PWS Modern Musket DI AR-15

Primary Weapons Systems recently debuted their new line of direct impingement (DI) AR-15s they’re calling the Modern Musket. PWS is known for their long-stroke piston driven AR-15 rifles but have since entered the DI AR-15 market last month with the release of their DI stripped upper receivers. The new PWS Modern Musket line features their new DI uppers, a PWS Enhanced Bolt Carrier, a PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube and is available in either a rifle or pistol configuration. Their Modern Musket pistols even come a Sig Sauer SB15 stabilizing brace, but wait there’s more, for a limited time the PWS Modern Musket line will also come with a Lucid HD7 sight which we reviewed last year. The new Modern Musket line from Primary Weapons Systems retails for $1499.95, for more info check out


Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) is releasing their first line of Modern Musket™ direct impingement (DI) rifles June 2014. Known for producing reliable and accurate piston driven AR-15 rifles and a DI accessory line designed to reliably enhance any AR platform, PWS’ next logical step was to supply their customers with the best DI AR-15 rifle available on the market.

The new DI line is called the Modern Musket. The Modern Musket™ brand ( is a message that PWS embraces. This DI rifle is your defense rifle: your defense of your home, family, and your right to the freedoms outlined in the constitution. These are the guns the 2nd Amendment was written to protect. As technology advances, our right to keep and bear arms must remain the same. The musket was the greatest weapons advance for a citizen at the time of the American Revolution and today, the AR-15 holds that role.

The Modern Musket™ line is chambered in .223 wylde and available as a 14.5” and 16” DI rifle and 10.5” DI pistol at all participating dealers for $1349 MAP. For a limited time, each rifle and pistol will come equipped with a Lucid HD7 Red Dot optic ($249 value). Stripped DI uppers are also available in 14.5” and 16” lengths for $699 MAP to turn the rifle you have into the rifle you want.

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  • kontra

    Bad Combination, unattended children + guns. And i think, its not OK, to use trees as backstopps…

    • Vitor

      How the hell a child with both parents is unattended?

      • Good question. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what is shown. The boy is with both parents standing off to the side completely safe. The trees are a good backstop for the rounds fired and contrary to what some believe the tree doesn’t mind and it sure won’t do any long term damage to it.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Well… unattended or not, there is PLENTY wrong with what’s being shown.

        • mirk

          I think the fallen and dead trees at the public shooting areas in my vicinity would disagree. While one or two people emptying a few mags into a random tree may not cause significant long term damage, a party of twenty each emptying a few mags on friday, saturday and sunday for a year will. That’s with drought weakened trees and bark beetle issues aside. In fact, one of the ranges near me will ask you to leave if you get caught shooting using a tree as a backstop, though I believe that’s because it’s leased on national forest land and not because the owners are tree huggers.

          Sorry if you feel it’s okay to shoot up a tree, but I think it’s a poor attitude in line with those that leave garbage laying around because it’ll “go back to nature eventually” or don’t douse a fire with water because “it’ll burn out by itself”.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Well, the dog doesn’t appear to have a leash, and kids squirm, kids squirm lots. I wouldn’t raise a huge fuss over that scene compared to others, but yea, it’s not great marketing to show a six year old as being the only one in the scene responsible for the dog and himself.

        • Jon Hammett

          As a six year old, I was plenty responsible enough to take care of myself and a pet around guns. I was taught the basic rules of firearms as soon as I could talk and reviewed them as a family periodically.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    +1 for the modern musket meme
    +1 for presenting firearms as a PART of a camping/familty/outdoors lifestyle and not just an end. Too many gun ads forget that most people buy them as part of their existing lifestyle. Not all of us are Marines kicking in doors.
    +1 for them boots baby!
    +1 for dags. Everyone loves dogs.
    +1 on the logo, took me a second to figure out, it’s not extremely clear but once you know what it is it’s fair enough
    +0 for prayer moment, don’t discuss religion or politics in your ad, its just a bad idea, but if for some reason you need to, I guess that’s ok
    -1 for redneck range. Don’t shoot at trees, don’t use a carbine to blast away at trees 20y away with your ACOGs. Not classy. At all.
    -1 for cheap eyewear, yea those aviators might look cool on the girl and kid, but effectively you might as well not be wearing anything in the event something larger comes back at you
    -1000 for your dog. What The Fuck? Seriously, don’t do that to your dog. If you blast muzzle brake 556 10ft from anything without muff it’s permanent hearing damage, dogs even more than humans. “Oh pooch here, our family pet and our first alert system for intruders… Let’s give him completely avoidable hearing damage!”. Seriously this is by far the most offensive and white trash moment I’ve seen in any gun ad. Oh, that’s your hunting dog so shots are ok? There is a big difference between a 12ga round of birdshot vs blasting away with carbine. Leave your dog in the car, dicks.

