BREAKING NEWS: The FACTS about the Remington Consolidation

You may have read rumors about Remington Outdoor Company’s plant consolidation online. We spent today meticulously researching and talking to industry sources. Everything in this post is fact, not rumor and conjecture.

It is important to note that, as we reported last December, the Freedom Group is no more. It is now called the Remington Outdoor Company (henceforth referred to as Remington).

FACT #1 : Remington is closing a number of plants around the country.

The Remington plants at Elizabethtown, West Jordan, Kalispell, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, St. Cloudand  and Pineville are closing.

FACT #2: Closed plant products lines are being consolidated at the new Huntsville, AL plant.

Earlier this year Remington opened a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama. The 500,000 square foot facility is the equivalent of 25% of the total of Remington’s pre-Huntsville 2.1 million square feet of production space.

FACT #3: Also being moved are the Bushmaster and Remington’s 1911 product lines.

The Bushmaster Firearms International (BFI) and Remington R1 1911 product lines are also being moved from Remington’s Ilion, NY facility.

Bushmaster was originally moved from Windham, Maine to the Ilion facility in 2011.

FACT #4: The consolidated product lines are …

  • Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
  • Bushmaster
  • DPMS Panther Arms
  • LAR Manufacturing
  • Montana Rifleman
  • Para
  • Remington 1911
  • Tapco

FACT #5: Remington is asking employees to move to Huntsville, Alabama.

Remington is wanting to retain and move as many staff as possible to the city of Huntsville, Alabama. Staff have been given instructions on how they can apply to move.

FACT #6: Remington’s official statement is …

Earlier today we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, AL facility,” said Remington Spokesman Teddy Novin. This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. We are working hard to retain as many people from the affected facilities as possible.


Folks, those are the facts. We will update you with more information as it comes our way.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Andrew

    Wow, looks like Huntsville is going to be the firearms capitol of the world soon. Magpul and Glock are also building new factories there that should be operational by the first quarter of 2015.

    • Talk about a boost to the economy! Oh well the northeast did it to themselves.

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      Not that I disagree with you, but do have any sources on that information? I can’t find anything on the net to suggest that to be true.

      • It’s in this article. I can’t give you specific names of the sources.

      • SmellsBells

        It would be interesting to understand why Glock is expanding outside of Georgia (if indeed they are) while staying in the Deep South? That makes little sense. It’s not as if a Glock factory employees 5,000 people and/or need to be closer to their regional markets.

    • SpazC

      No Joke. Honestly Huntsville is a great location for the industry as it is an existing hub for the Aerospace and Defense industry.

      Transportation wise, from Huntsville and Madison AL over to the 65 corridor you have large swaths of land that is easy to build on, that has great interstate, air, and even river access.

      I can promise that any existing employees that make the move will love the area! You can get both your urban fix and rural fix within 20 minutes of each other.

      I’ll never leave the Heart of Dixie, and currently reside just south of Birmingham. Huntsville is the only other city I’d ever consider living in.

      • awfire

        That is exactly why I will stay in the area for the foreseeable future.

      • SmellsBells

        I’ve been to Huntsville. Pretty green mountains. Some of the most horrid weather (hot/muggy to the extreme) that I have ever encountered. I’m very pleased (and thankful) to live my life on the Central Coast of California.

        • James Crooke

          you’ll be taxed out of california soon.

          • SmellsBells

            Naw, no way. I’m a 7th generation Californio. I’m not going anywhere.

        • Bill Richardson

          I always wondered if I’d hear from the person who is happy with California.

          • Now you have–mark it on the calendar!

          • SmellsBells

            It’s a gorgeous place. Unfortunately people from elsewhere (from across the USA, Canada and Mexico) have moved here since 1849 driving real estate prices high and causing congestion in our larger cities. That’s OK though, I got mine and I’m grateful.

          • The northern part of the state is.

          • redc1c4

            i’m happy with the weather here most days…. pretty much the rest of it sucks. 😉

            the women are pretty hot too, and mine even likes to shoot.

        • If you’d been raised in the south it wouldn’t bother you much at all:-)

          • SmellsBells

            If I had been raised in the south I would have moved by now. Either to New England or somewhere on the West Coast. Life is simply too short to live somewhere with horrid weather, bigotry, lack of culture, etc.

