Bravo Company’s BCM Gunfighter Stock

Bravo Company added a new collapsible stock under its BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) Gunfighter line of accessories for the AR-15. TFB was fortunate enough to be the first to receive a test sample from BCM and in doing so we’ve posted the first article on this new stock. The new BCM GUNFIGHTER™ Stock has some innovative design features that makes it standout among other AR-15 collapsible stocks on the market.



Externally the BCM Gunfighter stock is based on a streamlined snag-free design. All the edges are rounded to prevent tangling of the stock with the sling, gear or other objects.



The most notable external feature of the BCM Gunfighter stock is its large adjustment latch that runs along nearly 2/3 of the underside. This allows the weapon operator to use all four fingers to press-in and unlock the stock from the buffer tube.



The BCM Gunfighter stock is made for the Mil-Spec buffer tube. There’s no need for an additional external tension adjustment like other collapsible stocks use. The latch mechanism on the BCM Gunfighter Stock maintains high tension on the buffer tube. There’s absolutely no rattling.



A large rubber buttpad comes with each BCM Gunfight stock. It’s made for a non-slip shoulder placement and it helps to increase durability of the stock. The buttpad is color-matched to the stock color. This simply means the FDE color version of stock will match a tan colored buttpad.



The internal design of BCM’s mechanism is patented. The heart of the system is a heat-treated steel alloy locking piece. It’s a much more robust design than the typical single metal pins used in most collapsible stocks. The two long side arms that are flanking the large center pin serves two purposes: they increase the contact of the locking mechanism on the buffer tube and maintains the tension which prevents stock rattling.

Another unique feature is the use of a large leaf polymer spring which the two bottom hooks on the steel center piece attach to. Again, it’s a superior design to the typical small coil metal spring used in other collapsible stocks. The large polymer spring is more durable and has a more positive feel to it.



The new BCM Gunfighter Stock is part of a new line of accessories that Bravo Company has developed. These include the different versions of the BCM Gunfighter pistol grips, the BCM Gunfighter charging handles, the BCM Gunfighter KMR keymod free-float magnesium-aluminum handguard, the BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grips and the BCM Gunfighter Compensator.



The BCM Gunfighter Stock is a bit smaller and slimmer than the full size collapsible stock. Weighing in at just 7.5 ounces, the BCM Gunfighter Stock is significantly lighter than both the Vltor EMod’s 13.7 oz weight and the 10.7 oz. B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD.



The BCM Gunfighter Stock fits in with the lighter weight collapsible stocks. Compared to the popular skeletonized stocks, the BCM Gunfighter stock has better cheek support and it’s more comfortable on the shoulder. The Magpul CTR is actually heavier at 9 oz. and the Wilson Combat Super-Stoc’s 7.3 oz. just matches the 7.5 oz. of the BCM Gunfighter Stock.




Another great feature of the BCM Gunfighter stock is very easy to install and remove. The installation hole on its large latch allows a standard AR firing pin or a tip of a FMJ bullet to help in doing so. Just press in the latch till the matching hole on the polymer leaf spring also lines up, then insert the firing pin or bullet tip through both holes. Uses it as a leverage to push the whole latch mechanism down and the entire stock can now slide on or off the buffer tube.



The BCM Gunfighter stock has a single convention sling loop and a QD swivel mount above it that’s accessible on either side. The rotation limiter for the QD sling mount is actually molded in as a part of the polymer shell.



Lightweight (7.5 ounces) and priced at just $59.95, the BCM Gunfighter stock is a great value for TFB readers who need a good no-nonsense collapsible stock for their AR-15/AR-10 carbine.


Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-


  • iksnilol

    What about cheek pieces? If you want to use it on a different (scoped) rifle?

    • I don’t have any information on that but I imagine Tim does. He’ll get back to you later on I’m sure,

      • Timothy G. Yan

        The BCM stock is actually a modular construction that the rear portion can be replace or upgrade. However, I think BCM is currently just focusing getting this lightweight carbine version into production. I am sure there will be other mod later on.

        • iksnilol

          So there will hopefully be an adjustable or removable cheek piece later on?

          • Jeff

            Jeff from BCM here again.
            User demand drives what we focus on. A cheek piece can be a challenge with the various platforms out there when also considering charging handle movement and clearance for it.
            The design staff has kicked around various ideas for how we might do one, and Tim is correct, the modularity of the stock allows us to go back and design these kinds of accessories. I will say it’s not a focus for now, but with enough demand anything is possible.

  • mig1nc

    Does their flat dark earth still look more like desert tan? I was an early adopter of the BCM gunfighter grip. It was pretty good, though I eventually decided I didn’t like it for personal/biomechanical reasons. My only complaint was that the FDE one I got was way lighter than my other tan stuff. Much more like desert tan than FDE.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Hmm, I guess since the owner of BCM is a Marine veteran, the BCM desert tan color is closer to the USMC Coyote Brown than FDE.

    • Hyok Kim

      Can you articulate why you didn’t like it?

      • mig1nc

        Mine was the “Mod 0” which was the one with no beaver tail. Maybe that was the problem, I don’t know for sure. But I found that the angle and the lack of meat on the grip made it challenging for me to really get a good solid hold on it the way I like, and I think for my older wrists the angle was not as comfortable for me as the Magpul grip I replaced it with. Bottom line, it just wasn’t comfortable for me. I’m not saying it was a bad product, it was very high quality in terms of molding and design. Just not for me.

        • Hyok Kim

          Thanks for the time and effort you took to explain. I’ll take your experience into consideration for my ultimate custom AR15.

        • Jeff

          We’ve released several iterations of the grip now to address these kinds of shortcomings, including the mod 2 with interchangeable back straps and trigger guard inserts. Give one a try if you get the chance.

