Video of Unreleased Ares Defense SCR surfaces

Yesterday a video surfaced on a YouTube account under the name Matt Kennedy with B&H Gun Sales (or B&H Police Supply) out of Merritt Island, FL. The video is about a new lower called the SCR (Sporting Configurable Rifle) that is currently a prototype from Ares Defense. It looks to be a traditional style monte carlo stock, which would make it legal in states like California and New York.

While not the first AR lower of its type, it certainly looks to be a more traditional style stock.  According to the video it is set to be officially released at NRA later this month and will ship with an upper similar to the one in the video.

Looking at the design, I am a little interested in what they did with the buffer tube, because there is nothing to the rear of the upper that would act as a buffer tube.  According to the video, it will accept any upper 223/556 or 300BLK.  I would also think that it could accept any other upper that is able to be used on a standard AR lower, but that remains to be seen.

Take a look at the video, let me know what you think.

Thanks Will for the tip!


  • Ryan

    That thing looks awesome. I wounder if the buffer tube is curved? and it uses a proprietary bolt carrier? Who knows, but it looks badass

    • aweds1

      Yeah, how would that function with a standard BCG? There must be something proprietary in there. Maybe it will work with only 5.56 and 300BLK because they use the same bolt, and Ares has developed a funky BCG that you can drop into that size upper when you use their lower? Very interesting! I kept wondering how long it would be before someone developed something like this to skirt “cosmetic” definitions for “assault weapons”.

      • Tyler John Richards

        Said in the video 7.62×39

        • aweds1

          Pretty cool.

      • HSR47

        It looks like it uses a shortened carrier that accepts standard AR-15 bolts. As far as the buffer system goes, it’s likely similar in form/function to current semi-auto shotgun designs.

        • aweds1

          I was actually just scanning the link above with the patented action. Looks pretty slick!

  • Dan Siefert

    I am guessing it has a buffer/bolt carrier that pivots similar to benelli m4?

  • Dan

    I’m wondering about the buffer system myself. If it’s a standard upper, there has to be some vudu going on with the lower.
    I just don’t see how a standard carrier is going to work in that.

    • sianmink

      yeah, there’s just no way it doesn’t have a proprietary BC. Not that this is a bad thing.

    • HSR47

      From the patent application linked higher up in this thread, it looks like it uses a shortened carrier with an attached pivot arm to interface with an angled recoil spring (like most semi-auto shotguns). It would appear that it is designed to use standard bolts though.

  • Cameron Bissell

    Neat, gives the mini 14 handling with ar interchangeability

  • Paul Hurst

    It might use a standard upper, but I do not see how it uses a standard B/C. Obviously it uses a slant system like an 1100.

  • James

    As a gun enthusiast in a shitty state, thank you Ares.

    • This is Ares Defense out of FL, not to be confused with Ares Armor out of CA. Two totally separate companies.

    • J-

      I live in an AWB jurisdiction too. The day this thing goes on sale, I will be in line to order one. I just can’t wait.

    • FourString

      If this thing actually comes out, I’d love to make an ARAK-21 build out of it

  • Andrey Martim

    Only me finds it cute?

    • Kevin Harron

      I kinda want one in 300 blackout up here in canuckistan.

  • I can’t imagine it uses standard bolt carriers. It’s gotta go somewhere.

  • Tyler John Richards

    Would love to have this up in Canukistan, but unfortunately our gun laws are retarded

  • Alex

    Looks cool. I would be interested to see how the bolt / buffer system works on it. I keep an eye on it.

  • Xanti

    I don’t live in a state that limits the ar platform but I must say. I am excited for it to come out. I want that configuration for myself. I do wish that stock was made with better design. Like including a cheek weld and rear adjustment. I would like to see it come out for the 308 win. That would make for a good looking set up for a long range build.

    • Xanti

      I also would have engineered the mag release to be reachable by the index finger – strong side.

    • Chief Homeslice

      I’d be up for one that took a .308 as well.

  • Dracon1201

    I actually think it looks pretty cool.

  • 1WithABullet

    I’ll wager that it uses a Remington 1100-style action and stock with an angled recoil spring. The bolt carrier likely still tracks inline with the barrel but has the rear cut short and has an added tail to interface with the spring.

  • Blastattack

    That is badass. Now have optional stock and forearm made of wood and we have a deal.

    • iksnilol

      A classy AR?


