Thanks to Primer for sending in this photo of his SIG P226 AL SO 9mm pistol. The SIG P226 needs no introduction, but you might be wondering what the “ALSO” designation means. It means the frame is aluminum and the slide is steel. It is also available in all steel.

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  • Beju

    Uh, hasn’t the combination of an aluminum alloy frame and a stainless steel slide been the default configuration on the P226 for a while now? If it’s not a limited production run all-stainless model, it’s aluminum/stainless.

  • Marc

    From what I recall, “SO” stands for special operations and indicates a railed dustcover. AL = aluminium frame, SL = stainless frame, S = sport, SO = railed, BT = beaver tail, SAS = SIG anti-snag.

    • floppyscience

      If AL means aluminum and SO means a railed dustcover, that means the AL SO is the standard P226 model? So TFB is blogging a picture of the flagship barebones P226 that SIG offers?

      • westford86

        No, the bare bones version would be non-railed frame without night sights.

        • floppyscience

          There is no non-railed version anymore, and I haven’t seen any indication that night sights are standard on the “AL SO”. The standard P226 is exactly what’re pictured, a steel slide on an aluminum railed frame, except with white dot sights.

          • westford86

            Well that is news to me, I couldn’t care less about Sigs made in the US.

            Also in your previous comment you wrote, “So TFB is blogging a picture of the flagship barebones P226 that SIG offers?” Why exactly do you take issue with a photo being posted because it features a gun that’s not apparently special? And since it seems to bother you that the gun isn’t something super special, and therefor the image is unworthy of being blogged, you might want to pay closer attention to the markings. Good luck finding that particular p226 at you’re local shop…

          • floppyscience

            I’m not taking issue with it, I just find it strange.

            I didn’t notice the slide said “made in Germany” until you pointed it out. Thanks.

          • PPGMD

            Hate to break it to you, but German Sigs are going away. Virtually all production will switch to the United States in the next couple of years due to issues with dealing with the German government.

          • westford86

            I’m well aware of that… It’s a sad future for Sig.

          • PPGMD

            Not according people that are actual experts on Sigs.

          • westford86

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        it’s called the AL SO model because everyone says “oh, I have one also”

        • Beju

          Kind of, but not entirely, because mine’s a DAK model 😉

  • AK™

    I would have guessed Alabama Sheriffs Office.

  • Gregor

    So, the POTD section is now a “show us your gun” thing? Isn’t that what the forums are for? 😉

    • USMC03Vet

      Submit some pics then.

      I hope you aren’t complaining about firearm pictures being posted on a firearm blog.

      • Gregor

        Will do.

        I had different expectations from the POTD section. After seeing the 4RAR and Tavor in Israel images, I hoped POTD to be more than the usual “Show us your own gun” section. The corporate warrior picture is more like what I expected see.

  • Dave Riegler

    I love SIG. But I get a massive headache every time I go to their Website. They have wat too many Combo’s of their products. Why can’t they keep it simple?

    • PPGMD

      Because the sell. There are only so many buyers of a black basic Sig. But make a special models with a wide variety of bling options, not only to you appeal to more people, but a single person might buy more than one because they like the look of other models.

  • dp

    This is ‘mother of all pistols’ with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. did someone created something with greater utility yet?
    As for steel and aluminum interaction, well it’s not the best, but it seem to work. probably due to hard anodize and spray-on lube. AR works on same concept/

  • Nicks87

    DA/SA is soooo 20 years ago. With all the outstanding DAO pistols on the market isnt it time to move on?

    • Joel

      Well some of us still like it, so let us. Plus, Sig makes some nice DAOs

      • Nicks87

        People still like 1911s too (huh, Phil?). Doesnt mean we need to talk, write about or carry them.

        • Commonsense23

          DA/SA still have there place. One more reliable in certain(extreme) environments, and def have the advantage over striker fired in mexican carry or using a improvised holster, which is a way more useful than some people think.

  • Rusty Shovel

    I carry a Sig every day. My agency requires I carry Sig, even OFF duty. What I want is a Sig, in a decent caliber, that weighs less than 28 oz. I couldn’t care less about all these so-called “special editions.”

  • westford86

    What I don’t understand is why people seem to be hung up on what the gun is. Some seem dissatisfied that it’s not exotic or rare, some are hung up on the nomenclature. Well, this is PHOTO Of The Day… I don’t really think the specifics about the gun matter so much as the quality of the image.

  • Secundius

    Isn’t the US. Navy P226 Mk.25 an “ALSO” too, Aluminum Frame/Steel Slide configuration.