ModuLoader Pocket Shield

    MDTS has another collaboration with Raven Concealment. The ModuLoader Pocket Shield. It is a platform that goes inside your front pants/shorts pocket. It allows small EDC items to be consistently oriented in the pocket for expedient use.




    With the MPS you can EDC without printing or having tactical pocket clips alerting anyone who can see, that you have something in your pocket and no you are not happy to see them.

    The Pocket Shield can be customized to be used with a pocket holster for a firearm. In it’s original design, the MPS keeps the pocket from closing and is designed to stay inside while you draw your preferred EDC tool.


    It retails for $24.99 but is out of stock as it is a limited first production run.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

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