          • SouthernCulture

            Ummm…there are more hate groups in the Northeast and in California than there are in the south. That is even from the liberal watch dog groups. Lack of culture? Are you kidding me? A lot of Western Culture can be traced back to the south. Rock n Roll, Cajun cooking, blues, jazz, auto racing, bluegrass, southern cooking etc…were born in the south.

          • SmellsBells

            California does not have the hideous legacy of racism that the Deep South has, thank goodness. A city like Huntsville ain’t New Orleans — or Los Angeles or San Francisco when it comes to culture. R&R, Blues, Jazz, most forms of auto racing, etc. are not products of the Deep South.

          • You know where NASCAR started right? As far as music tell that to the people in Memphis.

          • Beaumont

            Most American culture is actually Southern in origin. At least, those parts of the culture one would want to keep.

          • That’s a rather stereotypical viewpoint. A viewpoint those from the south I’m sure don’t agree with or appreciate.

    • Whargl Bargl

      Can you provide any more info on this. I can’t find anything saying Glock or Magpul will be opening factories in Huntsville…

      • It’s known in the industry. They’ll make more out of it once they finish building.

      • shootbrownelk

        Magpul moved to Wyoming, along with Hi-Viz sights and a few others. Freedom arms is also in Wyoming.

  • Steve (TFB Editor)

    NY, like CO, has made it pretty clear they don’t want gun manufacturers in the state. no real point in sticking around.

    • SmellsBells

      Sure there is. Retaining a skilled and dedicated workforce. The enormous costs associated with closing the Ilion complex (imagine the clean-up costs alone) and moving production to Huntsville. Remington could also get more tax breaks (as it has in the past in NY) by staying — similar to the breaks they are now getting in Huntsville.

      • Dan

        Anti gun congressmen have no interest in saving jobs in the gun industry, and there isn’t a gun manufacturer that employs enough people in an unfriendly state to change their mind. That is pretty obvious by the laws passed in those states.

        • SmellsBells

          That’s simply not true. NYS has not passed a single law that will forbid the production of firearms that are legal to own in other states — nor does any state have the ability to do that. People ignore the fact that something like 48 jobs are being moved and not thousands. Employment is higher at Remington then it has been in many years.

        • jcitizen

          One of the factors these dips don’t take into account is there are a lot more jobs lost that just the factory. There is a whole support industry that sells and services to factories too. You actually end up losing thousands of jobs once it is all panned out. Some of those suppliers can’t switch to something similar. I’ve seen it happen in the aircraft industry, just for example.

  • Asdf

    Finally. The “Q” word gets addressed. About time. Good move by big green.

    • That it is–a very good move indeed. None of the companies moving down there will face anyone opposed to guns being made in the state of Alabama.

      • SmellsBells

        Remington isn’t facing opposition to making any guns to NYS either. They cannot sell certain model in NYS but they are not being prevented from manufacturing them there nor can they be due to interstate commerce laws.

        • Dan

          He never said they were being prevented from making guns in NY. I wouldn’t want to do business in a state where they are pretty open about the “evilness” of my product, that is something Lawmakers in Alabama won’t do anytime in the near future.
          I understand that the anti gun views are not expressed everywhere in that state and it is unfortunate that the friendly areas of NY will be affected, but that is the cost of having elected officials demonize your product and the people that lawfully enjoy them.

          • SmellsBells

            Wrong. Read his comment again: “None of the companies moving down there will face anyone opposed to guns being made in the state of Alabama.” This forum is anything BUT the “facts.”

          • SmellsBells

            Here’s the quote: “None of the companies moving down there will face anyone opposed to guns being made in the state of Alabama.”

      • James Kelly

        I visited Ilion once, maybe 1998
        One had to take cover to avoid being trampled at 5:00pm
        Recall that being the case at P&G in Cincinnati, also

        Both situations it is obvious, regardless of Gov’t, that the best move is to get out of that location & go somewhere people appreciate having jobs. In much of the NE jobs are regarded as Entitlements.

  • txJM

    Huntsville is a pool of incredible talent. It was inevitable.

    • I’m sure glad to see them move out of NY especially.

      • txJM

        I have family in Huntsville, and I’m thrilled that they are getting the economical boost.

      • SmellsBells

        They haven’t. Something like 48 of 1,200 jobs have been moved to build a POS pistol and an also-ran AR15 platform rifle. This blog is anything but factual.

