New Zealand blogger Whaleoil is visiting Israel. He sent us this photo of a Tavor he saw in Jerusalem a few days ago. The carbine is equipped, Israeli style, with a spare magazine attached to the buttstock and a Trijicon ACOG. The solider is a member of the Golani Brigade.

As far as the exact version of the Tavor goes, I am going to risk my reputation and say it is an early IWI X95, possibly the longer barreled X95- L. I don’t believe that IWI still make a version of the Tavor with this horizontally grooved pistol grip anymore.

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  • James R.

    Damn. Great pic, love the wear.

  • sianmink

    I don’t think that’s a spare. I suppose they’re required to carry them unloaded.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They are often required to carry unloaded unless actively working. See m4 carbine bikini pictures from female soldiers.


      • USMC03Vet

        #Just IDF things
        #IDF got da booty

        • schizuki

          Any chance of pulling out the banhammer for this Stormfront-reject jagoff “goldberg”?

          • Done—

          • sid goldberg.

            What pig?

          • dan citizen

            Thank you for addressing this. I am glad to be able to read about a Tavors in Israel without dealing with the politics of the region.

          • Honestly people like that guy and a couple of others in the last week have disgusted me beyond words. Where in the world do these people come from and get the insane ideas they have!

          • dan citizen

            – “misread label, ingested whole bottle of crazy pills…”
            – “I grew up under a crazy tree, I ate it’s fruit all day, every day”
            – “went to the crazy river, drank until he was full”

          • sid..goldberg

            Phil – nobody likes you guys any more- the days of Andy and Mayberry are gone forever.

          • sid..goldberg

            also-I’ll be popping in and out of TFB whenever I feel like

          • Anon

            Way to stick it to the man, man. You ever think you were born in the wrong era? I’m sure we can all agree everyone would have been happier if you died on the Eastern Front for your cause.

          • sid goldberg.

            Why don’t you go blow a goat?

        • sid goldberg.


        • schizuki

          If there’s a Heaven, someday me and UCSPanther will be up there munching popcorn and watching Mordechai Anielewicz beating the everliving crap out of this trailer-park-wannabe-boyfriend-of-Ernst-Rohm “goldberg” for all of eternity.

        • Michael

          There is a rifle in that picture?
          Nice butt.

  • Axel

    I don’t get it, doesn’t that mag cover the ejection port? And how with what hand is the soldier going to reach for it? Is he pulling the mag over the cheek rest and then inserting it from the left? Is he keeping the mag on the right side of the rifle, just first pulling up, then down (to get the mag to the mag well) and then up again? Is the pic reversed or is the rifle in a leftie config or something? I just don’t get it.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    11.5-12lbs of 556 carbine right there….. Awesome?

    • Guest

      And that right there is my complaint with every bullpups out there on the market. 8lb is the foundation you’re working with.

      • Gallan

        Not the Tavor, they weigh the same as the AR.

        • JoJo


          Straight from the manufacturer’s site:

          Colt M4 – 6.11lb
          Tavor – 7.9lb
          AUG/A3 – 8.15lb
          FS2000 – 8lb

    • sid_goldberg

      For some reason people drool over these Tavor POS.

      • UCSPanther

        It’s a weapon that will make it very painful for wannabe brownshirts like yourself to engage in your little re-enactments.

    • UCSPanther

      I have looked at both a Tavor and a Chinese T97, and I have noticed that the Tavor is a little bit lighter and better balanced that the T97.

  • Ed

    Tavor with a Meprolight M21 Reflex sight

  • KestrelBike

    Nice! I wish the US Civilian Tavor SAR had the X95’s pistol grip & trigger-guard, instead of the entire grip-guard. Heck, it’s not the grip-guard that I mind so much, but the lack of trigger-guard that somewhat irks me.

    • JSmath

      The SAR is based off the TAR-21, not that X95.

      I’m also looking forward to the eventual import of a civilian X95, though moreso for the revised magazine release and much less so for the trigger-guard.

      • asdfdsfs

        The X95 is just a Tavor with AR-15 style mag releases, a non-ridiculous buttpad, and a more reasonably barrel length. The action is still the same, and you can bet IWI will bring it to the USA, but probably only when SAR-21s stop selling because of the Desert Tech MDR, Polish MSBS, and other new bullpups with more AR-15 style controls that overshadow paddle mag releases.

    • Kivaari

      The lack of a trigger guard bothered me as well. The price is a bit high as well. I bought a Colt M4 and a Bushmaster for under $2000 in the last 7 months. They came with a bunch of gear, making for a better deal. And they are ambidextrous. The same problem with many bull pups. I have not heard good things about the FN, almost nothing in the gun press. The only one I handled, and did not shoot, was very club like.

  • Lance

    So?? I saw some on TV still having M-16s.

    • LCON

      The IDF still has tones of CAR15’s and M4s it will take years to work them out of the system.

      • ColaBox

        They have issues with the M4’s?

        • LCON

          They claim that by 2018 the IDF will be all Tavors. They have stated that they wanted a weapon more oriented to urban fighting meaning a Shorter length but the same muzzle velocities. And no doubt the Politicians in Tel Aviv are nodoubt happy to point to pictures of IDF packing weapons marked Made in Israel rather then made in the USA.

      • Yosef

        They aren’t trying to work them out of the system any time soon. The IDF will be replacing all active duty rifles with X95s, and the old Tavors will be mixed into reserves with the AR-15s.

