Polish MSBS Rifle/Bullpup Upgraded and Pictured

As an ACR shooter/owner, I have been following the development of the Polish MSBS rifle system with keen interest. It would seem that the platform is getting closer to full deployment (slotted for starting formal force-wide adoption later this year).


Equipped.PL was given the opportunity to shoot and photo both the traditional and bullpup layouts, fresh off of product improvement efforts. Google translation below;

Tests MSBS-5, 56B lasted a few months – and introduced several changes to the structure.Simultaneously, a test “classical” MSBS , which also resulted in changes in the weapons – they concerned the details, but quite significant from the point of view of the user:

  • changed the shape of the chamber and the trigger guard;
  • modified-release button the latch assembly with a movable rear position;
  • redesigned inlet magazine slot, formed to make it easier to enter the magazine, as well as to the weapon properly collaborated with magazines of various types, including high-capacity (such as a 60-cartridge magazine Surefire);
  • new wing fuse – removable, so you will replace it with a more corresponding preferences shooter;
  • removable pistol grip – compatible with M4 carbines tricks and their clones;
  • reduced handle overload – does not interfere with the dorsal rail fitted at additional accessories.

Until MSBS imports rifles in to the US, check out the photos on Equipped.PL Full Google Translated page here.



Now, Bushmaster… go make a bullpup like this that I can use my current receiver! Oh, and the promised caliber kits while you are at it.

Thanks, Bartek!

Nathan S

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  • noob

    that would be an interesting idea – a serialized lower receiver with an ar-18 like action that could be converted between bullpup and regular layouts by changing some accessories.

    you might need some kind of dummy pistol grip nub to cover the old safety, the old trigger guard and pistol grip mounting place in bullpup mode.

    • mikewest007

      Nah, here the thing is that the upper receiver is the same between standard and bullpup version, and all the controls in both interact with it the same.

    • mechamaster

      Somehow I remember ‘Bull-shift AK 74’ in past TFB article. Lol.

  • Nicholas C

    Oh wow! I am really digging that bull pup!

    • Giolli Joker

      Sharp lines seems to be the current Polish military design trend.
      I really like the “I’m a bullpup but I still look like a serious gun” feel.

      • mikewest007

        Dude, you haven’t seen the sniper rifle they cooked up a few years back. Angular spacey bullpup thing every Hollywood armorer would love to have.

        • Wosiu

          Not “they”. They are FB Radom and sniper rifles are products of ZM Tarnow.

          • mikewest007

            …yeah, you’re right. SKW-338 was designed by OBRSM Tarnow, not FB Radom. I had “they” in mind as the Polish defense industry in a wider sense.

    • dp

      Me too although with a cautious technical oversight. One thing to notice is that they do not use any especially fancy way of solving ejection. Very simple and practicle; this is not rifle for ‘Sunday-range enthusiast’ but for military use.

      • Diamondback

        Any rifle is good for “Sunday-range enthusiast”.

  • dp

    This is quite unique system in sense that is incorporates both configurations. Also, if you have opportunity to see it fully stripped, appears to be of rather rational hybrid construction. This contrasts with CZ-805 in sense that they are hogging entire receiver out of chunk of aluminum – not very practical. It may be that Poles have a lead and they may attempt to sell to countries of East/South-East Europe and elsewhere. One would think however that with steep re-armament plan they will be busy couple of years to re-equip their own army.

    • mikewest007

      Local journalists asked FB Radom guys about the civilian version two years ago. They gave an estimated date of 2015-2016.

      • dp

        Hmmm, that’s indication of substantial cash-flow.
        BTW, Poland in on verge of doing a SUBSTANTIAL purchase to upgrade their air-force. They may be buying large number of upgraded F18.

        • mikewest007

          Judging from them setting up shop in Texas to facilitate distribution in the US? I guess so.

        • Typowy1

          It is unlikely that F18 will be purchased for Polish Air Force. We’ve just set up all the logistics & co for F16C (48 of Block 52+) so introducing another design would cause substantial (and unnecessary) expenses. It’s more probable that Poland will acquire some more F16’s, and in about 10-15 years, when Su-22’s will be finally decomissioned Poland will join F35 program. Another thing is, that to this day we don’t have a proper modern Advanced Jet Training capabilities (becouse we still use Iskra (Spark) jet’s, very old machines) – we have to train our F16 pilot’s in the States (the part of training that requires fast manouverig machines and so on) but the MOD is right now in the middle of the process to purchase suitable machines and replace those old Sparks.

  • mikewest007

    Let me translate the modified features list as Google Translate went bonkers again:
    1. Modified trigger compartment and trigger guard.
    2. Modified bolt release.
    3. Redesigned magazine well to make inserting the magazine easier and to allow the gun to operate with different magazines, including a 60-round Surefire magazine.
    4. New safety lever – replaceable, so it’s possible to replace it with one better suited to the user’s preference.
    5. Replaceable pistol grip, compatible with M4 grips and their clones.
    6. Lowered charging handle – doesn’t interfere with accessories mounted on the top rail.