        • Ok that’s about enough of that. I really try to be patient with differing views but If you want to play the insult game I suggest you take it elsewhere.

          • SmellsBells

            You claim that “We spent today meticulously researching and talking to industry sources. Everything in this post is fact, not rumor and conjecture.” yet you are wrong about the size of the new Huntsville location. You also make it sound as if Remington is closing in Ilion when it fact it’s relocating less than 50 jobs. Further you say there’s no advantage to Remington remaining in Ilion and that’s simply not true. I listed some of the advantages. There might be more.

            For someone claiming the research you are, you should be aware that the contents of Ilion and everything else that’s being moved there simply won’t fit, nor will it provide for expansion space that other gun makers are scrambling to acquire.

            I suspect you’re also wrong about Glock opening any sort of major manufacturing operation in Huntsville. We’ll just have to see about that one.

            This is nothing more than another rah-rah forum about a gun maker fleeing that some feel is the evil North East, Midwest or West — except in this case Remington has shown no signs it’s going to move.

      • grunion

        It would be cool to see the whole east coast government and finance corridors choked right off the vine.

      • davidnrobyn

        It’s too bad–upstate NY is already an economic disaster because of Albany, now they’re losing Remington too. I’ve seen the TV ads about how great NY now is for business, but they’ll have to prove it to me.

  • waltherp

    To move to Huntsville you would need to pay me twice the CEOs salary and fly me anywhere else every weekend. I have been to Huntsville and it BELONGS in Alabama.

    • NotoriousAPP

      Have you been to Llion, NY? It’ not exactly paradise. Huntsville will be an upgrade.

    • nova3930

      Geez, I know it’s terrible here. Why anyone would want low cost of living, good schools, and low crime coupled with relatively high salaries I’ll never know…

      • NotoriousAPP

        Are you talking about Huntsville or Llion?

        • nova3930


          • SmellsBells

            HIDEOUS weather. A state mired in a very difficult past (although Huntsville is considerably different than its surroundings), more crime than where I live now, etc.

          • nova3930

            What happened 50 years ago doesn’t mean much these days. I don’t really notice the weather having lived in the SE my whole life. And as far your place having lower crime that must be some place. Huntsville PD routinely has guys wanted for weed possession on their most wanted billboard. Not dealing possession. There’s not a neighborhood in this town I’d feel unsafe walking down at night, armed or otherwise.

          • I was going to say the same thing if indeed he’s referring to the 1950’s and 60’s. That’s a bit of a reach.

          • john huscio

            Your california weather ain’t so hot…..I’ll take 95% humidity in the summer over having to rebuild almost annually because of the rampant brushfires in socal, not to mention the earthquakes/mudslides/ect….

          • SmellsBells

            I live in a part of California that has some of the most beautiful weather in the world. FAR better than anything in the deep south including along the coast. I used to travel to Huntsville during the summer and it was hideous. As far as the “rampant brushfires in socal, not to mention the earthquakes/mudslides/ect.”, I don’t live in “socal” but I would take those over hideous weather, hurricanes and tornadoes anytime.

          • john huscio

            Not many hurricanes in the Appalachian foothills

          • SmellsBells

            Not much “rampant brushfires in socal, not to mention the earthquakes/mudslides/ect.” on the Central Coast of California either…

          • Dan

            I haven’t visited a part of california that made me want to even consider giving up a negative 45 degree winter day in South Dakota to want to live there. So no it isn’t that great in the North or the south or the middle or the east or on the coast, but we get you are very smitten with your state.

          • He is that—-

          • Beaumont

            Many people today don’t know that when Spain colonized California, they found that the natives did not like to live in the Los Angeles Basin, for those very reasons. Looks as though they were smarter than a lot of modern-day Calis.

    • Paul Hurst

      If I was AAC in Atlanta suburban area Huntsville is a downgrade.

    • RKflorida

      Unlike Ilion?? Right. Lovely weekend trips to Herkimer or even (gasp) Utica! It’s especially nice during the balmy month of January.

    • Beaumont

      I’m guessing no one in Huntsville will miss you.

  • J.C.

    No big surprise here. Hopefully NY throws a fit over the loss of those thousands of jobs. On the other hand, Remington has been there for hundreds of years and it is sad to see them move on a historical level.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      If they cared they, this would never have happened in the first place. They are probably celebrating.

