MAC Posts Hands On Video of Beretta ARX100

The Beretta ARX100, the rifle a lot of people have been waiting for for a few years now sounds like it is finally going to be available here in the states.  While at SHOT this year I did ask about the ARX100, and was told they should start shipping sometime in April.  Now June, it looks like they are finally going to be shipping them to dealers.

I was able to shoot the ARX100 at SHOT, and have to say that it is an interesting rifle in terms of the ergonomics and recoil impulse.  Having the ability to change barrels in less then 30sec is a nice feature, especially if you were wanting to quickly change from a mid-range carbine to a short barreled .300BLK for close in work clearing a building.

I do look forward to seeing these on the US market as another semi-auto rifle that is not another AR, along the same lines as the Tavor and Sig 556xi. Tim over at MAC runs though some mags, as well as though field stripping and some of the other features.  The ability to field strip and change the charging handle and ejection side with nothing more then a 5.56 round is a really nice touch as well.

In the first video Tim does say that Pmags are a no-go.  He does correct this as an annotation in the video, and then again later on in another video, which is posted below as well.  Gen3 do not work, as well as some other mags like the Surefire 60.  He does show that the Lancer L5 and Gen2 Pmags do indeed work with the rifle as they are much closer to STANAG 4179 specs, which is what the rifle was designed to work with.  Anything that is designed to flare out just below an AR magwell will probably be a no-go with the ARX100.  Some people I have talked to seem ok with this, and some do not at this point.

So for those looking for something new that is not an AR platform, there is something else out there about to be released to add to the collection.


  • Andy

    I like that it’s different, but it looks way bulkier than it has to be.

    • mrt

      it is rather slim, these vids don’t show it though.

      there is another review floating around from a week ago. IDK if it was on ttag or

      • Andy

        Even if it’s slim, look how tall the gun is from the magwell to the top rail.

        • Andy

          And discuss doesn’t let me edit for some stupid reason, but the fixed grip is an odd design choice as well.

          • KestrelBike

            Grips wedded to the lower kill me. Especially if the lower is serialized. Unforgivable.

          • Michael Bergeron

            Upper is serialized in this gun according to my Beretta friend so different lowers can be made probably even ones that accept gen 3 P-Mags

          • KestrelBike

            Ah cool, thanks for the info!

    • dp

      I am sure this is result of complex thermo-dynamics analysis and LOTS of testing. just take it for what it is.

      • Pseudo

        Maybe you mean heat transfer? Unless they’ve conceived a new way to get work out of an expanding gas, I don’t really see how thermodynamics really plays into modern rifle design.

        • dp

          Thermodynamics = transfer of heat. That is happening by Leading (in contact), Radiating or Convection (without contact). Not necessarily related to transfer (conversion) to mechanical or other form of work.

    • BuzzKillington

      The magwell specifically is extremely long to me. But I’m assuming with all of the little levers and buttons to reverse things like the CH and ejection, the bulky receivers are housing a lot of small parts that take up a lot of space.

  • Vhyrus

    I like some things about it, but other than on the fly ambidextrous operation, I don’t see what this brings to the table over a Tavor.

    But, I am a Tavor whore, so YMMV.

    • Tothe

      It brings a standard rifle layout. Bullpups are nice, but not the be-all, end-all of carbines.

  • JD

    Have we all forgot about the Robinson XCR …everyone acts like Sig and Beretta are the first ones able to change out barrels for different calibers .

    • Chris

      Neither was Robison, also the XCR is a peice of crap.

    • KestrelBike

      the ACR could do it as well (if there were replacement barrels available like they promised 100x!)

    • Zachary marrs

      I know Robinson has horrible cs, but I dont know about beretta

    • echelon

      But all barrel change systems are not created equally. They either require tools or they add parts and weight to the rifle that make it cumbersome. Also, none of the other rifles have the features that this does pound for pound. ACR comes the closest but even it can’t change the charging handle without tools nor can it switch ejection sides on the fly. Plus she’s a front heavy beast due to the barrel change system it has.

      Beretta is very forward thinking in their design as it accommodates both left and right handed shooters out of the box without needing a conversion kit or tools or requiring the gun to be taken completely apart. It’s actually quite the feat of engineering.

  • LCON

    So Pmags G3 are out. I wonder about E mags? Seems like a common issue with SCAR and HK416

    • John

      That’s the ironic thing. The Gen 3 Pmag was designed to address compatibility issues:

      “While the GEN M3 is optimized for Colt-spec AR15/M4 platforms, modified internal and external geometry also permits operation with a range of additional weapons such as the HK® 416/MR556A1/M27 IAR, British SA-80, FN® SCAR™ MK 16/16S, and others.”

