Firearm Transport Boxes from Advanced Welding Inc.

When I used to work for a retail firearmsstore a few years back, there was two instances of firearms that were sent, but never arrived at the shop.  Near as anyone could tell from tracking info, they were swiped internally by a UPS employee.  From what I understand this actually ins’t as uncommon as one would think.

Now a company is making transport boxes for shipping firearms in a secure manner.  Advanced Welding Inc. out of Vancouver, WA is making steel lockable, serialized boxes for shipping firearms.  At 44″x40″x22″ they fairly large, and feature a locking lid that will accept any type of lock.  As of right now, according to the company making them they are being utilized by Fred Meyer’s to transport firearms to the local stores.


Not designed to be man portable, a forklift is needed to move them.  Pricing is as follows: 1-50 boxes @ $610.00 each 51-100 boxes @ $588.00 each 101-150 boxes @ $566.00 each 151-200 boxes @ $550.00 each.

Being fairly local to me, I am contemplating one as a in home storage option.  If you are interesting in finding out more, or are a manufacturer looking to get more information.  Advanced Welding, Inc can be found online, with all their contact info here:


  • 1leggeddog

    Pretty expensive for just making something non-portable to prevent theft.

    An easier way would be to make the packaging of the firearms less likely to be known to contain a firearm inside.

    Seriously, if someone is shipping a tall, cardboard thin box with huge letters written BENELLI or REMINGTON on the side, and all it has is a shipping invoice and a stamp… that shit’s gonna get stolen. Same goes for those little handgun cases.

    Make the package non-descript and you solve the problem right there.

    • flyingburgers

      No markings is already required by USPS, UPS and FedEx policy. There’s some giveaways, one being the size plus the adult signature required label. Nobody ships 3 foot long pipes overnight, adult signature required.

      • Renegade

        Not sure how true that is. I shipped an item last week using an old Snap-on Tools labeled box. FedEx didn’t have me cover anything up. Neither were any of the Snap-on labels covered when the package arrived.

        • flyingburgers

          Because you weren’t shipping a gun.
          Direct quote from FedEx Express Terms and Conditions: “Upon presenting the package for shipment, the person tendering the shipment to FedEx Express is required to notify FedEx Express that the package contains a firearm. The outside of the package must not be marked, labeled or otherwise identify that the package contains a firearm.”
          UPS: “The labeling and outer box markings on all firearms shipments should not identify the contents as containing a firearm. Labeling, including the shipper’s and consignee’s abbreviated names on the shipping label or air shipping document, must be non-descriptive.”
          USPS: “No markings of any kind that indicate the nature of the contents may be placed on the outside wrapper or container of any mailpiece containing firearms.”

          • gunslinger

            i don’t think Snap-On is in the firearms business…yet…

      • Justin_GA

        I always ship UPS and have long fake labels I put on the box. Labels says BFA Precision Metal Stock for Model 1776 CNC Machine. The UPS Store employee’s sometimes chat me up about how heavy the long boxes are. Saying things like yeah….thats good you put signature required for custom parts for machines…..I just smile and say “Yeah I make these parts and some companies won’t pay me unless they receive it. The signature is my proof.

        • hkryan

          That’s a great idea.

    • John

      That’s pretty much the case for almost all storefronts, and I wish they’d make their names less obvious. If I see a box that says Opticsplanet, I know that there’s likely something expensive inside.

      • gunslinger

        but having “bob’s store” isn’t good for branding anyway. and even if it was, once “bob’s store” is known for selling expensive optics..well the point is moot

    • Abram

      It doesn’t take much to figure out what it is, even with nondescript packaging. When the ship-to address/business name references ‘pawn’, ‘sporting goods’, or a well known firearms retailer, it becomes fairly obvious to someone handling these things day after day.

  • hydepark

    Nice! Now I can easily stack and sort all of my chained up whore slaves! No more lowering buckets of lotion into dark, damp holes only to end up with my dog inconveniently being used as a bartering tool. And I can even transport them via a forklift to the sewing table. Man, the 21st century just keeps getting cooler!!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I know its a joke, just a little to far to TFB.

      • JaxD

        Come on, that one was pretty funny. How would leaving it up reflect badly on TFB?

        • gunslinger

          i missed it 🙁

      • hydepark

        I think it was funny. Sorry I offended.

  • 很难发音的名字

    I’m having trouble seeing how this is economically viable to the average gun owner/enthusiast. Major distributors, sure. How much would one of these gun crates cost to ship even if empty?

    • Advance Welding Inc

      True, Our target market is not the home gun owner, it is the manufacturers and distributors & Military. They typically transport multiple boxes via commercial trucks.

  • Joel

    The catch I see with these is return shipping. Distributors will have to pay to ship the boxes back to their warehouse, raising retail costs. I doubt that this problem is best corrected by using secure containers that add weight and have to be returned. How can it be so easy for an employee to steal a package at UPS/Fedex? Wouldn’t you look pretty suspicious carrying a box OUT of the distribution center to your vehicle?

    • gunslinger

      depends on what’s done? sure crrying a big box to your car may be odd. but if you can “swap labels” and ship to your buddy down the street it wouldn’t be so bad. or open the box and reseal it. i’m sure they get boxes that look pretty beat and woudln’t bat to much of an eye at another “damaged” package.

    • Advance Welding Inc

      Several laws require the transport of firearms and ammunition to be done in secure locked containers and so this is another option to comply with the current laws. Most of our customers maintain there own trucking fleet so the transport is not an extra cost.

  • Renegade

    Where are these guys located? Their website is incomplete/broken. Searching their business leads me to an outfit in Mountain View, CA but I doubt it’s the same company.