      • JustSayNoToCuomo

        Cuomo doesn’t care. Upstate NYers care.

    • NotoriousAPP

      Ha ha, well said. I know those are good people up there in Llion, I’m sad to see some of them lose their jobs but the writing was on the wall regardless of NYS laws. From a tax and oppression perspective, NY is an awful place to live let alone do business. I left NY (northwestern NY) back in 2001 and never plan on being back. These days I wonder how anyone can stay there and continue to be bullied by local city/county government let alone the state government. They’ve learned to love high taxes apparently.

      • RKflorida

        Union workers favor Democrat politicians. Support them vigorously. No sympathy here. I lived in that area for awhile when Univac was there.

      • davidnrobyn

        I just sold a house in upstate for a ridiculously low price, even lower than the ridiculously low price I paid for it 10 years ago. The local government just gobbled up my taxes and issued me ultimatums. I also got the renter from hell who destroyed the place so that I couldn’t afford to fix it up, and she just moved to another, state-subsidized rental location. Call me older but wiser. (I hope! :-))

    • SmellsBells

      They’ve lost something like 48 jobs, not “thousands.” Employment at Ilion is at the highest level in decades.

  • Col. Steve Autism

    “Meretriciously”?! You guys really should look up the word, because you obviously have no idea what it means.

    • TFB Reader

      I had never heard of the word and looked it up. Yep, it’s obvious.

    • These programs we use sometimes have a habit of changing things you don’t want changed. If you miss it making a change like this one it makes you look foolish.
      I replaced the programs changed word back to what it was and should be.

      • Guest


        • Well at least I learned a new word today thanks to the computer glitch. Yea we decided to have our meeting here tonight:-)

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Not a single opinion or praise in the entire post. I spent all afternoon on it to ensure I would get it absolutely correct and not require any retractions or corrections. I left my opinions in the comments. My comments are my own. One of these days I would like someone to say “Steve, thanks for not being a drama queen and going on a major rant everytime anything happens”.

      • Steve, thanks for not being a drama queen and going on a major rant everytime anything happens.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)


          • Mr Ghue

            Steve, thanks for not being a drama queen and going on a major rant everytime anything happens

        • RKflorida

          Steve, thanks for not being a queen.

    • Yellow Devil

      I think it means the same as Quyzbuk. No? What a duketastrophe!

  • awfire

    I am from huntsville and have lived there since I was a child. The entire city is ecstatic with this news. Huntsville is a great town that will welcome Remington and all their employees. Believe me when I tell you huntsville is a different place from the majority of Alabama.

    • Having been there many times I can vouch for that.

      • txJM


      • grunion

        I have to throw in for Mobile. I love that city. All the charm, grace and culture New Orleans wishes it had.

        • davidnrobyn

          Cool–is it like Charleston, SC?

    • 1leggeddog

      hopefully the huntsville economy is gonna flourish

      • nova3930

        Given the other industry in our area, namely DoD and NASA support, it’s really not going to make as big an impact as you’d think. The local economy is already roaring…

        • RKflorida

          It will make a difference if the flighty DOD and NASA money dries up.

          • SmellsBells


          • nova3930

            The type of work done for DoD here isn’t going away unless we decided not to have an army. 95 percent of it is engineering development and support for new and developmental weapons systems.

            NASA may well go away though….

          • shootbrownelk

            Just so we have enough armament to shoot down that Russian space station. Didn’t we give a crap-load of money to Russia when their government collapsed? Isn’t there a drone with Putin’s name on it?

          • jcitizen

            NASA will lose out to private enterprise; like Space X.

          • grunion

            Our current administration seems hell bent on drying up Nasa’s funds permanently. For God’s sake, the Russians are trying to kick us off the space station. Mars? decades if not centuries away, that money must go to the entitled….S**t…..

        • It might be different in Huntsville, but a lot of the NASA-dependent folks around Kennedy Space Center (aka Cape Canaveral) got tired of the on-again, off-again projects over the years. Even though NASA is still in business, a lot of the aerospace contractors are now in the firearms biz. I would not be surprised to see some of the same migration in the Huntsville area.

    • Mongo the pawn

      Well I was born and raised down in little old Foley, so are you saying the rest of us in the state are inbred rednecks? Because if so, you can go fark yourself, then find a fire and d*e in it.

