Browning’s New Desert Tan 1911-22 Pistols


1911 fans and shooters have another 22LR option to plink with. Browning has announced the release of their new A1 Desert Tan Full-Size & Compact Models:

Full Press Release below:

Morgan Utah:   Browning’s popular 1911-22 pistol line grows in 2014 with the the new A1 Desert Tan and Compact Desert Tan models.

These pistols feature a new composite frame in desert tan color and are even lighter than the aluminum frame 1911-22 models with the composite A1 version weighing only 14 oz. with its 4½” barrel length, and the Compact version weighing a mere 13½ oz. with its 3 5/8″ barrel length.

Both new models feature machined aluminum slides in a matte black finish. 1911-22 pistols are scaled down to 85% of John M Browning’s original 45 ACP model, making them ideal for plinking, hunting and target shooting.

The Suggested Retail for both models is $579.99.

For more information on Browning products, please visit the website at

Nathan S.

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  • Nicholas C

    We have had this for a while at my work.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Still no threaded barrel, oh Browning…

  • Phil Hsueh

    It would be nice if they made a true .45 1911 like this .22, if they did that would be on my next Christmas wish list in a heartbeat.

  • Hank

    If manufacturers put half the effort into providing new streams of .22 ammo as they do into coming up with .22 firearm variants I might be interested. Until then, it all just adds to the frustration.