Kalashnikov and KBP Sanctioned By Canada

Kalashnikov Concern, makers of Tigr SVD, Vepr and Saiga rifles and shotguns, and KBP Instrument Design Bureau, the less well known manufacturer or the GSh-18 pistol and VSK-94 rifle, have been added to the Government of Canada’s list of sanctioned Russian companies. The Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the following statement

In addition to instituting prohibitions on dealings with respect to entities related to Russia’s arms industry, these substantively new measures impose restrictions on the issuance of new financing for the designated energy and financial entities.

“Today, we are also imposing sanctions on the armed separatist groups known as ‘The Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘The Luhansk People’s Republic.’ These groups, with direct support from Russia, have engaged in egregious acts against the armed forces of Ukraine, international monitors deployed to the area, and the civilian population.

Both companies have exported civilian firearms to Canada in the past. KBP is not likely to be seriously affected by these sanctions because they are first and foremost a military weapons, including surface-to-air missile, manufacturer. The loss of yet another market for Kalashnikov can only make worse the dire predicament it is in now.

I discussed Kalashnikov’s US sanctions with Russian firearms author/expert Max Popenker. Max told me that Russian gun enthusiasts are understandably upset by the sanctions and the affect it will have on the local gun industry. They are hoping that this will be a wake up call for Kalashnikov who has been chasing export dollars in recent years and paid little attention to the needs of Russian shooters.

I predict the Russian government will bail Kalashnikov out. A bailout could come in the form of weapons contracts for the adoption of the AK-12. Russian generals have been against the adoption of a new service rifle, but faced with the prospects of major job losses at the Kalashnikov factories, I think the Russian politicians will force a new rifle on them. It is what any Western government would do, I think, if faced with the same situation.

The latest round of EU sanctions, announced over the weekend, place sanctions of military arms contracts, but as far as I understand them, do not ban civilian gun imports from Russia. If I am wrong, please let me know by email: steve@thefirearmblog.com.

Steve Johnson

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  • KalashLover

    Cool, less export to USA and Canada, more export to Czech Republic. I hope AK 12 or MK107 will be here soon…

    • NikonMikon

      lol though it’s sad for americans and canadians i laughed at your comment 😀

  • Zachary marrs

    “What any western government would do.”

    Not the USA, we’d put out a contract, spend billions of dollars on it, then cancel it, nearly bankrupting any company unfortunate enough to be chasing guv money

    • J.T.

      Unless they are automakers or banks.

  • Max Popenker

    I think Russia should ban import of Apple and McDonalds brand products for US supplying arms to anti-government forces in Lybia 😉

    • Zachary marrs

      Hell, if the US banned those stores, id be happy

      • haha, I would be. More real estate for gun and pizza stores 🙂

        • James Young

          Buried in a Fox News article today about Ukraine and Russia, EU sanctions be announced Tuesday (today) and will include an embargo on future arms sales. The US will follow suit shortly after. So by the end of the week I would assume ALL guns and ammo from Russia will be embargoed.

    • dp

      My question to you: does AK12 relative progress over AK74 warrant its production start up? Second: if this happens, what shall be done with existing stockpile of 8 million or something AK74? My own belief is that KK should become, under current circumstances, back what it was – nationalized enterprise. The government of RF should find suitable fill for them to compensate for loss.
      As for US AK enthusiasts, there is already several replica builders, I am sure operating without any appropriate licences. Let them figure out what they would pay if business relationship was normal and what they will pay instead. As I understand it, the Canadian portion of market was inconsequential (longstanding ban on AKs in effect).

      • Cymond

        What do you mean by “appropriate licenses”?

        • dp

          Check with your AK mutant builders if they are licenses by Koncern-Kalashnikov or Russian Government for that matter. I’d love to be wrong.

          • NikonMikon

            Do they owe licensing to Kalashnikov? Interesting… I never considered this aspect. Why hasn’t the company sued AK manufacturers in the United States for infringing on their copyrights?

          • Cymond

            Why would anyone need a license for a design that is over 60 years old? Is it patented?

    • Yellow Devil

      Well to have anti-government forces, you have to have a government in the first place…

  • iksnilol

    You could get Tigrs in Canada? Together with VSK-94s?

    Can someone verify?

    • Mark

      No. All these firearms are prohibited in Canada. Its almost laughable..

      • Paladin

        I don’t think the VSK-94 is specifically prohibited, but knowing our friends in the red serge jackets they would likely declare it to be a Kalashnikov variant.

      • floppyscience

        Not all. Baikal and IZH-series shotguns and rifles are sold in Canada.

  • Lance

    Doubt they will replace the AK-74 Steve. hey make up for it with gun sales to Asian and african countries. No one wants the AK-12 really most upgrades where not needed. Doesn’t matter AK rifles are banned in Canada and so they never got too many imports anyway.

  • Michael Valera

    I blame Obama. EMIRIGHT?

  • VolkCNC

    So Canada bans the import of guns that are already banned from import. Go go bureaucracy!

    • floppyscience

      They sell a ton of bolt-action rifles, shotguns, and handguns in Canada, mostly under the Baikal brand. The KC family of companies makes a lot more than AKs.

  • the hun

    Do you want to know who this poodle Harper really serves- watch him sing “Hey Jude” to Netanyahu.

    • Yellow Devil

      Why bring up Netanyahu? This sanction is in reference to Russian firearms companies, Israel or the Palestinians have nothing to do with it.

      • the hun

        Harper just does what he is told to do by the kosher banking mafia.

        • Kurt Akemann

          Kindly take your Anti-Semitic remarks and stick them in a drawer somewhere.

          • I keep banning him and he keeps playing around spreading hate and racism. The email he sent to Steve ended with Heil Hitler if that gives you some idea of the type we’re dealing with.
            Feel free to let me know if you see him on here.

          • Kurt Akemann

            Will do, and thank you.

          • Zachary marrs

            Ip ban him

        • ATman

          Oil not banks are the main driving force behind harpers mindset and always have been. As for these sanctions we do loose the importation of some unique sporting weapons but nothing to major.

        • Zachary marrs

          Vision test!

          What does it say under the red box at the top of the page?

          “Firearms, not politics”

    • a Jew

      fuck off kraut !!

  • Geoff Peterson

    Pointless diplomatic gesture considering Canadian civilians can’t own any of this stuff, and LE and Mil would never even consider procuring them

  • teh

    Dammit, was just waiting on a Gsh-18

  • Julio

    To “sanction” something used to mean to permit or approve it, whereas prohibitions were implemented by “imposing sanctions”. Now it seems one verb can have two opposing meanings. It seems to me that we should make a bit more of an effort to avoid such linguistic collisions. I’m easily confused as it is, and all this talk of “sanctioning” really isn’t helping.

  • Zugunder

    “West” trying really hard to boost Putin’s popularity at home, ha!

  • Kurt Akemann

    While I don’t like Kalashnikov Concern being sanctioned, I feel it necessary to point out that the sanctions aren’t about gun imports, either in the US or Canada. What the sanctions are about is forbidding US or Canadian monies from going to a company that is providing weapons used by Russia to commit acts of aggression against Ukraine.

    That these sanctions impact us is not a good thing,but our gun rights are not effected by them. They impose no category prohibition, nor do they provide for confiscation of the firearms whose importation is now banned. All they do is bar commerce with a company that enabling real wrongdoing in the world.

    Kalashnikov Concern

  • Graham2

    The title should say ‘Sanctions Applied on Kalashnikov and KBP Products’. That would actually mean what the article is about. To say that Kalashnikov and KBP are sanctioned means that they are allowed!

  • spencer60

    Maybe a US company should buy them out…