    There’s also a remark about testing the new handgun (that looks like a cross between CZ and HK45), but no photos.

    • dp

      Right. As far as I understand meaning of:
      “zmieniono kształt komory spustowej oraz kabłąka”
      it indeed sounds like trigger space rather than round chamber. It would be rather alarming to do changes to Chamber in this stage of the game.

      • mikewest007

        Yep, it’s the space where trigger mechanism goes. Not sure if it has a specific name in English or not.

        • Cymond

          The term phrase for that space on an AR-15 is usually “fire control pocket”.

          • mikewest007

            You’re pulling my leg here, aren’t you. 😉

    • allannon

      Thanks; I was wonder what a “wing fuse” is. 🙂

      • mikewest007

        It’s because folks over here have a tendency to invent names that sound more cleverly than they should. This has the unfortunate effect of completely fucking up translation both from Polish to English and the other way around. For example, the same word can be used for a castle, a pistol slide and a zipper.

  • mechamaster

    As long the conversion don’t create reliability problem and awkward handling, it’s a very good rifle. ( How much percentage it’s share part interchangeability between bullpup and conventional layout ? ) And the last… What is that odd shape underbarrel grenade launcher in 1st photo ?

    • mikewest007

      That launcher is a Polandball launcher. 😉
      A domestic design, for the standard 40mm rounds, takes some cues from the HK launcher, opens sideways, I can’t remember if the trigger is double-action or not.

    • Wosiu

      80% interchangeability.

  • echelon

    Radom is doing everything Bushmaster and Remington refuse to do here in the US. They are proving the versatility of the Masada platform as Magpul originally intended.

    Heck even if Radom can’t or won’t sell entire firearms over here even if they would produce unserialized lowers that take AR pistol grips, the handguards, stocks and charging handles they’d probably have a sizable market here as most ACR owners would eat that stuff up!

    • mikewest007

      It seems you have missed last month announcement: Radom has a Texas-based subsidiary now.

      • echelon

        Yes I saw your proclamation of it, but I’ve yet to see any news story stating such. Could you provide a link to a source?

        If they do that’s great. It is still sad that it will take a foreign company to properly market a version of a gun that was invented in the US and sold to US companies for care and feeding…

        • Wosiu

          “It is still sad that it will take a foreign company to properly market a
          version of a gun that was invented in the US and sold to US companies
          for care and feeding…”

          What you mean? Which version of gun that was invented in US?

        • mikewest007

          I believe that TFB posted the announcement in the last three weeks.

          • echelon

            I did a search on TFB and could find nothing other than mentions from Radom reps at SHOT that they hoped civilian versions of some weapons would be available later down the road. Vague and I saw no mention of Texas or of a timeline.

            Again, I’m not saying I don’t believe you – it’s obvious they have something in the works – but I just wanted to see a link to any verifiable information is all.

            Beretta, FNH, Glock, etc, etc have all set up successful manufacturing locations in the US so I have no doubt that if Radom has the funding that it couldn’t do the same. And I also know that Texas is willing to make a lot of sweet deals to anyone who wants to make guns in their state…

          • mikewest007

            Ah, if not on TFB, then someone must have shared it on Facebook. I went through the usual suspects and got this:
            Here’s a scan of the document, if the link mysteriously stops working (I think that Disqus caches all linked images):

    • Wosiu

      Ah, I see… You think, that MSBS 5.56 have something common with Masada/ACR?

      Nothing, apart of similar external look of conventional version due to similar conception of functionality.

      MSBS 5.56 is indigenous Polish project with patents on internal details.

      • echelon

        Yes, but if we’re being honest here we can clearly see that it is of the Masada design. It would be like saying a Beryl Archer isn’t a Kalashnikov…

        Obviously there are internal differences as well as differences in upper/lower design, etc.

        My point is still that it is sad that Remington and Bushmaster are not willing/able to put the same attention behind their gun as Radom is with theirs.

        Even though I’m American I am not one that only buys or appreciates American designs.

        The MSBS seems to be a superior evolution over the ACR and is actually closer to the original Masada while still being different in its own right.

        Likewise I am excited for the Beretta ARX as it seems like a very forward thinking design…not nearly as sexy as the Masada/ACR/MSBS but I’ll take function over form in a firearm any day!

        • mikewest007

          It just LOOKS like the Masada, and not exactly. The internals were designed from the ground up in Poland. For example: how does Masada solve left-side ejection?

          • echelon

            So an AR that ejects left side or has a side charging handle or heck, even a piston system is no longer an “AR design”?

            The litmus test is that it has different internals and can eject out the other side?

            It is obvious – as I stated – that the MSBS is an evolution on the Masada design. Just as a Galil or VZ 58 is an evolution of the AK, etc. It does not mean that it is the exact same gun. I never said MSBS = Masada.

