Tyler writes …

Being slightly new to firearms I finally got some time off to do some modifications I’ve always wanted to do.

The first was a glock 22 gen 4 [ed: photo below] that I stippled and, it being my first time, I feel it turned out quite well. Attached is a Prezine flared mag well, and streamlight TLR-2. The other is a Kimber custom TLE 2 [ed: photo above] with a set of recover grips attached providing an aftermarket picatinny rail allowing attachments. Again it has streamlight TLR-2.

For $50 it was nice discovering a product like the recovery grips, purchasing the Kimber before really developing a taste for firearms I didn’t think about a picatinny rail, now realizing how much I enjoy having a light attached to my pistols, I was disappointed my kimber did not tout the ability. The recovery were grips easy to install and quite strong and was nice little add on that saved me about $1000. I would suggest them to anyone.

image (14)

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  • USMC03Vet

    Any TFB readers have custom paint on their handguns? If so send in them pictures!

  • Jeff Smith

    Good job on the stippling! The guns look great!

  • FourString

    just curious: what happens if you mess up on a stippling job? D:>

    • Tyler

      Being very OCD I can answer that. You just use the tip of the iron to melt the plastic flat again then re-stipple that area.

      • FourString

        Ah okie, was worried you’d have to throw the whole lower out x.x
        but i guess you’d have to really deliberately spear the thing or something

        • Tyler

          Yea, there are some parts of the lower that are thinner polymer then others. So you kinda have to be careful near the slide release and thumb mould. You can kinda feel resistance so as long as you don’t force it the polyner will just melt appropriately. However you can just go town on the trigger gaurd, mag well and near the back strap area. It’s like night and handling it before to handling it now.

  • Andrew

    So stipple. Much laser. Very picatinny.

    • Mako_Dragoon

      Such doge, very meme.

  • iksnilol

    Too bad there are no quadrails for pistols.

  • thedonn007

    How much girth does the recover grip add to the 1911?

    • Scottie

      Yeah what holster are you using with the recover grips and TLR2?

      • Tyler

        The recover grips add more of uniformed circumference to the pistol. Definitely something to get use to, but I wouldn’t say it feels fat or over burden’s the hand. Right now I’m rocking a tactical tailor. Only one I can find for now.

  • Recover Tactical

    Thanks for the write up, but now you know why we also own http://www.recoverYtactical.com It’s ReCover, without the “Y” 🙂