    • MattInTheCouv

      My gunfighter forward grip is noticeably lighter colored than my MOE handguard for sure. Much more tan.

  • Anymouse

    Shills gonna shill.

    • You know it’s always nice to see readers being polite to one another as well as the staff. Calling a staff member a shill is anything but common courtesy.
      Tim is the last person you should use that term with.

      • CplChuckie

        I agree, I have known Yan Since 1992 , and he will give it to you straight. Any “shillin” aside it is his job to review products and get them into the public eye. Personal preference of a product does not mean you have to get ‘personal’ about it.

    • floppyscience

      Go back to /k/ and stay there.

  • patrickiv

    Is the polymer spring really more durable than a tried and true metal spring? How about in cold weather?

    • Uncle Bourbon

      Probably not. Don’t tell the companies, though. They don’t like your petty engineering and facts getting in the way of saving bucks.

      • Jeff

        The polymer spring is not a cost saving feature, but between the space it saved and other design considerations we had at the time, it worked out very well. Pick one up when they’re available and check it out.

    • Jeff

      My name is Jeff, lead engineer for BCM. I work with their director of R&D and am responsible for the materials and final design.
      The metal spring is plenty durable, but it is a metal component that is subject to corrosion (even stainless can corrode), coils can be bound-up by rocks or sand or dirt, or can simply crack. We’ve seen it happen, although not often.
      The polymer spring allowed us to go with a lower profile design, saved some space, and simplified our design. As with anything in design, the reasons are not singular.
      As far as weather and temperature, buttstocks are already plastic so there’s a definite upper and lower limit to where they’ll function. We’ve chosen a material and specifically designed the shape of the spring to operate beyond these limits.

  • Ihatethisgodforsakenstate

    Anyone think this would fit nj’s requirement of a fixed stock? If not would it be easy to pin?

    • Guest

      It doesn’t require a separate tool to adjust, so I doubt very much that it counts as a fixed stock.

  • Clone

    It’s rather ugly. Blocky and melted aren’t a good look for a stock. Is the unique spring and locking block really that big of a selling point?

    It might sound like I’m trying to bash the product, but most of the AR accessories you see reported on these days don’t really do anything new, better or different. They’re just products brought out because the market for AR stuff is huge and they hope people will want a shiny new toy. I just can’t get exited over that.

    The flip-side of the coin is that when companies do bring out a new product everyone on here complains that it is too expensive. Apparently firearms people are dirt poor in general, don’t understand the concept of saving and have a pathological hatred of people willing to spend a bit more coin. I’d hate to have to release anything vaguely new and expensive to the crowd.

    • Markm

      Looks like it’s going to be lighter and stronger. I’ve never tried an new product designed by the guy behind this that wasn’t impressive.

      I agree, there are too many stock choices out there, but this one appears to have actual improvements. As far as looks… that’s an individual thing.

      • Timothy G. Yan

        Hmm, I guess since the owner of BCM is a Marine veteran, the desert tan color is closer to the USMC Coyote Brown than FDE.

    • Jeff

      Jeff from BCM here again.
      The big design drivers behind the stock were: smooth, light, strong. Aesthetics are very personal, and the shape we ended up with is the result of maximum function with little stylizing added.
      The locking block is a significant addition in strength. The best I can say at this time is that an order of magnitude in additional strength is insufficient to describe the strength of the lockup.
      It might not be a huge selling point for many, but if you’ve every cleared a rifle with a mortaring drill and had a stock smash down on your finger (between the stock and the receiver) that could be a different story.

      • Axel

        Any accessories to come in like a cheek riser? Magpul seems like your competitor right now with their new MOE SL stock.

  • Andrew

    the new Magpul MOE-SL stock is beautiful.

    this is it’s fugly little sister.

    • sianmink

      How much does the MOE-SL weigh? Does anyone know yet? If it’s lighter than the MOE than it’ll be a winner.

  • dp

    Good work and slick looking result! At the same time, what is the true ‘added’ value to parent weapon which does not allow a space saving when stock is collapsed more than 3 inches? Seem to me self-serving exercise, kind of.

  • sianmink

    I was looking hard at the super-stoc to replace the MOE my DDM4 came with, This sucker is right in my wheelhouse.

  • Markm

    I can’t wait for this to come out…. The BIG question is… WHEN is it going to be released?

    • Timothy G. Yan

      It should be available at the Bravo Company USA website in two weeks or so.

      • Markm

        Good news. I was worried it’d be late summer since it’s not featured on the Bravo site yet. Thanks.

        • Timothy G. Yan

          According to Paul, the owner of Bravo, they are planning to have it for sale by the beginning of June.

  • Curly

    it’s nice to see a more minimalist snag free design that I don’t have to add braided paracord to. And you know if Paul puts his name on it then it’s a quality and tested product.

  • Larry

    Ya know what Tim! I don’t give a shit what anyone else says on here, they are just blowing shit! I love BCM gear and I would buy this stock over a magpul any day. Magpul makes great stuff too but they better move over cuz BCM is here to stay! Semper Fi!

  • Evan

    This is off topic, but what is that optic on the rifle pictured? The one with the EGA marked lower (which is awesome).

  • Drewzter

    Im gonna put that on my SBR when I get the stamp for it.

  • E-Rock

    What magazines are in the photos?

  • apatkos

    God damn, nothing but negative shit on the comments, I love the stock so far and actually sold my ctr so I can get this when it comes out. Can’t wait until it comes out! !!! Great stock even better price point”

  • JeffZ

    So is this thing out yet? Doesn’t seem to be much reviews or info on this stock except this article.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      I think you need to contact BCM to ask them.

  • Joshuadoss

    Nice write up.
    I just ordered this yesterday.
    Y yes I am excited.

  • Smootchie

    Needs a cheek Riser so I can put one on my AK