            Note what I said: “The MSBS seems to be a superior evolution over the ACR and is actually closer to the original Masada while still being different in its own right.”

            That’s high praise. I’m not bashing the gun at all and I’m not negating the fact that it is produced and designed in Poland.

            To say that it’s not a Masada derivative would be ludicrous…

          • mikewest007

            Well, I just dug out early photos of the project. Masada-look was an afterthought, actually. At first, you could mistake the MSBS and CZ-805, as both were blocky and awkward:
            But then, considering that designers are mostly fresh out of college, an overhaul of ergonomics, without a doubt inspired by Masada, was in order (and even in Masada-like shape the gun had a few smaller reworks, for example the way upper receiver is connected to barrel and foregrip).

            Oh, and by the way, Vz58 wasn’t based on the AK either, so it couldn’t “evolve” from it.

  • Vitor

    Does the case deflector in the bullpup is enough to allow some decent lefty action?

    • mikewest007

      You can switch to left side ejection by switching the ejection port cover from left to right (Allen key required) and turning the bolt upside down. That’s what the guys from Radom said two years ago and I don’t believe it changed.

      • vitor roma

        Ah, good, turning turning the bolt upside down is a quite decent solution, better than requiring a new one like the Tavor.

        • echelon

          Here, here. I couldn’t agree with you more. +1

    • Typowy1

      This rifle (in all variants) is 100% ambidextrous. Like mikewest007 wrote, it’s possible to switch from wich side case will be ejected, but it is also claimed that the rifle in “standard” (right handed) configuration is shootable by a leftie (and vice versa). It’s recommended to switch, though. All other controls are doubled on each side (and in bullpup there is a total of 4 magazine release buttons)

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Radom and Wlalther are already close, start importing this under Walther’s name, price it right, bring and and sell any spare part anyone wants…

    Yea… I’ll just start holding my breathe now.

    • mikewest007

      We don’t need no Walther, FB Radom already got a Texas-based subsidiary. However, you’re going to hold your breath for two years, according to what the press managed to get out of guys from Radom two years ago. The civvy version will be available around 2016, after they’re done supplying the Army.

      • HSR47

        The other issue is that they’d need to manufacture many of the parts, including the recievers, here rather than importing them.

        • mikewest007

          What exactly? Receiver and the worky bits like bolt, trigger mech, barrel?

          • HSR47

            Legally there are importation issues due to 922r and the regulations that surround it. I’m not a lawyer, nor am I an FFL in the business of manufacturing or importing firearms, but it seems to me that the simplest compliance vector is to import some of the parts while manufacturing the rest (including recievers) stateside.

  • don’t forget the SBR barrel kits!

  • Jeff Le

    My ACR longs to meet its cousins in the states!

  • Lance

    Very interesting this will be a lot better than the problem prone AK-101 (Beryl) rifle they use. The regular confing they have looks awesome.

    • Wosiu

      Problem prone? AK-101?

      Kbk wz 96 Beryl made by FB Radom of Poland have nothing with AK-101 made by Kalashnikov (formerly Izhmash) of Russia and is best assault rifle of AK-74 type in the world as to the quality.

      • sickOFexperts

        What in the name of the Godly Gunsmith you are babbling about? Beryl is top AK like gun on the world? Yea prolly that’s why it never passed tests in JWF… Unlike AK’s that are used to this day….

        • Wosiu

          What the hell is JWF? If Jednostka Wojskowa Formoza, Polish combat divers unit, and Beryl never passed tests in underwater firing, and it is your argument, you are simply stupid.

    • Troy

      I am not aware of any problems with the beryl. Like the below poster said, Polish AKs are very good, just short in my opinion of the now defunct Sako/valmet rifles, or the galil line for top AK honors.

  • jay

    Looks very good. I hope they bring them in Canada. 🙂

  • Wosiu

    I already posted this in “Polish stealth tank” thread:

    FB Radom just registered own company in Texas named FB Radom USA LLC.
    From the next year you should be happy to buy all US legal variants of
    Archer (Beryl) rifles and maybe MSBS 5,56 rifles.

    As to the MSBS 5,56 all final versions have to be unveiled in June.
    These are:
    – conventional assault rifle,

    – conventional assault rifle – grenade launcher,

    – conventional carbine,

    – conventional designated marksman rifle,

    – conventional light machine gun (magazine fed),

    – conventional ceremonial rifle with wooden buttstock,

    – bullpup assault rifle,

    – bullpup assault rifle – grenade launcher,

    – bullpup carbine,

    – bullpup designated marksman rifle,

    – bullpup light machine gun (magazine fed),

    Additionally there will be shotgun based on conventional rifle.


  • patrickiv


  • Yojimbo556

    sums it up

  • Leetwin
  • Yeah… maybe don’t even let Bushmaster touch this at all!!!

  • themastermason

    I want it to come over here so I can live out my Halo dreams.