pull out strength (a single MLOK mount
        exceeds 300 lbs in all materials)

        M-LOK accessories are multi directional (can be mounted forward or backwards).

        M-LOK has a uniform internal edge that can be generously chamfered
        allowing a better feel on the hand than Keymods 45 degree under cuts.

        M-LOK can use any of the millions of MOE accessories already fielded via an adapter plate.

        M-LOK slots are much lower cost to manufacture than Keymod resulting in lower cost to consumers.

        M-LOK nuts are much lower cost to manufacture than Keymod resulting in lower cost to consumers.

        M-LOK bolts are commonly available (user replaceable) and allow more torque to be applied than Keymod.

        M-LOK slots requires no special CNC cutters or complex injection
        molds to manufacture an undercut like Keymod resulting in lower cost to

        M-LOK has greater documentation surrounding manufacturing than
        Keymod allowing for greater compatibility between different manufactures
        and different M-LOK products.

        • Fed up

          Seesh every time the mlok discussion comes up, this friken list has to be copy and pasted on every damn thread..

          I get it, mlok is the shiiet and keymod sucks blah blah blah

          • Magpul

            We did a list like this when the PMAG first came out and many on the internet insisted that USGI ALU mags were superior. 5 years later everything stated in that list is now self evident.

            They are short statements of fact that are added here as discussion points. Just like the original PMag list that we could back up with documentation this list is compiled from our lab and test results.

        • Zachary marrs

          I love ya magpul, but yall hype things, hell look at the acr, yall hyped that to no end, sometimes even arguing with people over it.

          • Magpul

            The Masada rifle was designed as a concept to show as the 2007 SHOT show. It was put into production by Remington/Bushmaster and is a very good but niche platform. The original Masada prototype was designed from list of requirements on a white board to a firing prototype in just 4 months and is still running strong half a decade later. We are still very proud of the achievement and the rifle it eventually became.

          • Zachary marrs

            Your price quotes were off, and the bushmaster version had a tendency to go full auto.
            Your choice in companies was also very questionable, Remington and bushmaster. If its so great, why dont you run them in your carbine course?

          • Magpul

            The Masada never went into production and we never took a dime from anyone in the way of orders so our estimate on the cost of the system in large scale manufacturing is moot. We built about 10 prototypes and not one has every gone full auto without the selector on Auto too.

          • Zachary marrs

            In which case, you should have built the civilian versions yourself, instead of bringing in a third party. I imagine well over half of your products are sold to civilians

          • Magpul

            You will have to trust me here. At the time Magpul did not have anywhere near the resources to put the Masada into even limited production. The choice was to let an established manufacture do it or let the project stop at the 10 concept guns.

          • Zachary marrs

            True, I didn’t think of that. I do hope mlok gets its due, I think its a great system, at least in my short experience with it. Oh, and bring back foliage.

        • Russ

          Mlok is supposed to be “much” lower to manufacture yet the handguards and accessories cost the same if not more compared to 1913 or keymod.

          So what’s the deal, I though one of the primary reasons to convince the end user to switch was because of the savings advantage

    • Magpul

      So far M-LOK has more manufactures signed up for developing products in 3 months than KeyMod has had in 3 years. We have already released over 20 products for the M-LOK system and will be at over 40 accessories before the end of the year just from us.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I hear Beta was the “better” format.

        • Zachary marrs


          • Magpul

            VHS won because it had a larger installed user base. M-LOK is an updated, open license, direct attach system, replacement for the MOE slot system that Magpul has used since 2007 as a propriety system. It’s adoption across the Magpul line along with it’s backwards compatibility with the millions of MOE systems and accessories (over ten times larger than the entire Keymod market) gives the numbers advantage to M-LOK in this regards.

          • Zachary marrs

            VHS won because of the porn industry.

            Please don’t do porn

          • Magpul

            LOL back then “Porn” =”Larger Installed User Base”. Didn’t work for the HD vs BluRay battle due to the internet.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            VHS won because it had a larger installed user base.

            I’m not sure if you are admitting defeat with that or you just didn’t acknowledge what you just wrote? Are we arguing the same thing now? I’m confused.

            Whatever. I have no dog in the fight. Except that I suppose I already own two key mod rails.

          • Magpul

            I will try to be clearer.

            The KeyMod accessory marketplace is measeured in the tens of thousands.

            The MOE marketplace is measured in the millions. M-LOK is the replacement for MOE slot accessories with backwards compatibility between the systems via an adapter plate.

            All existing MOE slotted products will be retrofitted to use M-LOK in 2014 and all new Magpul products will use M-LOK going forward.

            With M-LOK replacing the MOE slot in all production items it have a installed user base several times larger than KeyMod in 2015.

          • ColaBox

            Hey Magpul, why no white furniture?

          • Ethan

            Oh I LIKE that idea! Dedicated winter furniture? I’d but it..

    • Cymond

      Midwest Industries makes nearly-identical handguards that use either MLOK or KeyMod. The MLOK models are about $30 cheaper.

      I think the system has potential, but I also think Magpul may have missed the boat. However, I probably will get an MLOK rail just because I like it better, and don’t use many accessories.

  • USMC03Vet

    Was there a problem with the previous rail system?

    Seems like reinventing the wheel here.

    • Magpul

      As posted before the primary reason for developing M-LOK was that the MOE system was not direct attach and the keymod systems use of a conical nut was inherently unsuitable for polymer mounting surfaces.

      • Zachary marrs

        Any plans for a midlength sl handguard?

        • Magpul


          • Rusty Shackleford

            What is with dropping color choices from the Gen 3 Pmags?

  • gunslinger

    i like the bipod mount thing.

  • John

    I have 2 keymod rail (Vltor CASV and Seekins) and 1 M-Lok ALG. I like M-Lok much better.

  • Ethan

    Remington’s new Defense/Military catalog is STUFFED with M-Lok technology…. I seriously hope it takes off over Keymod. As a machinist the design just makes more sense.