  • Rusty Shackleford

    No Surefire 60/100 or X-Products drum? Will this at least accept a Beta C mag?

  • dp

    So, here we have eventually a design of rifle which does what others don’t. First, it does not use easy to loose unattached fasteners (such as G36); second, it allows for replaceable barrel without tools on demand such as while cleaning. Thirdly, its body is out of polymer which seem to sustain heat input from prolonged fire.
    All in all – this is progress; hat down. Appearance is secondary – remember this is combat tool, not toy.

    • Tothe

      I would hope the quick-change barrel system would make using a longer, heavier varmint barrel an option. I am concerned though about how well it would work as a combat arm with a bayonet and the potential need to use the butt to strike an opponent. I know battlefields aren’t like Call of Duty or Halo, but the potential need to make or block a melee attack does exist still, doesn’t it?

  • Riot

    You cannot criticize it for not working with mags tailored to the ar15 that don’t match stanag

    The charging handle swap is neat

    • Steve_7

      The problem is though that you’ve got a hole in the side of the receiver with the bolt going back and forth, might get quite nasty if you had a casehead separation as there’s nothing there between your face and the chamber as the bolt comes back.

      • Riot

        Is that not a problem for lefties anyway

        • Steve_7

          This rifle makes it a problem for everyone…

  • J.J

    I’m not convinced. It looks like it’s trying to answer questions no one asked.

    • Steve_7

      I thought that, having a reversible ejector is quite cool but not really necessary on a rifle with this layout, it would be useful on a bullpup though.

  • petru sova

    So I am supposed to pay almost 2,000 bucks for a gun with a junk plasticky upper and lower receiver when I can buy an AR with a metal receiver for only 700 dollars. The choice is obvious. Also the Berettas junk plastic upper will not be able to hold its metal scope rail if a heavy telescopic sight is used as the metal screws will pull right out of the soft junk plastic receiver. Also if you succumb to the temptation to carry the gun by the scope once again it will pull right off the plasticky receiver. Neat Hugh?
    The only thing I like about the gun is the ability to switch barrels but for 2,000 bucks, no way.

    • BuzzKillington

      Yea, ambi does nothing for me. My rifle is MY rifle. I don’t need it to fit anyone else but me. Sure, I like my BADASS ambi safety on my AR which allows me to drag my trigger finger along the right sight of the receiver to flip it back onto safe, but that’s neither here nor there. The ONLY benefit this rifle would have for ME is the ability to easily swap to .300BLK (if that’s an option). 2.5moa isn’t impressive either. Plenty of standard AR’s are getting half that out of the box. The length of the rifle to grip with your support hand is too short, with you having no room to use a stubby VFG as a handstop as you’ll then be resting the top of your support hand on the underside of the barrel — too much barrel sticking out with little support hand grip area. Suppose it’ll be fine for those who like magwell grips, but I prefer extended rails with lowpro gas blocks on my AR’s. There’s just a lot of things on this I don’t need which take away from the overall platform, resulting in shortcomings. Even for a military/police force trying to get a rifle that is adaptable to a large force that has both left and right handed shooters, its price is way more than what an AR/M4 can be purchased for with additional parts to adapt to lefties.

      • Tothe

        I only hope the price drops to something more reasonable. $2K is overkill for sure. I’d be interested if it were more competitive. And unlike an AR, it looks like this rifle doesn’t shit where it eats.

  • Tothe

    Questions that come to mind: How does this compare to a SCAR-16? Will there be a 7.62×51 version to compete with the SCAR-17?

  • Steve_7

    The removable handguard on the fore-end and the custom mount is designed for an add-on spring-loaded white flag that pops out, and is issued to Italian soldiers in the event of war…

    • Claudio

      white flag? six hundred thousand Italian soldiers who died in World War I and three hundred thousand in World War II! learn the history before you rant.

      • Steve_7

        It wasn’t a rant, it was a joke. :p

        • Claudio

          well, it wasn’t fun

          • Steve_7

            Not if you’re Italian :p

          • Claudio

            since I had relatives who fought in the trenches of the First World War or the Russian steppes of World War II, definitely not

  • BuzzKillington

    I’m assuming EMags are good to go, then.

  • Hyok Kim

    10 + lb trigger for close to two grand gun that is not bullpup? 2 1/2″ group for 5 shots @ 100yds fired from rest?

    I wonder if the zeros would hold when switching barrels back and forth. He should have tested it.

    However, I do like quick field stripping feature, and the ability to change the ejection side quickly could come in handy in urban fighting.