Chilean Army FN SCAR-L STD & IWI Galil ACE

Last year we reported that the Chilean Army agreement with Colt to purchase 2,000 M4 Carbines fell through and they were going to purchase FN SCAR-L and SCAR-H rifles instead. Apparently Chile have recieved thier SCAR-L rifles from FN Herstal. This photo (above) sent in by my good friend Lionel, shows a Chilean soldier with a FN SCAL-L. Maybe this young man is hiding a low-profile optic under his glove, but it looks suspiciously like he is holding the rifle at the ready but with his iron-sights collapsed.

In other news, Chile is adopting the IWI Galil ACE as their new standard service rifle. Defense News reports

The Chilean Army has selected the Galil ACE from Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) in 5.56mm caliber as its new standard assault rifle, military sources told Defense News during the FIDAE international aerospace show.

It brings to an end the protracted Project Titanio launched in 2007 to select and procure an assault rifle for both the Army and the Navy’s Marine Corps.

Thanks to Albi and Lionel for the tip.

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  • kev

    So will the fn scar be given to special operations and other units while the rest are issued Galils?

    • Sem

      Still yet to be seen. The only objective advantage to the SCAR over the Galil(at least in the 5.56NATO) is an adjustable gas system. They could have just bought the SCARs while they worked out the deal with IWI to purchase tooling and for how much.

  • CrankyFool

    Is he really holding the rifle at the ready? I was taught various ready positions (e.g. field ready), and all of them involved having my hands actually holding the rifle; many involved my firing hand on the pistol grip. He seems to have the rifle just slung — it’s as close to the rifle version of having your pistol holstered as, I think, it gets.

    • Phil Hsueh

      His right hand is on the grip with the left on top of the rifle, so it’s sort of at the ready.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Nah, just resting his hand. His rifle is slung very tight. He knows he doesn’t have to use it, he likely couldn’t get it to extended ready / on target without loosening it (assuming non-bungie sling). See the strap flair coming off his left shoulder? That’s the strap he’ll pull forward to quickly loosen it for use.

        I keep the sling as loose as possible if I’m going to use the rifle. Tighten up when resting or you’re going to be primarily moving. I prefer two point, but if I think I might transition or prone out quickly I’ll toss the strap over my shoulder so the sling is just around my neck. If I was going to stand around all day, I’d sling it up tight so I didn’t have to hold it – probably like this guy. If I was getting in / out / under / over vehicles I’d consider a one point. Flat out run I’ll still take a two point.

        • He’s definitely not intending to use it. That was part of a security and order “operation” after a big fire that consumed several houses in Valparaiso some weeks ago. They were just standing security just in case.

          On another note, that guy’s part of the Navy’s Marine Corps.

          I do hope the SCAR L does not suck as much as everyone says.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            SCAR 16 is a fine enough gun with a couple of odd issues like the charging handle, and the stock can ‘bite’ you, but it WORKS. I don’t think it’s a flat out better gun than the M4 they could have had, but it’s got some pros as well as cons.

  • dp

    That means end of their domestic arms industry (part od licence production perhaps). Bye-bye SIG.

    • Jose

      They are standardizing Galil ACE, but only a domestically produced model, so Chile arm factories will continue.

  • Juan

    My condolences for there men having to use a pice of crap like a SCAR.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I see you trollin.

      • Seans

        He is not, the SCAR is super popular with people who have never had them issued, but units that do, they are tolerable at best, hated at worst.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          OK. You win, the scar is “a piece of crap”. I mean… how could I argue with some people don’t like them?

          I’m sure you have a lot of time on one when you were deployed SF in places you can’t talk about. And your entire recon unit hated them after you lost two guys while they were trying to clean malfs. As a contractor you were issued one and it jammed during a firefight in Oman last year. Your cousin is an engineer at FN and he told you it’s garbage. As a grand master level competition shooter FN sponsored you and the gun went down every match. And of course there are those two separate times you saw them kaboom for no reason with perfect lake city ammo.

          I mean, it’s the internet… Historical projection of the argument “this gun sux” dictates that one of the above is probably coming next.