        The IDF isn’t stupid, and they know they have bigger things to worry about besides the “old and unreliable” AR-15s. Despite working with some beat-to-hell rifles, the American TV myth of the unreliable AR-15 doesn’t exist in Israel, and people trust the rifle fully. IDF has standardized the 13″ barrel, and they will probably just cut down the old AR-15s for around $60 in work vs the several hundred or over $1,000 of buying a new X95.

        The iron dome being updated to protect against improving missiles, each soldier having armor, and each soldier getting more training is priority, even if the IDF has made a claim to get the American-controlled media to back off.

  • TV-PressPass

    That’s a pretty successful ID!

  • santi

    There is nothing like a battle worn tavor or any rifile for that matter.

    • Gallan

      Probably not battle worn, IDF conscripts are notorious for their abuse of weapons. They criticized the AK for not being rugged enough, so the Tavor must be very tough.

  • USMC03Vet

    Is that orange knob a chamber plug inserted?

    • Evan Jay

      Yes. It gets stored near the near sling mount with 550 cord.

  • Evan Jay

    Every IDF soldier used to be required to carry their weapon everywhere. After problems with soldiers leaving their weapon in their trunks, etc, and being stolen (and often times used against the IDF later) the punishment for losing your rifle is severe – several years in military prison. If said weapon is used against civilians/IDF I believe the prison term is over 10 years.

    Things have changed over the past few years Though. Nowadays, most non combat soldiers do not carry their weapon when on leave, unless of course they are in a high risk area. Combat soldiers on the other hand, such as the Golani Brigade soldier in that picture (as well as other combat infantry units such as Givati, Kfir, Nachal and others) do carry their weapon. As far as im aware the Tavor has only been issued to Givati Brigade (IDF Marines) and Golani, maybe Nachal too, and obviously Sayerot (SF Units).

    There are strict rules for carrying your weapon when on leave. No magazine inserted in the weapon, although many products have been designed to facilitate keeping your magazine on your weapon, such as the one in the picture Ryan posted, Most non combat soldiers and combat units not issued the Tavor are issued M-16A2s with a shorter barrel and collapsible stock (it is NOT an M4 – M4 in the IDF is an M14). As of late, soldiers are required to insert an orange chamber block, as seen in the picture posted up here TFB. Many soldiers rig 550 cord to the to the stock to secure this device when not in use.

    Another thing about the weapon in the picture. It is sort of a DMR rifle. Its somewhat of an update over the Malka, an M16 with a heavy profile barrel, bipod, collapsible stock and ACOG. I could be mistaken but I believe that foregrip and bipod are one unit, as were some of the ones used on the Malka (M16dmr) in the past. Another give away is the ammunition this soldier is carrying. IDF green tip 5.56 is match grade high velocity ammo used in marksman rifles and some LMGs. Very effective load.

    Anyways I hope I could give you guys some more info and thank you Steve as always.

  • andre

    It’s seen some action . Look how weathered it is.

    • Yosef

      Or just carried a lot. Israel is very successful in keeping the locally abundant wahhabis out.

  • me ohmy

    others made note of the chamber plug.. my point was.. the mag is blocking the ejection port…LOL

  • JSmath

    Yes, it’s definitely an X95L. Certainly a 16.5″ barrel; All other variants feature a 13″ barrel and their muzzle devices start at the end of that (very short) distinct, round handguard. Plus you can see the revised mag release forward of the grip (think AR15 location).

  • usmcmailman

    I would take an M-14 7.62 any day over this junk ! Thats what the Marine Corps
    had in 1967-68.

  • Doom

    carrying empty guns is such a stupid policy -_-‘

  • Interesting that it is not equipped with a Meprolight brand optic since they are manufactured in Israel.

    • Yosef

      The rifle is pretty old, and Mepro hasn’t made an ACOG-style optic. The rifle has a long barrel, and bipod, so it’s make sense that it does not have Mepro sight from when they only really made red dots.

  • Boredgimp

    To Those Hating On The FN Herstal FS2000, Here’s The Truth Behind Them:

    Honestly after trying an extremely vast asortment Bull-pups & AR style set-up out there i still love my FS2000 its light, mines highly modded with a specialty trigger and tons of other extra’s and has its original internals. These things the internals especially makes it not only extremely rare but also extremely accurate & my rainy day gun should i never need to get rid of it.

    I have never & i mean never had a misfire & have shot over 2500+ rounds out of it of all sorts. i actually have however had a misfire out of the following: the SAR, AUG A3, & Also A Tavor, & A few other pull-pup style firearms.

    Not all FNH’s were or are made the same which leads me the dirty truth about the FS2000. The internals were recalled years and years ago in a huge hurry because of some things that the FNH FS2000 is capable of with its original internals that i won’t go into. The hurried production of the other new internals that they would send to replace the originals are primarily what led to its BIG problems because FNH’s manhood’s were on the cutting block due too a very very minor thing they overlooked with the originals.

    The hurried production = bad quality = failure to loads & other unforseable problems which eventually led to their demise of the FS2000. With these fact brought to light i can only say it’s truly sad they did the recall of the internals because mine is a tac driver which was its intended purpose anyway.

    The recall was optional but they would send you an email a day asking you to send them in which is primarily why i never did because it seemed a little hinky that they would need those internals back so quickly so i would called FNH and they would state a different reasons each time i called up & asked.

    So there ya go fellow gun enthusiasts!