Strike Industries UDC (Ultimate Dust Cover)

C Clips … what more can be said about them other than that they were obviously invented by the devil to torment us. The countless instructional Youtube videos on changing the humble AR-15 dust cover is testament to this.  Fortunately for me and other C Clip haters, Strike Industries took note and have developed the UDC (Ultimate Dust Cover). This nylon polymer dust cover can be quickly attached and detached without tools in 5-10 seconds. It features a number of different designs, so if you get bored with one, you can switch it to another.


See it in action here:

The UDC is retailing for $15.95 in a number of color/design combinations.

Steve Johnson

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  • TITAN308

    That is actually pretty cool. Going to order a couple today.

  • Spencer

    Huh? I’m no armorer, but in 7+ years of shooting AR-15s, M-16s, and M4s I’ve never heard a single complaint about or seen a single failure of the standard dustcover.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      But for only $16 you can add a part to your AR!!! ADD A PART!!! WOO!!!


      I’ve never had an issue with AR dust covers other than I rarely use them.

      • Cymond

        Or, you can save a little weight and some frustration for only $4 over the cost of a standard dust cover when building an AR from scratch.

    • TITAN308

      I think the problem is, in the even you need to remove or service the dust cover, it is very easy for the c-clip to get “lost”.

      • or break—

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        If you are servicing or removing the dust cover PROPERLY, you never even remove the C-Clip. If the C-Clip is getting lost, then you’re doing it wrong.

    • NotoriousAPP

      Then I’ll be #1. The dust cover on my new AR will not close unless I push the detent down with the tip of a bullet or something else small and pointy. It pisses me off, I generally just leave it open.

      • Spencer

        I guess there is always one….. Just replace it. S*** happens.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Call me picky, but I don’t like the “multi cal” text inside the cartridge pic. I’d rather have it labeled with actual caliber numbers for more easily identifiable affirmation.
    That’s my only complaint though. I like everything else about it. I’d also consider getting an FDE version so I could dye my own design into it.

    • gunslinger

      is an AR10 dust cover larger?

      the ar15 can have how many different calibers?

      • BattleshipGrey

        I’m guessing the .308 ARs have an elongated ejection port, but don’t know for sure. For AR15s, the calibers that I know of are: 5.56, 5.45×39, 7.62×39, 6.8spc, 6.5(maybe?). Possibly more I can’t think of.

        • gunslinger

          300 blk

          • BattleshipGrey

            Duh, I’d thought of .300blk earlier but completely spaced it off when I was typing. I didn’t count the pistol calibers since they use a chopped dust cover.

  • Matt

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to change their dust cover in the first place. While I’m sure it’s happened to someone, I’ve never seen one break.

    • gunslinger

      it’s a “look” thing.

    • Geodkyt

      Well, I’m assembling a pair of rifles from loose parts — the ONLY parts that came “pre-assembled” were the bolt groups and the collapseable butt stocks.

      If I was pricing parts (since I bought parts individually, not a “parts kit” that only needed me to add a stripped lower), I could easily see buying these, because it is WORTH $4 not to deal with the friggin’ C-clips.

  • Mike m

    Sometimes it might be nice to have a dust cover with a catchy slogan or logo

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    You know the AR accessory market is getting bad when you start seeing upgrades for the ejection port dust cover

    • Oh well whatever floats your boat:-)

      • Michael R. Zupcak

        I know man, I was just busting chops. I read about it just like everyone else!

    • gunslinger

      no, when it’s the spring for the dust cover that has a higher spring constant to increase opening time, teflon coated..painted..etc…

  • iksnilol

    It is a dust cover, how high tech can it become?

    Regarding logos, you can engrave your current one too.

    • gunslinger

      it’s the attachment thing, compared to traditional DCs

  • shifty bitwise

    Like adding racing stripes to a hammer.

    Its plastic, what happens when you close it after firing 30,60, 90 rounds?

    • Dan

      Probably about the same as the polymer hand guards or magazines also on the gun. I will not criticize the product some people like to add different things with their guns just like people like to add things to their cars, I may not like it but I will certainly say oh that’s cool if you show it to me at the range even if im laughing at you on the inside. So drink your haterade people not everyone likes what you like.

  • sianmink

    This looks to have high potential velocity and low coefficient of drag, essential for synchronizing capability in a kinetic and dynamic operational environment.

    • big daddy


    • clinton notestine

      goes great with a beard

      • 1leggeddog

        For maximum operation by certified operator.

  • ClintTorres

    Don’t let this get out but I’m designing an electronic dust cover. It beeps to remind you when it’s open or closed (i.e.- all the time)…neat huh?

    • dan citizen

      with a stealth mode that whispers.

    • does it use a garage door opener to close it?

      • gunslinger

        on the advanced operator models. requires super secret ATF paperwork and a wait time of 2 years.

    • wetcorps

      Make one that makes a cash register noise for each shot fired, so you can pretend you’re in Lord of war ^^

  • guest

    Up next: the tactical firing pin retaining pin. New and improved – with a microscopic flag of the US of A on laser-etched on its side, with the all usual “MOLON LABE” and what not. Features a tactical anti-glare and anti-IR coating, so the soldiers in the field won’t get spotted at night from the brigt reflection caused by the regular pin. Available in Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth and “omg Phosphate – soooo 2013” colors. MSRP 50$

  • dan citizen

    great price.

  • mig1nc

    So, it’s like the toilet paper roll. Cool idea!

  • If they would do a crazy neon color, maybe striped or something, it would be handy as hell on my 3-gun rifle.

    A rack full of very similar guns makes picking yours out tough sometimes.

  • Giolli Joker

    I don’t have an AR nor this UDC, but I’m the really proud owner of a tool that employs the same advanced, tactical, quick detachment, retention system: it’s called UTPHD (Ultimate Toilet Paper Holding Device).
    The reliability is perfect, no issues in many years of extensive use, an invaluable asset whenever SHTF…

  • JT

    Yay, I can have uber boot stomping runic symbols on my dust cover AND trigger guard thanks to Strike Industries

  • gunslinger

    why isn’t this on regular metal dust covers?

    • Geodkyt

      True. THAT would certainly be worth it, to avoid dealing with the c-clips if assembling a stripped upper.

  • dp

    What is actually function of dust cover? Protect mechanism from dust? Some rifles do not have it at all and are still very reliable.
    Think about it in reversed manner for second – if something (grains of send are worst) are trapped in it is better not to have dust cover at all. What gets in should be allowed to get out. But I know, this is AR….. tight inside.

  • Plisken

    Maybe if instead of “multi-cal” it said 5.56mm, 9mm, 300blk etc but instead if i plan to switch a dust cover or need one for a future build ill go with the v7 systems cover.