TriggerWork Tavor Trigger Job

So far the only replacement trigger on the market for the IWI Tavor bullpup rifle is the Timney trigger at $352.95 with the new Super Sabra trigger from Geissele on the way which is expected to be available mid-spring 2014 at $350. The Timney drops the Tavor’s rough 10-15lb trigger pull down to a crisp and refreshing 4lbs. The two-stage Geissele is expected to reduce the pull to around 4.5lbs. Both systems are replacement trigger packs that just drop-in.

Well there’s a new and much more affordable option now available for Tavor owners. Bill Springfield of is now offering his trigger services for the Tavor at just $59. You’ll have to send in your trigger pack where Bill then does his work to reduce the pull to a crisp 4.5lbs. Check out for more info.

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  • Jaybronee

    Wow! Great price. Has anyone had a trigger job from him? Not a fan of my Tavor trigger and this seems like a great option.

    • hkryan

      Bill did an excellent job on my FAL trigger parts. Someday when I get around to it I’ll send him my HK91 trigger pack. I’ve seen some negative forum comments about his work but definitely an overwhelming number of positive comments. I took the plunge and was happy with the results but I also took the plunge knowing I could easily pick up some new trigger components if things didn’t turn out so well. Are spare parts readily available for the Tavor?

  • Molon Labe

    I have personal experience with Bill last year. I will never ever do business or let him touch anything that I own again. I sent my HK USP 45 to tune it for match spec and install a match spring and paid extra for a HK USP match set screw. The spring that he used was cut and rough looking. When the hammer is cocked or the slide is locked back, the magazine does not freely drop or slide back in. It looks like it’s a little bit too long and it bows out when the hammer is cocked.. He didn’t install the set screw either. He ended up sending me a refund after I emailed him pictures of his work.

    I ended up buying a HK match trigger kit and replacing it myself.

  • Fred

    He did an M1a trigger for me several years ago. Came out great. Have a couple of thousands rounds on it since. If I recall turnaround was about 5 days.

  • kg

    I just bought a ar trigger from him and had to immediately send it back bc it was not dropping the hammer. Then when I called him he told me to polish some of the parts, I thought that was what I paid him to do. Once I believed I got it to work the hammer would drop but on the reset the trigger would immediately fire again. I believe that if I had rounds in the weapon it would cause a full auto or burst effect. He finally said to send it back which I am going to do but I think I will stick to Geiselle triggers from here on out. Also after reading reviews and googling his name it seems its about 50/50 on his work. I would never send in my tavor trigger to anyone. Ar parts are cheaper but from here on out im sticking with what I know works.

  • AE

    There is also a trigger pack in the works from A couple of Tavor owners already have prototype packs for evaluation and so far the feedback seems to be positive. It is a shame that all the blogs and websites only mention the bigger named manufacturers and disregard the smaller perfectionists working on aftermarket products and solutions for the Tavor.