HK 91 KeyMod Hand Guard

HK 91 keymod rail

Wojtek Weaponry has a working prototype of a KeyMod hand guard for the HK 91 rifle. The company shows photos of the rail installed on a rifle here and here. I’ve seen other rail systems for these HK rifles, but I don’t recall seeing any KeyMod hand guards before.

Black Mace Arms recently installed a Wojtek Weaponry KeyMod hand guard on an AR-15 recently and posted about the experience here. The general impression of the Wojtek rail sounded very positive.

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  • MMaitland

    can someone please explain what that paddle on the pistol grip is?

    • ed

      A kydex paddle to cover the evil pistol grip, making the weapon “featureless” in California (aka, not an assault weapon). I believe that allows the use of detatchable box magazines without requiring a “bullet button” or other reload-slowing device. Actually, that’s the first thing I noticed before I clicked on the story. Notice also, the stubby, 10 round mag. Poor bastards.

      • snmp

        take a look to the HK SL7 or HK770

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Those two are very cool rifles.

      • Cymond

        Yeah, I noticed that immediately, too. It also seems strange that the rifle appears to have a flash suppressor, which is a restricted feature. Hopefully that’s a muzzle brake* or the owner is probably looking at a felony if caught (yes, stupid).

        *for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a “brake” not a “break”.

        • Dan

          And if it flies off the rifle when you shoot its a broke

  • MclarenF1Forever

    Hopefully there will be a M-Lok version.

    • Mark Attanasio

      In development 🙂

      • MclarenF1Forever

        Nice! I will be getting one for my PTR-91.

  • Paul

    Get one for the FAL, pretty please

  • Michael Pham

    Haha! Love the name Wojtek arms (

    but with that name a part of me wishes they were releasing stuff for the Bor, Tor, and Beryl instead, and of course, that we could actually get those arms in the states.

  • John

    I like the Sphur design better.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    I was told by some that this company rips off others’ keymod rail designs and it’s being suit by at least one rail maker.

    • Mark Attanasio

      Who told you that? I know the owner personally and know that his designs are 100% developed by him. I have had him do specialty work for my own line of rifles. I would love to know who out there would make claims that Wotjek is “ripping off their designs”.


    Yeah, the industry really needs a standardized version of this new attachment system.
    A lot more people seem to be using KeyMod than M-Lok, but either way, there shouldn’t be a fragmented market.

    • pineneedle

      The competition is beautiful. It’s a prime example of how a free market functions.

      • ed

        Meh. If you have time to place an order and wait for some specialized part to arrive, multiple systems are acceptable. If you need to be able to fix something right away, at any time, anywhere, standardization is very advantageous. Try fixing marker lights on a semi-trailer sometime. Multiple wiring terminal systems from multiple manufacturers means you’re either going to have to maintain a massive inventory on hand, or be willing to hack into the wiring harness to convert to a system that you DO have on-hand (something highly unpopular with Owner-Operators).

    • ed

      IMO, 1913 rail is the standard. Any new mounting system, by definition, requires a fragmented market.