Polish MSBS Rifle/Bullpup Upgraded and Pictured

    As an ACR shooter/owner, I have been following the development of the Polish MSBS rifle system with keen interest. It would seem that the platform is getting closer to full deployment (slotted for starting formal force-wide adoption later this year).


    Equipped.PL was given the opportunity to shoot and photo both the traditional and bullpup layouts, fresh off of product improvement efforts. Google translation below;

    Tests MSBS-5, 56B lasted a few months – and introduced several changes to the structure.Simultaneously, a test “classical” MSBS , which also resulted in changes in the weapons – they concerned the details, but quite significant from the point of view of the user:

    • changed the shape of the chamber and the trigger guard;
    • modified-release button the latch assembly with a movable rear position;
    • redesigned inlet magazine slot, formed to make it easier to enter the magazine, as well as to the weapon properly collaborated with magazines of various types, including high-capacity (such as a 60-cartridge magazine Surefire);
    • new wing fuse – removable, so you will replace it with a more corresponding preferences shooter;
    • removable pistol grip – compatible with M4 carbines tricks and their clones;
    • reduced handle overload – does not interfere with the dorsal rail fitted at additional accessories.

    Until MSBS imports rifles in to the US, check out the photos on Equipped.PL Full Google Translated page here.



    Now, Bushmaster… go make a bullpup like this that I can use my current receiver! Oh, and the promised caliber kits while you are at it.

    Thanks, Bartek!

    Nathan S

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