Customer Experience at Gander Mountain

Richard Tip, posted this video on YouTube a few days ago. He blogged about his experience at a Gander Mountain. I warn you, he uses a lot of expletives but it is rather funny. His observations are humorous and insightful with regards to people looking into their first firearm. I am sure many of us have experienced similar occurrences at our respective LGS.

Nicholas C

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  • Jeff S

    Can’t see the video at work, but I would like to comment on Gander Mountain’s so-called super gun centers… I have been to three different Gander Mountains over the last few years – in MN, OH and VA. They have HUUUGGGEEE firearms sections, literally one hundred feet of display cases and long gun racks. Do they have anyone actually working?? Well, maybe one guy – but he’s talking to his buddy, the old codger, about the President; Mexicans; reloading some random round no one uses; and the scary ATF agent that’s on his tail… Forever! Meanwhile I’m staring at some pistol that would put $950 in his store’s till. It’s worse than going to a LGS! I don’t know how many times I’ve walked out in disgust. Oh well, all the more reason to order online and to go through an independent FFL (out of his house). /end rant

    • gunslinger

      1) guy sees 2 ladies at gun counter wanting to buy their first gun (never shot) and employee offers a 45 compact.
      2) asks to see a gun that’s a 9mm. same employee hands the gun to the guy w/o checking if it is cleared and points the gun directly at the customer. employee claims gun is a 45 and it is his every day carry, so he knows it is a 45.
      3) guy then asks to see another gun, hammer fired. clerk claims it’s striker fired because the shown hammer isn’t as big as a 1911’s hammer.

      and there are loads of f-bombs and other curse words throughtout the vid.

    • KestrelBike

      bwahahahah true x100,000!!

      “Well, maybe one guy – but he’s talking to his buddy, the old codger, about the President; Mexicans; reloading some random round no one uses; and the scary ATF agent that’s on his tail… Forever! Meanwhile I’m staring at some pistol that would put $950 in his store’s till.”

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Yep. Unfortunately the same is true with EVERY big box gun store whether it is Gander Mtn, Bass Pro, Cabelas, etc. I’ve noticed the turnover of behind-the-counter staff is exceddingly high.

    • Grindstone50k

      “but he’s talking to his buddy, the old codger, about the President;
      Mexicans; reloading some random round no one uses; and the scary ATF
      agent that’s on his tail… Forever!”

      This basically sums up the entirety of my local gun forum.

    • Ned Weatherby

      Same issue at Bass Pro Shops. I bet there are fistfights to get that job. Stand behind the counter, ignore customers, then, if all else fails, give the customer incorrect information, based solely upon your “expertise” of standing on the back side of the counter.

      Great job.

  • Ricardo

    So does this blog just repost stuff from ENDO blog now?

    • Nicholas C

      Actually I saw this on the weekend, before it was on ENDO, and didn’t have a chance to post it until today.

      • Marc

        Nicholas basically everything you post is from ENDO. I really hope TFB isn’t paying you actual money to do this daily.

        • TyroneAlfonso

          The fact that he knows exactly when it was posted on ENDO says something.

    • Thracian Beast

      It’s here so who cares. Shit is funny!!

  • gunslinger

    the hillbilly accent and camo stereotype doesn’t seem to mesh with the gauged ear stereotype.

    • M.M.D.C.

      That’s done on purpose to add to the existing cognitive dissonance.

    • Keegan

      Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of guys like that. It’s a strange mixture.

  • M.M.D.C.

    The jumpy editing make him look like a hillbilly Max Headroom.

    • Grindstone50k

      Jump editing is the thing, now.

  • Pat S

    Any way you slice it, it’s a pretty funny video.

  • Aar0nC


  • Stephen

    Could only watch a couple of minutes because the fake redneck and video editing got to me.

    Granted I have seen many gun clerks who were clueless so I don’t really need to watch this anyway.

  • Dizzle

    True story. I was at the Gander Mtn in Albany GA and they had a Perazzi MX. I asked to look at it just cause I had never seen one and they guy tells me “That would make a great duck gun..” I looked at him like he was crazy. Who in their right mind is going to take an $9,000 shotgun duck hunting?

    • KestrelBike

      Dick Cheney?

      • Nah Biden—

        • MR

          That’d be his home defense gun.

      • Secundius

        @ KestrelBike.

        Stand to close too Dick Cheney, and your likely to get SHOT. By accident of-course, LOL!!!

    • Andrew

      That’s my backup duck gun.

  • David Knuth

    That’s about right for my experience with Gander Mountain.

  • SM

    My experience with Gander Mountain has generally been pretty positive. I’ve seen one or two guys behind the gun counter that were generally ignorant about firearms, but I only saw them once.

  • Bill

    He’s my new hero. There are some clerks who are on the ball, but A: I’ve never been muzzled up more frequently than in gun stores, and B: some of them seem to loose 50 IQ points when they get behind the counter. Yeah, It’s got to be hard to keep up with new models and such, but people shouldn’t be afraid to keep their mouth shut on things they don’t know anything about.

  • smartacus

    Uugh, Gander Mountain.