      • Nickb

        Windham Weaponry VEX Wood Stock AR 15, the closest thing to a classy AR (in my opinion)

      • FourString

        r u sauth afreekan bru?

        • iksnilol

          No, I am sexy enough as is. Just imagine me as the white, non-bald version of Djimon Hounsou (the guy who played Solomon Vandy).

          If I was black, I would be off the charts regarding sexyness.

          PS: I know not all South-African people are black. I just presume the majority are.

  • iksnilol

    I would guess the buffer tube goes through the stock at an angle. Something like the tube mags in the stocks of old rifles (Spencer Carbine to name one).

    • name

      I would assume it wouldn’t have a buffer tube.

    • Paladin

      I doubt it, there isn’t near enough room for the BCG to tilt that much. My guess is a redesigned BCG that doesn’t require a buffer tube.


      There’s a patent document in another post that would seem to cover this rifle. The BCG is indeed modified, with a swing arm on the back going into an angled buffer/spring system in the stock.

      • Gyufygy

        Kinda sorta maybe like the bolt in a Kriss Vector?

      • HSR47

        Probably uses a system similar to most popular semi-auto shotguns.

      • gunplay101

        The stock is a Remington 1100/1187 stock that accommodates the Remington 1100/1187 style recoil spring and buffer assembly.

  • ColaBox

    0:11, please chamber that thing to .30 carbine.

    • Gregory Markle

      If you can track down an Olympic Arms PCR30 upper you *might* be able to use it on this. Oly stopped making them in the early 2000s and I’ve never handled one so I’m not sure if the magazine adapter would work in the short mag well on this lower.

  • Joe

    Proprietary carrier to let the bolt reciprocate within the space where a normal carrier would reside.

    Not a big deal. They could probably churn them out for $100-$150???

  • Nathan F.

    I rembmer seeing a patent about this a few year ago.
    Maybe this is the type of action the SCR is using.

    • Zachary Ahearn

      Yeah that has got to be it. The shape/profile is the same. It looks like a pretty good solution and it’s probably going to be very lightweight.

    • Munkfish

      I was going to guess that it used a shorter bolt with a rat tail to go against the spring in the stock, something like an FAL. That looks to be the case in the patent, which is very cool. I just wonder if that upward pressure will cause the upper to wear out prematurely.

    • Blastattack

      That is really cool. Exact same return-spring setup as the Browning Auto 5 and the Model 8.

    • Cymond

      That’s definitely it. The Ares SCR was formerly called the ‘Herring MSR’. Geoffrey A Herring is the president of Ares Defense, and his named is on this patent.

      It’s strange that the Herring MSR was at SHOT show in 2009, but that patent says 2013.

  • Will Krause

    Looks like you can preorder for $50 at

    Estimated retail is between $800 and $900.

  • Asdf

    Isn’t putting a 14.5″ barrel on a rifle making a SBR? I hope the guy has a 07 FFL.

  • James

    I wonder if this is related to the Blackstar Arms rifle I saw online oh so many years ago

    • BattleshipGrey

      Love that .308 version.

  • erwos

    This isn’t new, just reintroduced. Ares Defense had prototyped these things back in 2003, but supposedly dumped them when the federal AWB wasn’t renewed. I guess the new AWBs in some states have revived interest in the concept. (Source: Assault Rifles of the World, which has pictures of this thing.)

    My understanding is that the buffer tube is at an angle, and the BCG is slightly special to compensate. But that was the older version, so maybe they designed a way to use normal BCGs… seems tricky, you’d expect a lot of carrier tilt from the buffer hitting at an angle like that.

    So, with all of that said, I’d definitely be game to buy one. For one thing, it could potentially be a great platform for a target rifle, since you don’t have the typical AR pistol grip in the way. It’s also a little less obvious as a “black rifle”, since you’re missing a bunch of usual evil features – nice if I want to use it for hunting or other activities where an EBR would draw attention. I’d usually pick a Mini-14 for that kind of thing, but the AR-compatibility of this thing makes it worth the extra cash.

    • Cymond

      I’m glad someone else recognizes it. However, there’s no way this could work with a standard bolt carrier group. A standard BCG fits too tightly in an upper to have any significant tilt. Also, I can see the appeal of this lower over a Mini-14. The AR-15 is known for accuracy, as well as a wide variety of upper options.

      • Cymond

        Found a picture buried on my hard drive. I thought this thing was just more Ares Defense vaporware, but then again, maybe it still is?