  • For purely nostalgic reasons, I am a little sad that Tapco is leaving Kennesaw. I took more than one meal break sitting in their parking lot when I still pushed a black and white around. In fact, I still have a bunch of SKS stripper clips and oil bottles from when they were selling surplus bits many moons ago.

  • PK

    The primary reason I build so many rifles using the Montana Rifleman receivers is that people in the state of Montana want products made here. That will no longer be the case, and I will no longer be using the receivers.

    • MTWoman

      Yes, should have known once the company sold to Remington it wouldn’t be staying here. It’s an absolute shame.

    • john

      The receivers you use are montana rifle company recievers the rifleman is the barrel company. Montana rifle company is not owned by remington.

  • Greg Thompson

    What does it mean they are consolidating the 1911 R1 line? I’ve been waiting on a shipping label from them to send back 2 of my R1’s for free Platinum service and it is taking them MUCH longer to respond this time than it did last year.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Consolidating the production. Nothing changes with the line itself (that I know about or related to the move to AL)

    • There will be no changes to the product line except maybe expansion once they move. I’d call customer service and see if they can get your pistol in before they start the moving process.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Thanks for the clarification. The way this has been reported elsewhere it was all bad news.

    • Very welcome. Believe me we noticed! Then again some other places didn’t spend the time to get the real facts rather than just feeding the rumor mill. We all know that does nothing good for anyone.

  • tazman66gt

    Kinda sucks for Para though since they just moved out of Canada now they have to move again, seemed like they were just starting to get the product line beefed back up. Would love to see them work on getting more LDA options out there.

    • Kris Moore

      Para shit the bed on the first move too. I hope they dont do it again.

  • Don Mei

    Does this mean that Marlin is done, gone, poof? They really destroyed an excellent company. First they close the doors to a profitable business in North Haven, CT, then they just pull the plug on the product line, after they ruined it. Swell.

  • ClickedyClack

    What happened to Marlin?

  • Mr Ghue

    I am glad for Remington, happy for the folks in Alabama. Does this mean Remington will improve their quality? It is such a shame to see such a revered old name plastered all over so many crappy shotguns, recalled rifles and unfinished product out of the box. The 700 is a thing of the past, and the crappy plastic knock offs are, well crappy plastic knockoffs. The 870 will always be the 870 and there will always be one in my closet if not in my heart. The last thing they still make half way decent.

    • I’d just say that placing everything in one location could only help. I don’t know if it will allow prices to stay lower or not but it should be more efficient than having everyone spread all over the place. I would think communications and customer service would benefit from being in the same location.

      • Ethan

        If rumors about Glock and Magpul are shown to be true, Huntsville is going to become the US’s firearms Mecca. I’m very excited to see this..

    • Holdfast_II

      I like my R1 a lot. It’s a frigging tack driver, and hasn’t had the problems of my Range Officer.

      • Good to hear. We found them to be very accurate when we tested the prototypes at Gunsite last year.
        What kind of Range Officer problems are you having? Those are in general good pistols.


    I hope that the politicians and anti gun residents of New Pork come to terms with the exact repercussions that the announcement will have on their local and state economies.

    A few weeks ago I remember seeing a commercial offering tax breaks and incentives for businesses to move to Pew York I just have to wonder how many people will be on the chopping block in the coming years.


    Interesting info here

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    “Consolidate Production” usually means automate production and reduce human workforce 90%. Cross reference Generac Generators move in and out of China. Oh we live in interesting times. Geoff Who hopes the elimination of quality control in favor of customer inspection and occasional return makes all the little stock holders happy.

    • M40

      No, in this case the consolidation of production means they’re staying here in the US. No use moving overseas when that would make it impossible to bring their products back to the US where their primary market is. Unlike many other industries… gun manufacturers are staying here.

      Every gun manufacturer has various equipment (CNC mills, lathes, cutters, grinders, etc etc). Almost NONE of these pieces of equipment see 24 hour use. Consolidating all these companies under a single roof means they get to have all the equipment in one place and more efficiently budget machine time and man-hours across product lines. They will also be able to upgrade and purchase more expensive equipment that the individual companies might not be able to justify for budgetary reasons.

