Gripen sent us this photo of his custom Remington 597 FLX. As a life long .22 LR custom rifle fan, I really like his setup and I use many of the same parts myself (although the 10/22 is my platform of choice). He wrote …

This is my customized Remington 597 FLX rifle. This shot gives you an idea of how effective the FLX camo pattern is in my part of East Texas. Another photo of the same gun has been featured on the first page of the DIP Inc website,more photos and details of my build can be found on RimFire Central here

Krinkov-style muzzle brake

Krinkov-style muzzle brake


Parts list:

  • Remington Model 597 FLX
  • Uncle Mike’s swivel studs
  • Tech-Sights aperture sights
  • Tech-Sights cotton sling
  • DIP Picatinny rail
  • Volquartsen hammer
  • Volquartsen extractor
  • Trigger stop
  • Adjustable sear mod
  • Threaded barrel
  • Krinkov-style flash hider + steel crush washer
  • CenterPoint 3-9x32mm IR scope
  • Weaver Quad-Lock rings (extra high)
  • Caldwell XLA bipod

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  • Fred Johson

    Nice. I like the set up on that Remington.

  • USMC03Vet

    56k dial-up camo!

  • iksnilol

    How good are Remington 597s? From what I have read they seem a bit finicky but accurate, but I don’t have any real-world experience with the thing. Also I am a bit worried about the curve of the 25 round magazines.

    • Samson

      If I had realized I could have got on this, I would have sent mine in , my Remington 597 is about 3x as modified and “better” than this guy’s … except for the fact that I made the ‘mistake’ of trying to spray my own camo pattern and I admit, I suck at drawing a stick figure, let alone camo’ing a gun. But my 597 is *amazing* – the keys are two things, The 597 ABSOLUTELY needs the two Volquartsen part upgrades- the Extractor and Hammer. They make *tremendous* differences. Plus, you can’t use the older magazines, pre-2008 I think. My rifle is about as perfect a weapon as I have… the Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40mm is about all the scope it could handle as a rifle, more so. I am not much into owning what everyone else has, so I didn’t want a 10/22 … but my 597 would give many a Ruger fanboi a run for their money.

      • iksnilol

        So VQ hammer and extractor and it is all good? What’s wrong with the older mags?

        Maybe I could go for the POTD by taking some pictures of the Sauer STR 200 I shoot with.

        • Samson

          Yes sir – in fact the VQ “Target Hammer” is not 100% NECESSARY but highly highly recommended; whereas, the VQ “Exact Edge Extractor” is absolutely necessary… big time change. I mean revolutionized my rifle. It makes reliability 101% – I have not had a problem at all since these two installations. The Hammer reduces trigger pull by about 50% and in my opinion also increases reliability… Remington should just make them standard and partner with VQ like the Remington 597 VQ etc. As far as the mags, the older mags I believe were plastic and had serious feeding problems; the second generation was an upgrade but not a total solution. The Third generation which I have about 10 10-rd’ers (I am from NJ but just moved) have all been fine. I have only 2 of the 30-rd’ers, both have been pretty much fine for me. That Sauer you have is obviously a much more famous rifle than my 597, I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise, just that I’m surprised a camo 597 with Walmart upgrades made the POTD lol.

          • iksnilol

            Not really famous, just exotic since it is hard to get outside of Scandinavia in spite of being made in Germany.

            Will take the pictures next week when I am shooting again. Have some school in the way this week. Math and physics test, don’t have to explain more.

    • Standard Velocity

      The 597 is a project straight out of the box. New extractor and hammer are necessary plus more polishing of it’s few internals (the trigger mechanism is about as simple as a mouse trap).

      After I bedded the action mine got better but still a compromise. My 10/22’s were better out of the box and much better after modifications. Both the 597 and 10/22 are cast aluminum receivers and I have seen both break from torquing on the barrel but the 597 is markedly more brittle. Also the standard Ruger magazines are better than the improved Remington’s.

      As inexpensive as the 597 is they are fun to play with but those who think the savings over a 10/22 is marked are using a false economy.
      Buy a 10/22 and modify the bolt release or spend $15 for an aftermarket and you have one of the best 22’s made.

      • iksnilol

        I will stick to the Marlin 795. Thanks for the info

  • ClintTorres

    He’s set up his rifle just like the 10/22 50th Anniversary edition…nice.

  • jerry

    Well having a Remington 597 a Ruger 10 22 and a Marlin 60 my favorite is the Remington 597 more accurate and better trigger out the box than Ruger and all my magazines are reliable as the rugers, fits me better like a big rifle, the reason why a have the ruger 1022 is the aftermarket parts for it.