    I like the concept of a secure storage box, but it doesn’t seem like anything special. My conclusion:

    Hm… Just a box.

    • The link is working for me–

    • Advance Welding Inc

      We are located in Vancouver, WA. I will double check the site but it has been working fine up to this point. Thank you for your input.

  • dan citizen

    Over the years I have lost a lot of ammo and more than a couple firearms in shipping (not even counting airlline thefts).

    All this will do is give the thief a nice box too.

    The funniest one we had was 2 NFA items that the shipper dropped off outside our building between some stairs and a trash can. Our secretary assumed they were some paper we ordered and put them in a stock room. When BATFE got wind of 2 missing machine guns and no signature for delivery they arrested the driver and kind of dismantled his house looking for them.

    when they turned up several days later he ended up with much lesser charges, but
    I’m sure doesn’t deliver anymore.

    • JaxD

      Yeah, that’s hilarious. Delivery guy gets his life turned upside down because of your dipshit secretary. He was charged too, and lost his job, how cool, just that much more to laugh about.

      • Abram

        I deliver parcels for one of the big 2 named above. The responsibility was entirely his for leaving it without obtaining a signature, which releases him of liability.

      • dan citizen

        These boxes come with special labels requiring, signatures, a document check etc. He basically ignored all training and protocol to leave $20,000 laying outside rather than knock on the door.

        What part of “don’t leave a machine gun in an alley” is unclear? I guess the same part as “you are responsible for $20,000 in parcels, treat it accordingly”

      • gunslinger

        as has been said, if the shippment was “signature only” and he didn’t get signatures then it’s his fault. sure the secretary should have double checked on what was in the boxes (what’s in the box? show me what’s in the box), but she’s not responsible for delivery guy breaking his company protocol/shipping contract.

  • Justin_GA

    Every Pelican case I have has this little device inside. The SPOT TRACE. Worth it in my opinion if you travel with NFA items. The thief needs to break all the locks (Probably at his residence) and the goods are nicely form fitted, with the 2×2″SPOT TRACE device hidden a hidden compartment…..Never had anything stolen, but if I did the biggest decision is do I call the police and deal with them probably taking the NFA item because they hate giving citizens there guns back or do I call up two of my Marine buddies and get it myself?

  • Andrew

    And those big heavy $600 metal boxes prevent thieves from simply cutting the padlock with bolt cutters how? Oh, that’s right, they don’t. Turn your back for 5 seconds and now all you have is an empty $600 metal box.

    • It’s also kind of the most conspicuous container you’ll find at the shipping depot, rather than being like one needle in a needle factory. “HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK OVER HERE!! SOMETHING SPECIAL INSIDE!!”

      • gunslinger

        but what i think they are getting at is that, you couldn’t just bolt cut the thing straight off the UPS truck in their distribution center. first you’d have to drive the 1 pack to a “private” location. then hack it opne…then carry it back out? lot of work. much more noticable than swapping a shipping label or setting one brown cardboard box in another area of boxes.

    • Advance Welding Inc

      We actually offer a couple different versions of the locking system. The one pictured is an exposed hardened lock provided by the customer. The other version is similar to the job box style where the padlock is hidden and only the key slot is visible.

    • Protection Services Unlimited

      3 words. Armed-Midgets-Inside. Problem solved.

  • joethefatman

    Does your local high school have any trades classes? If they do they’d probably be willing to take a commission for boxes like these. You would probably come out cheaper,price wise, as well. Our local high school teaches welding in the ag class. They make a lot of stuff for competition and fundraising.

    • Advance Welding Inc


      • joethefatman

        What ouch? If I can get something cheaper, and help trade classes, everybody wins. I get what I need and manufacturers get a skilled workforce. Not trying to stop you from turning a profit, but the article does note these boxes are primarily for businesses needing secure shipping.

  • Dj 708

    I worked at a sporting goods store many years ago and there was a never ending problem of guns (usually pistols) going missing from UPS and Fed ex, they all seemed to drop off the radar in Sacramento California. Most of the thefts were from commercial carrier, local temp help, helping them selves to guns ordered from RSR out of Sparks. We also had stuff shipped on the company trucks that went missing from time to time, but those items were usually located later, on a different truck etc.. I think this is a great idea, and if I were walmart, or another big company that operated my own warehouses and could afford to get these back to the distribution center this is a golden idea. The company I worked for ended up coming up with a policy of the firearms coming off the truck had to be unloaded first and accounted for before the rest of the truck was unloaded.

    • Advance Welding Inc

      Thank You DJ, That is our target market for sure. We build these boxes now for a couple of clients who do the same thing, large chain stores transporting weapons and ammo that are just trying to be compliant with the law and looking to have the contents more secure and accounted for.

  • KK

    Speaking as someone that’s worked in the shipping business I’d recommend they chop the dimensions of the cases by 2 inches. As it is they’re looking at oversize/heavyweight freight charges regardless of weight. You want to keep length+girth to less than 165 inches if possible.

    • Advance Welding Inc

      You are correct, These boxes were built to the dimensions specified from the customer and were to be transported by the customer in their own truck fleet.
      Advance Welding Inc. can build similar transport boxes any configuration and any dimensions required. These transport boxes are simply one style of many that we can produce.

  • Secundius

    > I can believe that!

    Back in 1993/94, a Snapple driver stole a semi-truck filled with 65,000 bottles of Snapple for personal consumption. And after using a back-hoe to dig a long trench to hide the truck. When caught, he’d had drank approximately 20% of the trucks contents.