Ryan writes …

For those of us who reload, nothing says “Woo Hoo!” louder than a pile of brass and bullets just waiting to be loaded. Here is a pile of 6.8 SPC Federal Cartridge Co. primed brass next to a stash of 6.8 90 Gr. Speer Gold Dot bullets.

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  • USMC03Vet

    As a Pleb, this confuses me.

    • TheEnlightendReloader

      I tip my fedora to you for your recognition of your own unintelligence. To reload is truly a thing of euphoria.

      • mosinman

        are you a MLR?

  • Zachary marrs

    As a reloader, the only thing that makes me woo hoo is when I get a sub 1″ group

    • big daddy

      That’s what you shoot for…ha ha.

  • Blake

    Nice pic.

    I’d imagine you’re using good ‘ol 4198 & getting around 2800fps from an AR bbl?

  • Jimmy Ray

    I wish I had an AMMOLOAD machine. Pulling this crank on a 1050 puts me in a trance ;]