    • That’s a Lucid sight not an ACOG. Good sight though. I reviewed one months ago.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Ah, my bad. I just figured they would be using real acogs and that it was a 1.5-3x I wasn’t familiar with. I guess that’s another -1 then 😉

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Phil, do you have any plans to review the Beretta ARX 100 now that it is finally shipping?

    • Mack

      i can’t find the LWRC DI thing any where? would love to read up on it.

      • LCON

        They only did it for the.300 Black PDW they showed off once.the Cartridge it seems doesn’t like Piston systems.

        • Joshua

          Shot show had a 5.56 and 6.8 DI rifle from them as well.

      • Jack

        They presented them at SHOT show and wrote on them extensively. They are NOT doing them only for 300blk, that’s just what they claimed long ago when the piston-conversion guns were where it was at for tacticool AR-15s.

        They are doing several regular 5.56/6.8spc guns in DI, but they’re being slow with production.

        Keep in mind, LWRC just BARELY started taking orders for their PDWs that they’ve been promising since a few SHOT shows ago..

    • n0truscotsman

      “for DI, along with LWRC going DI on their latest I see the piston hype is fading… (Bu Bu But I heard they were “better”!?)”

      Very astute dear sir!!! 😀

      This is certainly telling to me…(and PWS is the only gas piston AR that I kept and enjoy shooting, but their system is long stroke, which is far superior in a number of ways to pretty much everything else out there AR gas piston wise).

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    The hamfisted solemnity, lame marine reference, and creepy prayer circle really detract from an otherwise solid advertisement with excellent pro-gun slogans.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Certainly could have been better, but I guess I have seen worse ads. At least they had fair looking production value.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    All my annoyances with their ad are further antagonizing me with fact that the guns look pretty good are are priced pretty well. I have keymod accessories, but am sort of keeping a close eye on Magpul’s MLOK too.

    But you could do a lot worse on an AR-15. I mean, these are DPMS priced and far better guns, judging from everything else PWS I’ve used or seen.

    • PWS makes a darn good rifle. Tom R will be reviewing one shortly.

    • Jim556

      Your annoyances were a bit annoying and skeptical. The ad was done well, and better than most others.

  • JT

    muskets were smoothbore. This is not smoothbore. This is not a musket. It is a bad analogy.

    • sianmink

      Modern Kentucky Rifle doesn’t flow quite as well.

    • Laserbait

      Where does it say that’s not a smoothbore? I see nothing saying that it’s rifled.

    • Esh325

      Well to these people facts don’t really matter, just like the imaginary attack on their religion. If it sounds good and gets people worked up then it’s good, truth doesn’t matter.

  • JT

    People already like AR rifles, so I don’t get the apologist “it’s just like a musket” analogy. It’s not 1996

    • Mike

      It’s just like a musket means it’s the everyman’s or everywoman’s gun. It’s not really apologist.

  • clinton notestine

    terrible name

  • Bill

    I’ve always contended that the AR is the Kentucky Long Rifle of our millennium plus.

    AS for the commercial, way better than the kind designed to intentionally scare the pooh out of people, but as said, live trees aren’t backstops. It’s injurious to the tree and promotes insect infestation. Plus, a lot of trees, like smaller softwoods, wind stop a bullet.

    I also don’t like dogs near “loud” weapons as sensitive as their hearing is, and an AR pistol qualifies as loud. You can’t escape it with K9s and war dogs, but my civilian dog doesn’t go to the range with me. It’s also more of an issue at high volume and police ranges, but they can pick up lead and metal contaminants on the fur and paws that they’ll lick off.

  • Xerxes036

    (Said in Movie Trailer Voice Over Voice)
    “In a world where PPL are being intentionally impoverished, losing their homes, cars, jobs, families. One Man Knows that the answer to yourself defense needs is not a $200 shotgun w/ a Maglight duct taped to the barrel but a $1400 ‘budget’ AR!