TriggerWork Tavor Trigger Job

    So far the only replacement trigger on the market for the IWI Tavor bullpup rifle is the Timney trigger at $352.95 with the new Super Sabra trigger from Geissele on the way which is expected to be available mid-spring 2014 at $350. The Timney drops the Tavor’s rough 10-15lb trigger pull down to a crisp and refreshing 4lbs. The two-stage Geissele is expected to reduce the pull to around 4.5lbs. Both systems are replacement trigger packs that just drop-in.

    Well there’s a new and much more affordable option now available for Tavor owners. Bill Springfield of is now offering his trigger services for the Tavor at just $59. You’ll have to send in your trigger pack where Bill then does his work to reduce the pull to a crisp 4.5lbs. Check out for more info.

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