    I went there to trade in my Ruger Blackhawk 30 Carbine. It was in utterly perfect condition complete with plastic cylinder ring, fired cartridge envelope, and all the paperwork. I put a grand total of five rounds through it (when i first bought it). It was basically pristine. They offered me… $150

    • Maxpwr

      Should have thought about that before buying a handgun in a caliber pretty much no one else wants.

      • smartacus

        Oh that’s OK *my local gun range/store was my next stop and they glaaadly gave me $300.

    • Thracian Beast

      I would have given you at least $250. They are a really fun revo if you handload, Or just want the loudest gun at the range.

      • smartacus

        I agree, that sucker made quite a few lanes stop and look 🙂
        *my next stop was my local range where they bought it from me for double the Gander Mountain offer.

        • Thracian Beast

          Guys go nuts for em over at gunbroker, and don’t know they are still available from Ruger. Oh well hope you bought something you can make better use of.

  • smartacus

    …diet pills to Ethiopians, lol 😀

    • Thracian Beast

      That was funny.

  • Brad

    This reminds me of the time I purchased my M&P 15/22. The man told me I should pick up a few pmags with my purchase… I’m sorry sir but this gun doesn’t use pmags or the ammunition that would be loaded into one. He then showed me his ruger 10/22 whilst calling it an Ar…

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Never trust anyone who gets paid on commission

    BTW that guy is funny as shit. He should launch his own YouTube channel.

  • Vhyrus

    Oh my god… Boomhauer lives!

  • Maxpwr

    The Firearm Blog
    Firearms and Pointless Videos…Not Politics

    Our local Gander Mountain is generally stocked with knowledgeable people and helpful. Once in a while they can only find guys like the guy in this video to hire, but most are much smarter that I’ve dealt with.

  • anon

    I work at gander mountain and I agree with this. They hire retards who would do anything to sell to work the gun counter and put the qualified people who would be honest in other departments.

    • Nicholas C

      I was in NC helping with a new store opening. The hunting manager, gun tech, and gun lead were all ex-Gander Mountain employees. They seemed to be on the ball but the company has issues as well as other employees they worked with. So I am not surprised at all.

      • Zachary marrs

        Couple of days ago I went to sports authority, where they tried to sell me a ratty dpms for bucks, complete with the obligatory “wwe used this exact setup in the SEALS”

  • Russ

    I just can’t. Full retard with the self mutilation and I’m out. I know; I’m a bigot.

  • big daddy

    If someone pointed the gun at me it would have been his last time.

  • engjin

    That video is pure win, I hope he does more

  • Raven Lee

    I’m glad he got to those women in time. That Gander Mountain employee is incompetent and his actions would have led to 2 people hating guns forever after they fired a .45acp pistol for the first time with no experience.

  • JT

    At least it wasn’t a Dick’s sporting goods. You mention handguns there. They act like you’
    re a criminal or something. Don’t need an’thing other than a shotgun, there buddy

  • Y-man

    Man! Haven’t heard SO MANY “F**ks* all in one place in my LIFE! Holy F…Father!!!

    • gunslinger

      just replying to give you an upvote

    • Seth Hill

      Pffff….. you should have been around my dad. It wasn’t uncommon to have a string of f@cks in a row when he got pissed off, of course he couldn’t remember your name when he was either so you were “Joe, Fred, Steve, whatever your f@cking name is….”

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Interesting, and I fully understand his frustrations, but personally I’ve had mixed results at Gander Mountain. On the good side, I’ve dealt with some pretty knowledgeable individual employees who were also very helpful ; on the bad side, I’ve had the dubious privilege of dealing with high-and-mighty managers who thought they knew it all and had a most cavalier attitude to match, when in reality they knew very little ( once I really sounded them out, and realized where the truth lay ).

    My encounters with some other supposed fellow gun enthusiasts at Gander Mountain haven’t been much better. I distinctly recall one incident in which I had to endure a diatribe from a hunter who was all about bow hunting, and who openly and quite snobbishly put down shotgun hunting for the same prey as being distinctly inferior and the sport of the less capable, etc. Of course, he was proudly expressing this in the loudest and most obnoxious possible terms in front of his teenaged son in a pathetic attempt to either impress the young lad, boost his confidence, or both. All he succeeded in doing was to embarrass his son while confirming what I really thought of his sort. As the discussion continued, it further transpired that his familiarity with shotguns and rifles was based on limited knowledge, and that the old adage that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing ” applied in full measure to him. The sheer power of the over-inflated human ego has never ceased to amaze me. In the end, I guess it all depends on the locale and whom you happen to talk to on a given day!

    Having said this, I would go so far as to reiterate that Gander Mountain, like any other big box store, is subject to variations in employee quality depending both on the individual location and how it is managed — much like Wal-Mart, Publix, Albertson’s, Winn-Dixie, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, or Bass Pro Shop. What is most important for any chain is the overall consistency of the service and quality being offered, and how that consistency is being maintained across the board.

  • Beaumont

    In my experience, indy gunshops run by retired cops have the worst customer service.

    Gander is #2.