DRT Frangile Penetrating Ammo Releases 357 SIG & 10mm Ammo

DRT Ammo (Dynamic Research Technologies) has announced the new release of 357 SIG and 10mm chamberings. DRT is known for its “frangible penetrating” ammunition designed to expand in tissue and break up on anything hard.

I have shot the DRT in .45 before. They are light weight bullets in their caliber and likewise were softer shooting. It functioned well in my SB 1911 review. The ammo was provided by SB themselves. YouTube user Jacob Herman has a shaky video of the .45 results here.

PocketGunsnGear reviews the .380 loading:

Full presser below (thankfully a short one!)

Dynamic Research Technologies is pleased to announce two new additions to their line of Terminal Shock ™ ammunition. Both the 357 Sig and 10mm feature DRT’s proprietary powdered core technology, making them a perfect choice for both self-defense and hunting. These rounds penetrate most common barriers including interior house walls, plywood and car doors. After passing through such barriers and entering organic material, the DRT projectile sheds its jacket, releasing the powered core and creating a massive wound cavity. The likelihood of a pass-through is consequently greatly diminished. DRT’s 357 Sig and 10mm ammo will be available for order in late May at www.DRTammo.com.


Nathan S

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  • Rusty Shakleford

    It looks like it replicates the effects of the G2 RIP ammo in gelatin but with more caliber choices and at half the price.

    • Giolli Joker

      Yep, although, actually, this .380 seems to do a slightly bit better than G2’s 9mm…

  • gunslinger

    more gimick ammo?

    • Mark N.

      My take. All that “powder” won’t do much of anything, and probably won’t even penetrate a chest wall, leaving you with a tiny little 50 grain pellet that did not even reach the FBI minimum 12″ penetration. Speaking of the RIP, ShootingtheBull tested it–and was underwhelmed. I’ll be sticking with good old fashioned HP, tyvm.

  • Sam Schifo

    I’m not much of a person for light for caliber loads for defense. I prefer to be putting as much energy downrange as I can for the caliber that I am using, and therefore I prefer a standard bullet weight. I try to stay as close to 230 grain in my .45 as I can and I don’t care to shoot anything below 200 grain. The 185 grain critical defense stuff from Hornaday is okay but I have reservations about actually using it for defensive purposes.

    • Vitor

      Dude, a .357 with 125 grains or a 10mm with 180 does can be way nastier than a .45. It is not about weight only, but speed too.

      • Sam Schifo

        Yeah, I understand that completely, I’m just saying that with a round like a .45 that is designed around energy in mass you are not necessarily going to improve the amount of energy by lowering the mass and slightly increasing the velocity. Not to mention you reduce penetration. I realize there are much more well designed handgun calibers out there. I would have a 10mm if I could afford to.

        • Marc

          Heavy for caliber rounds usually don’t have the highest energy.
          e.g. standard pressure speer gold dot .45:
          230 grs – 404 ft-lbs
          185 grs – 453 ft-lbs

    • Paladin

      Heavy for caliber loads are almost always less energetic than equivalent lighter loads for one simple reason, a heavier projectile has more inertia, meaning it accelerates slower, generating higher chamber pressures. Because of this, lighter loads can be loaded “hotter” while maintaining safe chamber pressures.

  • Vitor

    It does look like a improved G2, if the .380acp could do that, the .357sig would certainly be a killer.

  • ⊕RussR⊕

    “DRT is known for its “frangible penetrating””… realy?…

    i thought it was more for the “DRT LeMas “Blended Metal”” Scam…. google that phrase…