Trijicon ACOGs now with (X)M-193 BDC Reticles

    Trijicon has (finally!) released ACOG sights specifically calibrated for M-193 55 grain rounds out of common 16” barrels. The new scopes are based on the “chevron” reticle to be zeroed at 100 yards and with BDC markings for 300-800 meters. Horizontal hashes are calibrated for 19” (average width of human torso) at the various yardages for easy range estimation. TA31-D-100288_45 Previous versions of the iconic sights were calibrated for 62 grain rounds out of either a 14.5” or 20” barrel, developed for the Army and Marine Corps.

    Pricing is in line with the rest of the ACOG line. Retail for both the 3.5×35 and 4×32 models is $1,558 and $1,433, respectively. The sights are currently on a 8 week lead time and I would estimate that you can find them for about $1,100 once the initial demand settles and units are in-stock.



    My take? It’s about time. Having trained on the ACOG during my time in the Corps, I am happy to see them expanding their ACOG offerings in the civilian market.


    We are requesting one for testing.

    Nathan S

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