PWS Modern Musket DI AR-15

    Primary Weapons Systems recently debuted their new line of direct impingement (DI) AR-15s they’re calling the Modern Musket. PWS is known for their long-stroke piston driven AR-15 rifles but have since entered the DI AR-15 market last month with the release of their DI stripped upper receivers. The new PWS Modern Musket line features their new DI uppers, a PWS Enhanced Bolt Carrier, a PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube and is available in either a rifle or pistol configuration. Their Modern Musket pistols even come a Sig Sauer SB15 stabilizing brace, but wait there’s more, for a limited time the PWS Modern Musket line will also come with a Lucid HD7 sight which we reviewed last year. The new Modern Musket line from Primary Weapons Systems retails for $1499.95, for more info check out


    Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) is releasing their first line of Modern Musket™ direct impingement (DI) rifles June 2014. Known for producing reliable and accurate piston driven AR-15 rifles and a DI accessory line designed to reliably enhance any AR platform, PWS’ next logical step was to supply their customers with the best DI AR-15 rifle available on the market.

    The new DI line is called the Modern Musket. The Modern Musket™ brand ( is a message that PWS embraces. This DI rifle is your defense rifle: your defense of your home, family, and your right to the freedoms outlined in the constitution. These are the guns the 2nd Amendment was written to protect. As technology advances, our right to keep and bear arms must remain the same. The musket was the greatest weapons advance for a citizen at the time of the American Revolution and today, the AR-15 holds that role.

    The Modern Musket™ line is chambered in .223 wylde and available as a 14.5” and 16” DI rifle and 10.5” DI pistol at all participating dealers for $1349 MAP. For a limited time, each rifle and pistol will come equipped with a Lucid HD7 Red Dot optic ($249 value). Stripped DI uppers are also available in 14.5” and 16” lengths for $699 MAP to turn the rifle you have into the rifle you want.

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