          • Seans

            Do you honestly have any experience with any of the SCAR models? I have limited experience with the MK16, and going on about 5 years now with the MK17 and MK20. The Mk16 was the best of the bunch, but did not off any improvements over weapons like the MK18. The MK20 is a absolute failure. The gun is a horrible replacement for the MK11s. They go full auto all the time, are unreliable, have a quick detach suppressor that has a acceptable point of impact shift of 7 minutes. FN knows this, FN reps have came to our ranges to deal with these problems and have still not came up with any solutions. As for the MK17. The guy who was instrumental for its adoption in NSW, which caused all of SOCOM to pick it up, went on to work for FN after he got out. It had one of the most bullshit evaluations ever. There were better battle rifles already in existence, but it was chosen over all of them. There is a reason the SMUs never adopted it. The 17 will either work for you are not, but we are having around 30%-50% of the weapons receive, need to be sent back to the factory. If the gun works its a good gun, but considering it takes around 3-5 thousand rounds before it is considered reliable, doesn’t give the end operator much faith in it.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            It’s like I can see into the future!

          • Christopher

            The AR-15 humpers are alway out in force. PEO soldier literally pays people to say that just about any other gun that performs better. At least they have weapons that isn’t ripoff like the the DI guns are.
            Most are Colt reps who claim to be apart of Special Forces but aren’t really.

          • dp

            Sounds like my current bike. Until it had about 15k on it had mis-shifts all the time.. : -)))

          • Dammit, that made me laugh so hard that everyone in the office started staring at me.

          • Miguel

            Me too. …plus some diet-coke on the keyboard lol

          • Alan

            I have heard good and bad things about the SCAR. I am not a fan of the AR platform, and the M4 in particular, though the M-16 family is what I was issued and what I’m most familiar with. If you perform your maintenance the AR will run all day long, most 5.56 rilles have their pros and cons. Though, I will tell you, I’ve been around longer than I want to admit and have fam fired about every shoulder weapon in general issue. Nobody likes the the SA80 and everyone likes the Galil. incidentally, if we are stuck with the 5.56, we need a 1-8 twist, 18″ barrels, and a 75 grn bullet w a hardened door knocker.

            Not on topic, IMO best service rifle I was ever privileged to handle was
            The Swiss STG 57 (sig 510) the 7.5 Swiss is almost identical to 7.62 and while I like the M-14, I wish we’d adopted the SIG.

            Oh, can I have been a recon delta seal green ranger paratroop beret w the code name agent orange??

          • I agree Alan. Great post.
            Now I want a sig 510, bad!

          • Shanksabunch

            Greatest reply…EVER.

      • gunslinger

        you hatin’
        trying to catch yuo typing dirty

  • Paladin

    Were they having issues with the FAMAE rifles? The SIG 540 series isn’t exactly outdated by current standards.

    • Gallan

      Has no rails, no adjustable buttstock, probably expensive to make,

      • Paladin

        It’s not hard to add rails and an adjustable stock, and SCARs aren’t exactly cheap.

        • It was the navy who purchased the scars. The army hasn’t gone that route. As far as I know, the marines were rocking HK G33s and M4s within their special forces.

          I could be wrong though, but it was that way last time I checked.

          (I’m chilean btw)

        • ganndn

          Well I’m talking about the Galil Ace. It would have cost hundreds of dollars to add those features to their SiG 540s. For a few hundred more they bought themselves new rifles, that are lighter and have lower maintenance costs. It’s cheaper in the long run.

  • Gallan

    Haha, I was the one who recommended Chile adopt the Galil ACE, seems they visit this website.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Are you serious? Email me.

  • 101nomad

    He is checking the booty.

    • gunslinger

      it is his duty….to check that booty

  • TV-PressPass

    IWI is cleaning house these days. Good on em! Although wasn’t there an IWI plant in Ukraine? I wonder how they’re doing . . .

    • Jess-Avery Affentranger

      I think that the Ukrainian factory was just working with IWI, not actually owned by it. As far as I know, most of Ukraine’s defence industries are in rebellious areas.

    • ADFASD

      Tavors are/were being produced in Ukraine with purchased licenses from IWI. IWI are not actually functioning in Ukraine.

  • gen_ohiggins

    I am chilean and the article is wrong. In matter of fact the chilean army are still ordering a few more M4’s, for their special troops. The galil ace will be the standard rifle for the regular troops which already receive a few. And about the SCAR that you see in the picture is being used by a marine (navy). The confussion is because the army and the navy were involved in a joint plan to choose a rifle for their troops (proyecto titanio), but after a while the navy left the project because the army was looking for different feautures for their rifle. Therefore the navy created a different project and they chose the SCAR for their marine corps and the regular troops are still using M-16. The Galil ace is being produced by FAMAE and IWI in a co-production level so far. I don’t know if in a short or mid term FAMAE will be able to manufacture the ACE by themselves. Sorry for my english hope you get the idea at least.