TriStar Arms Releases Viper G2 SR Sport


TriStar arms is adding to their affordable line of semiautomatic 12-gauge shotguns.  With a MSRP of just $609 for a 30″ shotgun with interchangeable chokes, its priced right for those on a budget.

For 2014, TriStar Arms has expanded the Viper G2 semi-automatic line to include a new 12-gauge sporting model – the Viper G2 SR Sport.  Whether shooting clay pigeons or hunting upland game, the Viper G2 SR Sport is a worthy choice that is comfortable to shoot, includes a variety of choke tubes and comes at an affordable price.

This new gas-operated shotgun has a 30-inch target barrel with a red fiber optic sight, and features a red anodized receiver and end cap. The Viper G2 SR Sport has a synthetic stock and forearm coated with “Soft Touch.” This application gives a soft rubber feel, providing the shooter with a more comfortable shooting experience.  The SR Sport also comes with a target rib and four Extended Beretta® Mobile Chokes.

Viper G2 SR Sport Features:

•    Manual E-Z load magazine cut-off
•    Vent target rib with matted sight plane
•    Fiber optic site
•    5 round magazine (shot plug included)
•    Chrome-lined chamber and barrel
•    Swivel studs
•    Four extended Beretta® Mobile style choke tubes (SK, IC, M, F)

The Viper G2 SR Sport is chambered for 3-inch 12-gauge shells and will shoot 2¾-inch and 3-inch interchangeably, allowing for both light target loads and heavy upland field loads.

“The Viper G2 SR Sport fills a very important niche in the shotgun market by providing sportsmen with a great looking gun that is tested at 5,000 rounds of endurance and comes at a very reasonable price,” said Gus Bader, president of TriStar Arms.

MSRP for the Viper G2 SR Sport is $609.00.

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Sam Cadle

Sam Cadle is a prior service member from the US Coast Guard, and has extensive firearms training from the military. He spent many years working counter narcotics in Central America and working maritime law enforcement and anti-terrorism stateside. He has also written articles as guest writer that are published on The Truth About Guns, and other firearms related blogs. He is currently a successful writer for, specializing in gun rights and politics in Washington State, as well as across the United States. His passions are long range precision shooting, coyote hunting and keeping up with the firearms community.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    “Manual E-Z load magazine cut-off”?

  • mig1nc

    You could put a +8 mag tube extension on the bottom of that thing and it would only stick out a little bit if any for a cheap 3 gun shotgun. 13+1 capacity sounds like fun.

  • Mystick

    Is that steel or aluminum that’s anodized?

  • derfley

    So these will be re-badged Armsan shotguns then?