Trijicon ACOGs now with (X)M-193 BDC Reticles

Trijicon has (finally!) released ACOG sights specifically calibrated for M-193 55 grain rounds out of common 16” barrels. The new scopes are based on the “chevron” reticle to be zeroed at 100 yards and with BDC markings for 300-800 meters. Horizontal hashes are calibrated for 19” (average width of human torso) at the various yardages for easy range estimation. TA31-D-100288_45 Previous versions of the iconic sights were calibrated for 62 grain rounds out of either a 14.5” or 20” barrel, developed for the Army and Marine Corps.

Pricing is in line with the rest of the ACOG line. Retail for both the 3.5×35 and 4×32 models is $1,558 and $1,433, respectively. The sights are currently on a 8 week lead time and I would estimate that you can find them for about $1,100 once the initial demand settles and units are in-stock.



My take? It’s about time. Having trained on the ACOG during my time in the Corps, I am happy to see them expanding their ACOG offerings in the civilian market.


We are requesting one for testing.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Gunner

    The problem I have the ACOGs is that sometimes I’ll shoot 55 gr and other times I’ll shoot 62 gr.. An ACOG is only good for one of those two times. Leupold’s illuminated TMR-D reticle and similar reticles are the way to go in my opinion.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Why would anyone attempt a shot at beyond 300 meters with a 55 grain 5.56? If they wind’s not blowing you might hit the target, you’d do very little damage.

    • Not sure if you were trying to troll…

      The USMC would strongly disagree with your assessment. Historically, having the capability to shoot past 300 yards is incredibly valuable. Belleau Wood is a historical and Afghanistan is a modern example.

      We train and qual with irons (and now ACOGs) to 500 yards.

      • Gunner

        Best thing the military ever did was give ACOGs to Marines.

      • Georgiaboy61

        Re: “Historically, having the capability to shoot past 300 yards is incredibly valuable. Belleau Wood is a historical and Afghanistan is a modern example.”

        At Belleau Wood, the devil dogs were using their M1903s and M1917s, chambered in 30-06 – a much more potent round than the 5.56mm NATO. It isn’t surprising that Marines are getting hits at 500 meters with their ACOGs, but wouldn’t it be better for them if they had a round with more punch at that range? That’s why the M14 – chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO – has experienced a come-back in places like Afghanistan, since the 5.56mm just can’t reach out far enough across the valleys, mountains and deserts there. The 5.56 has its merits, but it isn’t ideal for ranges past 300 meters – even in skilled hands.

        • Capt. Obvious

          Thank you, that was my point. 5.56 just doesn’t have enough thump beyond 300 meters. Doesn’t even knock down my bowling pins out past 200 with 55 grain 5.56. Have to get out the 6.5 Grendel for that.

    • The military actually investigated the Marines in an area of Iraq because they were getting so many head shot kills at distances thought to be too far to be accurate or effective. The investigation just showed those boys can shoot! Of course when the bad guy is hanging out a window what would you shoot?

      • Vu

        I’ve heard this story before, is there a link or reference?

  • MclarenF1Forever

    How about a fibre optic & battery dual light source ACOG? They sorta did it with the Tri-Power, so make it awesome by taking out the tritium! That I would buy.

  • Ian

    Is it possible to send your already owned ACOG to get re-lensed and calibrated?

    • I don’t see why not. Most optics companies offer custom services as well as a refurbishment of their products. I’d just call customer service and have them direct you to the right person.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Love Trijicon’s products, but the ACOG – given its age and the offerings by its competitors – is overpriced. The fiber optic lighting system is wonderful because it is maintenance-free, but it is actually too bright on sunny days. Since there is no means of adjusting the intensity downward, you end up using a piece of tape over part of the light collection tube. The system could also use windage hold marks. Finally, as others have noted – the company would do well by its customers to make the ACOG customizable to the ballistic profile of the ammunition selected by the user. Many MSR users these days use 69- or 77-grain slugs in their rifles these days – for which the ACOG reticle isn’t calibrated.
    I haven’t been able to use the BDC accurately out past ~ 300 yards or so on most days. If the wind is calm, maybe a bit further. In contrast, my Primary Arms 1-6x scope with ACSS reticle is capable delivering .223/5.56 shots accurately out to 700 yards – and it costs roughly a third of what the ACOG does.
    In short, I like my ACOG a great deal – but the system isn’t without flaws.

  • Aaron

    I think it’s awesome that Trijicon is continuing to increase their product line for the different AR variants that are coming onto the market. This new mdel for the 16″ AR15’s is a welcome addition to the new 300 AAC and 6.5 Grendel models that have appeared recently as well.