      They also get to consolidate all the other REPETITIVE functions. This means that instead of having 8 separate sets of Human Resources staffs, IT staffs, custodial and maintenance staffs, finance staffs, sales, marketing, Shipping & Receiving, etc etc…. they can consolidate ALL of these under one roof. This means it is highly likely that actual manufacturing folks will be the LEAST affected and most likely to move with their respective companies (to retain expertise). The lion’s share of cuts will likely be office staffers.

      • Ethan

        YES! This is key.
        Remington (Freedom Group) has acquired these companies over time. Its kind of like building a house by having your neighbor randomly add onto yours – its impossible for it to be overly efficient or well designed.

        The new facility will be designed from the ground up specifically for the demand it will see. I would expect quality to increase and cost of production to decrease once they get the bugs worked out at the new facility.

  • hydepark

    Only thing now is to hope the state doesn’t eventually go the way of Colorado. A very long time ago New York was pro liberty and pro business. Only a short while ago most of us here in Colorado would have said the same. Anything is possible and elections have consequences. Just because the environment is friendly today that has zero bearing on the environment tomorrow. One psycho walking into a shopping mall or some other gun free zone tomorrow morning could literally bankrupt Remington or anyone else heavily invested in the state. Not trying to bring anyone down just stating the facts.

  • Nicholas C

    Interesting. The Remington Rep came to my work. He dispelled the rumors that I read online. But his business card still says Freedom Group.

  • dp

    Interesting process of consolidation – and it makes sense; just think of savings on business trips.

  • chrismalllory

    The Mayfield plant laid off some temp employees, but there haven’t been any rumors about the plant closing. They were making some Marlin rifles.

  • atm

    The firearms industry is moving south, just like automotive did. So many advantages: business friendly government, non-union workforce, no state income taxes (Tennessee), tax incentives, etc. etc.

    • Maxx Traxx

      alabama does have a state income tax. The people will work for less, the cost of living is less. The consolidation to a new modern state of the art facility will take much less space. Sounds like a win win, most of the workers may want to get out of the hell holes they live in now.

  • 101nomad

    “Sweet Home Alabama”. Never lived in Alabama, but been there more than a few times. If I ever have to bug out of Texas I will go to Alabama. Glad they got the business.

  • SmellsBells

    The Huntsville campus is not 500K square feet. It’s over 750K square feet.

  • SmellsBells

    I wonder how “elated” Huntsville was when this facility last closed and remained idle for how many years?

  • lifetimearearesident

    As a long time Maryland resident I have watched my once wonderful state decline into a liberal anti-gun hell hole. Earlier this year we received this news.

    “Historically located in Maryland, Beretta USA is expanding its operations to Tennessee where the company will open up a new plant…”

    Do most MD gun owners blame Beretta for moving out of MD? No we understand it completely. Why would any gun company stay in a gun hostile state?

  • Blake

    Please, Remington, don’t do to the rest of your product lines what you’ve done to Marlin. Your manufacturing consolidation and human resources policies have managed to alienate over a century of quality & brand loyalty in a couple of years.

  • gwhh

    How many jobs total are leaving New York State for the sunny south?

    • We really don’t know that yet. I imagine it will be some time before we do. A good deal depends on how many current employees move south and part of that depends on what kind of relocation package they may or may not be offered.

      • gwhh

        Ok, let approach this another way. How many jobs total to do they have in new York state to start with?

  • Buck Torre

    who cares let em go REM sux they have no spine here in Ny so let em go

  • Nathan

    My question to Remington is how do you make such a move and retain your wealth of collective knowledge from all those employees who will not be able to make the move? This could potentially damage your position in the industry. You may be able to hire new engineers and quality personnel but that’s never equivalent to your original crew. You may be automating more operations, but those factory floor workers are your “gears” with brains. I’ve seen a lesser-known defense company try to pull this off and it went to the trash in a hurry.

  • phil

    Army Material Command ie the one who purchases equipment and stuff after it has been decided moved to huntsville a couple years back. This is a startegic move by the FG. Even though QC has been lacking of late it should be a good move long term. Redstone arsenal is also there to support Big green The Army and remington.

  • Mang

    This is good for Huntsville, good for Remington’s bottom line, and bad for a lot of Remington employees. The closing of these factories combined with the well-publicized firing of Kevin Brittingham make Freedom Group sound like a pretty unpleasant management culture to work for.

  • Mike the Limey

    I spend a few days in Alabama when I fly out from the UK every Fall & love the place & the people.
    Anyone moving with Remington wont regret doing so.

