Colt M4 Carbine Deal Falls Through, Chile Adopts FN SCAR Instead

    A few months we reported that Chile had agreed to purchase 2,000 Colt M4 Carbines. The Chilean government now claim that Colt were unable to deliver the rifles at the price they originally agreed upon. They have now made a deal to purchase FN SCAR-L and SCAR-H rifles instead, and will also be buying 7.62mm FN MINIMI machine guns from Colt to replace their 5.56mm ULTIMAX Mk3 machine guns. Indodefensa reports

    The order for 1,800 pieces, also includes a number of light machine guns MINIMI. The current plans of the Chilean Navy provide a second order, to complete a total number of 3,500 weapons.

    The SCAR-L 5.56mm caliber to replace HECKLER & KOCH HK33A2 the same size as standard light gun rifle CIM, while the SCAR-H 7.62mm is the weapon used by shooters chosen squad, replacing the Heckler & Koch HK33SG1 employed by these so far.

    I have to say, the canceling of Colt’s contract sounds very suspicious to me.

    Steve Johnson

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