FNH USA Cuts MSRP of Black FNS-9 and FNS-40 Pistols

FNH USA sent out a press release saying that they have cut the price of 14 different FNS-9 and FNS-40 variants by $100. Only black models have been discounted. According to the press release the price cut is because high sales volumes have allowed them to decrease costs and therefor price. From the press release …

“We are pleased that the FNS™ line has been so popular,” said Mark Cherpes, President and CEO of FNH USA. “Because our sales volume was so high in 2013, we were able to reduce our production costs enough to realize a savings we are now passing down to our customers. We hope consumers will take advantage of this new, lower price and choose an FNS™ when they are shopping for a new pistol.”

“Since launching the FNS™ line of striker-fired pistols in 2012, it has been exciting to see how well-received they have been by all firearms enthusiasts no matter if they are looking for a competition pistol or a reliable handgun for home defense,” said Ken Pfau, FNH USA Senior Vice President of Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales. “We believe their popularity is due in large part to the fact that it is one of the only fully-ambidextrous striker-fired pistols on the market today and its low bore axis significantly reduces recoil so it’s a much more enjoyable and controlled shooting experience.”



The new price schedule …



If I don’t post this disclaimer, my inbox is going to be full of emails from unhappy gun dealers: this cut is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), not the retail price. If, for example, a retailer is already selling a FN-S pistol for below the new MSRP, they are not obliged to drop their retail price by the same amount as the drop in MSRP.

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  • Andy

    I love my FNX. Shoots great, fits the hand well, low recoil. It’s like having an HK at half the price.

  • Dunkirk

    Still too expensive for a plastic gun.


    Hats off to FNH USA. One of the (if not THE) industry models in my humble opinion.

  • Michael

    I am looking, but I don’t see the FiveseveN listed. Why should it cost twice as much as a FNX?

  • john huscio

    Always thought they were priced too high in relation to what you were getting……you could get an sp2022 with night sights for 50-100 less, M&Ps of any caliber for 50 less, gen 3 glocks generally for less, ect……..

  • The Hun

    I call BS- nobody CUTS the price of a product that is selling well.

    • miamic70


    • Clone

      The FNS line of pistols isn’t exactly one that I see recommended on gunforums a lot. It’s generally Glock, M&P’s and XD’s. Even on this article there are two comments that say that this thing is too expensive.

      Their range of pistols is probably selling well enough for the company. FNH USA might just want a bigger share of the market. Lowering the price slightly might make more people interested in the FNS and other FN products. It’s a calculated risk.

  • Moose

    Can anyone explain the differences in the models listed?

    • Bill Lester

      FNS-9, -40 = cartridge chambering
      DA = Double Action
      MS = Manual Safety option
      Blk/Blk = Black slide on a black frame
      10-, 17-rd. = maximum magazine capacity
      Night Sight = Tritium luminescent sight option
      Longslide = 5″ long barrel vs. the standard 4″

  • Rusty Shacklesord

    How about lowering the price on the FNX Tactical? Or offer the standard FNX pistols with the same red dot slide cut as the tactical.

  • Cymond

    Why only the models with black slides? All of the models use the same stainless slides, regardless of color. I would have thought that coating them with a black finish would add to the cost.

  • J.T.

    I think they are doing this as a huge middle finger to SIG and their $713 MSRP for the P320. SIG seems to have been pricing it to compete with the FNS but now they are up there by themselves while all the other striker fired polymer guns have options that are $100 or more less (going by MSRP).3.00

  • floppyscience

    Funny, I added an FNS to my wishlist in December and wrote down the MSRP at the time. It was $599, and I could only find it through Gallery of Guns since FN’s website no longer shows MSRP (or even model numbers).

    It looks like they just raised the price of the stainless models, then passed it off as lowering the price of the black models.

    Shameful display, FN. I wouldn’t expect this from you.

  • dat bee tru

    hoping they make the FNS/FNX 9mm but in a compact, maybe the size of a sig 290RS, M+P Shield, ect. I like the ambi features