  • Chuck Burns

    Any news about the Remington Marlin production at Illion?

  • Ceapea

    I don’t know that it is the best idea to have so much the production of civilian arms in a relatively centralized location. Any manor of “accident” could cause a huge snafu in the flow of arms to the public.
    Kind of like when an oil pipeline is damaged or down for repairs, gas prices soar!

  • Ken

    Yep, keep biting the hand that feeds you and it will eventually quit feeding you..

  • Doom

    It’s like remingshi…ton loves to buy good companies, fire all the skilled old workers, hire new workers build/ buy new facilities, wreck the QC, fire the new old workers, or say move and leave your home behind, build more facilities, and more than likely continue to have god awful QC. Also, having all your eggs in one basket probably isnt very bright. I weep for all the companies being destroyed by the Remington/freedom group/Cerberus/ whoever owns whoever now monstrosity that has been created.

  • B-Sabre

    The facility (a former Chrysler auto electronics plant) is not scheduled to being operation until 2015, so I don’t think “opened” is the correct term for the current state of the plant.

  • grunion

    I wonder why Texas was not considered. They have just as many engineers, a large manufacturing base and is apparently quite gun friendly. I guess I do not understand the government/military-industrial complex relationship.

  • petru sova

    Sounds like Remington is in deep financial trouble. You do not start closing lots of plants when you are making lots of money, quite the opposite you expand and build new plants and hire more people. All this does not surprise me as Remington has been producing a lot of bad firearms due to sloppy workmanship and has also cheapened a lot of their weapons with plastic parts and their former patrons have moved on to other brands of weapons.

  • Jason

    Everybody talking about them moving out of NY must not have taken the time to read this short article. Ilion isn’t going away—at least for now. Kind of crappy for them to purchase Montana Rifleman and then close the plant, though. Hard to say how they’ll emerge from the Model 700 recall. Lots of po’d dealers here who won’t buy Remington again because the company still hasn’t picked up their pallet of Model 700s over a month later.

  • Vorant

    The plant location they’re moving to is an old Chrysler plant southwest of Huntsville. The Chrysler plant closed as part of the bailout boondoggle. I’ve seen it and its a wonderful site, with a lot of growing space just across the street from Huntsville International Airport.

  • Tinacn

    And the stars fell on Alabama…I wish Remington well. Getting out of gun-hostile NY is long overdue.

  • Anonymous voice.

    I work there now. This information is true. I will point out that during the finalization of the deal the CEO stated that Remington was not going to be closing any plants and that this was a “different project.” Source is Huntsville Times.

    There are some things for the staff there now have to consider;

    Logistics are vital and there are plenty of local companies that can reduce costs in every manner of CNC machining needs, especially waste water treatment. Containers are cheaper….. there is an intermodal depot across the street…… maybe some rail lines connected with the line that passes 5 miles to the north would be a good solution, cheaper than truck transport too.

    HR…. hiring the best does not mean hiring people who have degrees, experience is more valued by people and Respect is given to those who manage people well, most of the complaints against Remington have to do with poor leadership and management. AIDT promises some good things, but you might be astonished if you saved some money and did the foots work for yourself, there are lots of people who are willing to prove themselves and have no experience.

    Security…. hiring armed officers who do not know gun safety protocols is really not a good idea at all, which has been proven once already. You would do extremely well to save money and use a proprietary security force. Many security officers you have working there now are not competent in your standard and there ha already been proof of that.

    Maintenance… Finding a way to balance temperature in a conservative manner is vital. It’s either hot as hell or freezing cold.

    IT….. it would be a really really good idea to limit access to “ROCguest” WIFI so that only employees can access it and not just any person who drives onto the parking lot.

    Safety …. updating the fire extinguishers so that they are currently up to date would be a extremely good idea as it is now an occupied structure. I hate to think about any other safety systems that are working or not….

    I know that some of these issues will be addressed when they are able to be addressed, but having these things pointed out is a good thing. It means that we too can judge by the fruits of labor and be so very loyal if transparency, integrity, and honest management is a virtue.

    Setting demands in such lofty aspirations in Huntsville is…… interesting to say the least. But the exceptions you make for some, are just going to create more of the same complaints in relation to management. It’s just good common sense and reality is very surreal. Just like the CEO said about the R51, “it’s not supposed to be this way.”