Erik sent us beautiful photo of a competitor at the 2013 West Coast Match IPSC Rifle in Sweden. The rifle is a JP Enterprises CTR-02. Thanks for the photo Erik.

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  • Theo Savidis

    Nope. Ctr-02. 😉

  • Vincent M.

    If you look closely you can see where the bullet is the moment the shutter closed.

  • USMC03Vet

    Those pants are so operator they are banned in California and New York.

    Scary black assault pants.

    • ein volk ein fuhrer ein reich

      The term “operator” should be banned worldwide.

    • Theo Savidis

      You’re right. Blaklader workpants are used by swedish contractors all the time. Just not the operating kind.

  • ein volk ein fuhrer ein reich

    No “beautiful” pictures of hot blonde Swedish chicks?

    • JLR84

      What is this, TTAG?

  • John

    I have the same handguard on my JP GMR-13. If you look carefully, you can see (I think) the red anodized heatsink underneath. Easily the best AR handguard around.

  • skusmc

    Is that line coming out of the barrel the round in flight?

    • ThomasD

      Vapor trail

  • Joel

    Those pants are designed for paintball. I’m currently living in France. They’re fairly popular as daily wear here, and I’ve even seen one guy with a folding paintball bore mop in the leg pocket where this shooter has a pen. Not sure what he was going to use it for on the Parisian metro, but he had it.

    • Berg

      Nah brah, they’re just normal Blåkläder working pants.