  • Todd

    I’d like to see how well this thing would hold up to one of those .50 BMG uppers

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      It can’t. The bolt in a .50 has to cycle directly back.

  • I will be covering the NRA Convention for TFB this year. If one is there, you can bet I will be getting my paws on it.

  • Fritchof

    Look at a Fn Fal Bolt carrier. Has a rat tall that angles into the stock.

  • Andrew Malik

    Being in CT, I love this. The thing is, 10 rounds of 5.56/.223/.300BLK/.300 Whisper etc. doesn’t impress me. If I’m only going to have 10 rounds in the mag I want to make them count. That means .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf or .450 Bushmaster. If it is indeed an angled buffer and not like the Oly Arms/ZM Weapons/Kel Tec type systems (Rock River Arms also makes one) then any upper can be used. Which would make turning these into thumpers a lot easier.
    The beauty of it? 30 round AR mags hold 10 in these rounds. 20 hold 7 which would make it legal in NY. The .458 SOCOM works in any AR mag without modification. Alexander Arms makes their own AR mags for the Beowulf and the .450 Bushmaster can be finicky but some unmodified AR mags are non problematic with it.
    Anyway, all a manufacturer has to do is to mark the mag “10 Round .458 SOCOM”. The fact that it hold 30 rounds of other cartridges is inconsequential.
    The end result? Semi-auto badassery that will make Dannel Malloy and Andrew Cuomo leak blood from their eyes as the rifles are perfectly legal in their state and can stop anything on two or four legs in our country.

    • Ray

      New Yorkers can use ten rounders now. Judge ruled anything less than that was unconstitutional.

      • Cymond

        I don’t keep up with NY very well. The last I heard, it was legal to use a 10-round magazine, but they could still only be loaded with 7 rounds (yeah, that’ll stop the criminals!). Did that change? I hope so.

  • Ray

    Holy Crap. everybody at nyfirearms is loving this bad boy.
    New Yorkers Rejoice!

    • me ohmy

      Cuomo is a total dirtbag..

  • me ohmy

    this looks to be almost an exact execution of what some else mentioned, read the Blackstar Arms rifle BSR -15 and I think this gets around MD’s newest bit of suck SB-281.
    looks cool and the other person was correct.. a usage of the REMINGTON 870/1187 style stock with a recoil spring set up at an down ward angle AKA the FN RAT TAIL.
    about time someone took up the reins on this one.. nice work ARES.. good luck on the other stuff you got going on too.. we all know the evil gun agency is out to ruin anybody they dont like.

  • BattleshipGrey

    My guess is that they have a half sized bolt carrier with a really stiff spring. However they did it, I like it a lot. There’s going to come a point though that legislators will get tired of coming up with new “reasons” to ban guns we like and we’ll get tired of buying “work-around” guns/accessories. I see things like this coming to a head someday.

  • JT

    Definitely likin’ this. Although I’m sure the pistol grip has it’s uses, nothing better for driving a gun like a traditional stock IMO. I want a slide fire version of this 😀

  • I wonder if this will make it to Maryland? I’m interested.

  • Steve Petrowski

    I already have a registered AR15 here in CT, but I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat, just to give a big middle finger to the CT General Assembly and the stuttering idiot that’s currently our governor.

  • Fegelein

    This just in: American company number 24601 makes AR ripoff # 62098127453! Yawn.

  • Aaron E

    I don’t live in a banned State, but this rifle is still pretty damned cool!

  • dockilldare

    Merritt Island is right down the street from me. what i want to know is this, does the 5.56mm version accept ar/m16 mags? what kind of operating system is it using, piston, impingement, blow back? and of course what is the cost? now all i got to do is get the boss to sign off on a new gun.

  • some one who care’s

    ya that is cool and all and I think I would get one over a regular ar15. but we cant keep doing this stuff. letting the gov ban this little bit heir and ban that little bit there or there wont be any way to refigure a gun so we can have one or there wont be any ammo. we the people have to stand up and say no more now. us up in pa did that we got rid of all the a holes that don’t like guns and got nra approved people in there. if we can do it so can the rest of ya stop putting these people in office talking mostly towards California.

  • Travis Fisher

    I think it looks perfect for police & government use in CA and NY!

  • cire512

    not so different from a Mini 14/30/6.8

  • 101nomad

    Was that supposed to make my nipples hard?

  • ByronMaximus

    I don’t know why, but I ALMOST prefer this to a traditional AR.