ModuLoader Pocket Shield

MDTS has another collaboration with Raven Concealment. The ModuLoader Pocket Shield. It is a platform that goes inside your front pants/shorts pocket. It allows small EDC items to be consistently oriented in the pocket for expedient use.




With the MPS you can EDC without printing or having tactical pocket clips alerting anyone who can see, that you have something in your pocket and no you are not happy to see them.

The Pocket Shield can be customized to be used with a pocket holster for a firearm. In it’s original design, the MPS keeps the pocket from closing and is designed to stay inside while you draw your preferred EDC tool.


It retails for $24.99 but is out of stock as it is a limited first production run.

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • echelon

    Is it just me or do I see cut up fingers and ripped off nails due to the sharp edges on that thing?

    I was going to say this is an answer to a question nobody asked but I guess since they’re sold out maybe it’s just me…

    • Michael Goerlich – RCS

      echelon- The way the mold is designed and the type of polymer we use means there are no sharp edges capable of cutting you or ripping off finger nails. We would never be so irresponsible as to bring a product to market that would harm the end-user.

      • echelon

        Thanks for the reply Michael. I guess the believing comes from using. The pictures make it look like something that would be less than comfortable to have in my pocket.

        It seems like you guys are selling the heck out of ’em so good on you! Just shows you what I know, haha.

  • MatKep

    Pocket protector for tacticool ninja dorks? Last I checked my knife and light already had picket clips which function fine. And I’m not too concerned about my knife or light “printing” or giving away some secret by showing my knife clip. I’ll pass on this.

  • Bill

    Actually, I’m digging it, I can package all my stuff into one or two units. I wonder how it works with Keltec clips. Even having pens in a consistent place would be handy.

  • I can see it for modularity… Would be nice to be able to switch the panels between pants quickly.

    • Zachary marrs

      How many edc’s do you have to justify quickly changing panels

      • I meant one EDC setup and being able to swap pants more easily.

        • Zachary marrs

          Oh ok, I thought you meant multiple panels. Still might be better to have it all separate. Helps make sure its all there. And Bill; for gods sake, buy a real holster

          • Bill

            There is a point where the ratio of gun size to holster size gets excessive, particularly for back-up and deep cover guns like a P3AT or PF9. And I’m a holster snob, and have spent an insane amount of money for rigs for inexpensive guns that only see rare us, and never as primaries 😉

  • Gallan

    This is useful for countries where carrying a knife is illegal (Australia and Britain for example).

    And yes, it is smart not letting everyone know you have a knife. If any bad guy saw it, you lose your element of surprise.

    • Some Guy

      I’ll grant you the first point.

      The second depends a lot on your area. Where I’m from everyone and their grandma carries a pocket knife and unless you live in a non-free state a knife shouldn’t be your first choice in defensive implement.

      • dan

        Depends on the situation, if all I had was a rock you can bet that’s what is going to be my first choice against an armed assailant. If some douche is unarmed then no probably not going to pull my knife or rock. MY first choice will be what ever gets me home alive in the end.

      • Gallan

        Depends on your strategy. Either look like a bad ass so nobody messes with you or look like a gray man so when you hit nobody saw you coming.

        First choice for defense would be a pistol, but many countries don’t allow you to carry one on your person.

        You can go hand to hand but that requires significant skill and strength and is only really useful against one opponent at a time.

        A knife is a good compromise, it requires minimal skill to use effectively even against groups and is very scary even when going up against a bad guy with pistol.

    • Bear

      It’s not illegal to carry a knife in Britain; If you have a ‘good reason’ in the eyes of the law you can carry anything you can justify. There is an exemption in the law for sub 3 inch non locking folders like a spyderco UKPK or Swiss army knife so you don’t need a ‘good reason’.

      • Gallan

        Well in Australia it’s illegal unless you have a valid reason which only is you need it for work. In addition cops can search your person for weapons whenever they want. Up to $200 000 fine and 2 years jail if a knife is found on you. Read it was enacted to combat teen gangs carrying knives.

  • Nicks87

    F-ing ridiculous. Anything to make a buck.

    • Lammo

      Isn’t that the American way? 🙂

    • Michael Goerlich – RCS

      Nicks87- Yeah, we like to make a buck. But we make our bucks by designing great products for discerning customers, making those products in the USA, and making sure our employees have great pay and benefits. If you resent us for that, that’s your choice — but I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

      We design and manufacture products for serious end-users. Some of our products have broad-spectrum appeal, like our holsters; some (like the ModuLoader Pocket Shield) are niche products that may not offer any benefit to YOU depending on how you carry. Just because you don’t see a benefit for you doesn’t mean there isn’t a purpose and a need for the product. If you don’t like this product, be patient; we have dozens of other new products under development right now and one of those might be something that suits you better.

  • sianmink

    I kinda want one. I keep my knife and light clipped into purpose-built mini-pockets, but the pepperspray doesn’t have a clip just rides around in the bottom of my pocket.
    Though I should probably just get a bigger pepperspray.

  • JT

    The heck with pocket knives. THAT THING IS A WEAPON

    • gunslinger

      wait is that a bat-a-rang?

  • Joe

    I think many of the naysayers here don’t carry a clipped flashlight and knife daily. For those who do clip them into their pockets know the wear and tear it can have on their pants.

    I don’t know if I like the product, but I like the concept.

  • Bill

    Some of us work where if we found you NOT carrying a knife it would suspicious.

    I have a “thing” made out of elastic loops, like a shell holder, that my chapstick, space pen and SAK can all slide into, so everything stays together and easily dug out of a pocket, or get lost at the same time.

  • SafeArmsReview

    So what happens when you sit down? Does this thing bend? Or does it poke you in the junk, press up against the femoral artery and cause you to feel light headed?

    It reminds me of nerds with pocket protectors.

    In my experience I look to minimize the amount of stuff in my pockets. BTW did anyone notice the picture of the flashlight on the ModuLoader Pocket Shield? Looks to me like it would be hard to get your flashlight out because its not angled correctly so the flashlight clip can easily clear the MPS.

    Yea I’m not feeling it. I think they sold out out but most will end up in a drawer collecting dust.

    • Michael Goerlich – RCS

      SafeArmsReview- What happens is that the shield flexes comfortably. It’s made from a malleable injection molded polymer, not laser-cut AR500 steel, after all!

      The flashlight on the ModuLoader Pocket Shield in the images provided draws easily because when the Pocket is bent around the shape of your leg, it allows the clip to clear the slot above it.

  • John Daniels

    It’s designed to keep the pocket from closing? A pick-pocket’s dream come true!

    • Michael Goerlich – RCS

      John Daniels – No, your pocket remains closed as usual. It’s designed to keep your knife, light, or other EDC items positioned securely inside your pocket without any tell-tale pocket-clips being exposed. It also masks the profile of your knife, small pistol, magazine, or other pocket-carried items, especially if you’re wearing dress slacks which are thinner and more likely to print.

  • yeah right