X-Products Shipping X-15-9mm Drum for Colt 9mm Pattern Guns

X-Products, known for their 50 round drum magazines and now infamous for the Can Cannon, is now shipping the X-15-9mm drum magazine for Colt-pattern weapons. X-Products touts it as the “most compact 9mm drum magazine on the market.”


Built entirely from metal (steel and aluminum), the new X-15-9mm is coated in Cerakote to reduce friction. X-Products claims that the magazine needs “no lubrication and minimal maintenance to operate.”

The first limited run of 125 units is now on sale. They are currently listed “In Stock” for $199 on X-Product’s website.

Photo courtesy of X-Products' Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of X-Products’ Facebook page.

My question: where is the Glock version? With all of the Glock-pattern AR’s and Sub-2000s, it would have wider appeal than the Colt version unless the angled magazine of the Glock may have added Engineering issues?

Nathan S

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  • Gunner

    There are a lot more firearms out there that take Colt SMG mags than Glock mags.

    • Cymond

      A lot more long-arms, yes, but there are a LOT of Glocks out there, too.

      • Gunner

        True, but if you’re going to make your handgun weight that much by sticking a 50 round drum mag in it, why not just use a carbine/rifle/PDW?

  • big daddy

    That’s a lot of money for 50 rounds. The Metalform 32 is about $35, so for 18 more rounds you’re paying another $165. That just doesn’t add up. I could see if my 9mm was full auto but in semi 32 rounds is plenty. I would like to have it but for that money I can buy almost 1000 rounds of cheap Russian ammo which runs fine in my 9mm AR pistol.

  • Eric

    There is already a 50 round drum mag for Glocks. Not as high quality I’m sure, but a whole lot cheaper.

  • mackattack

    Mack from military arms channel (youtube) did a review of the .556 drum. Said it was one of his favorite large capacity magazines. Very cool.

  • eddie d.

    Does this fit the Tavor per chance?
    If my memory serves me right Colt pattern stick mags can be used in Tavors
    with the 9mm conversion kit.

    The Glock model would also be a nice idea!
    It’d fit the Lone Wolf G9 nicely.

    • JSmath

      Colt SMG mags fit the 9mm Tavor conversion. No reason to doubt that this will work, in fact, that exact pairing is probably the inspiration for this development (it’s been a while since the Colt SMG came out).

      If it is designed specifically off the Colt SMG design, and not the IWI’s, bolt hold open will not function.

      • eddie d.

        Thanks for the clarification, JSmath!
        I’ve read a few forum posts about this Tavor (9mm) magazine affair
        in hope of understanding it, but to be honest I couldn’t follow
        the who modified what and where thing… 🙂

        • JSmath

          Well, I can’t say I’ve been following that affair at all, but in spite of the recent bloom of a few 9mm AR carbines, I’d say there was a higher marked interest in the 9mm conversion kit for the Tavor. Most of the hype train, from what I’ve seen, for 9mm ARs is for the ones that feed Glock mags (I don’t own one, hence I don’t care; Still a cumbersome 9mm AR-derived PCC).

          From what I understand, Colt copied the Uzi mag and added a higher bolt release (to go along with the catch height of the AR). Incidentally, this means IWI borrowed a bit back since Colt SMG mags function in the 9mm Tavor, right? 😉

          Comparing images of the magazines, it definitely seems like it’s only a modest difference in design – the follower seems to have a steeper cant and come up a tiny bit higher. I bet swapping out the followers in Colt SMG compatible magazines would fix things up. Wonder if it’s possible to order those directly from IWI…

  • eddie d.

    Update on the possible Glock mag compatible carbine version,
    from X-Products’ FB page – their reply to a customer question on this was as follows:
    “it’s on the to do list.”

  • Esh325

    I would have though the 9mm would have held at least 10 more rounds than the standard 5.56×45 drum they sell considering the smaller dimensions of the 9mm vs the 5.56×45.

    • Jack

      Shorter round but the diameter plays a role in magazine size as well

  • Cymond

    About that Glock drum idea: There’s a Korean drum magazine for Glocks on the market (with mixed reviews). They cost about $70 back in 2012, but they’re about $120-$150 now. What’s up with that? Even the importer is asking $150. The panic is over, everything else is back down to (almost) pre-panic prices, except ammo.

    • gunslinger

      if you can get 150 for a 70buck item, why wouldn’t you?

  • valorius

    Polymer would be a lot lighter wouldnt it.