AK-12 Not Allowed In State Tests

    The AK-12 and the Russian Military are in Ross/Rachel will-they-or-won’t-they relationship. The Kalashnikov Group claimed the gun will be adopted by the Russian military in 2014, but the Russian government has denied this, saying it would not even be tested by the state until certain problems are fixed. Izh.kp.ru reports (Google translated from Russian) …

    A new modification of the Izhevsk AK-12 is not allowed to state tests. It became known yesterday, September 23.

    In a preliminary test specialists revealed shortcomings weapons. At the same time allowed for testing the main competitor of the AK-12 – Machine AEK korovskogo plant named Dyagtereva.According to preliminary information, their weapons showed high precision and accuracy.

    Last week, in celebration of the Day of the gunsmith, CEO of Concern “Kalashnikov” assured that the company is no doubt that the AK-12 will be able to pass the test.

    According to him, our machine has shown high reliability, no locking bolt after a few shots.And with the weight of the designer tried – he is 200 grams lighter than required by the Ministry.

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    Steve Johnson

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