DRT Frangile Penetrating Ammo Releases 357 SIG & 10mm Ammo

    DRT Ammo (Dynamic Research Technologies) has announced the new release of 357 SIG and 10mm chamberings. DRT is known for its “frangible penetrating” ammunition designed to expand in tissue and break up on anything hard.

    I have shot the DRT in .45 before. They are light weight bullets in their caliber and likewise were softer shooting. It functioned well in my SB 1911 review. The ammo was provided by SB themselves. YouTube user Jacob Herman has a shaky video of the .45 results here.

    PocketGunsnGear reviews the .380 loading:

    Full presser below (thankfully a short one!)

    Dynamic Research Technologies is pleased to announce two new additions to their line of Terminal Shock ™ ammunition. Both the 357 Sig and 10mm feature DRT’s proprietary powdered core technology, making them a perfect choice for both self-defense and hunting. These rounds penetrate most common barriers including interior house walls, plywood and car doors. After passing through such barriers and entering organic material, the DRT projectile sheds its jacket, releasing the powered core and creating a massive wound cavity. The likelihood of a pass-through is consequently greatly diminished. DRT’s 357 Sig and 10mm ammo will be available for order in late May at www.DRTammo.com.


    Nathan S

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