Tactical Assault Gear Magnetic MOLLE Mag Pouch

Here’s something a bit different from the sea of operator gear out there. From Tactical Assault Gear is their MOLLE Shingle Pistol Enhanced Mag Pouch. So what’s the big deal? Well check out the video below. The pouch features a set of magnets in front of each pistol mag pouch to secure the pistol mags in place. In the front of the pistol pouches the magnets can also be used to hold additional mags, a multi-tool, your car keys, Russian ammo (if you can get any) even a full-size 1911! It’s available in a single, double or triple mag carry configurations in ACU, Black, Ranger Green and Coyote Tan. They’re made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty from Tactical Assault Gear. They retail from $27.99 to $49.99 depending on configuration. Check them out at TacticalAssaultGearstore.com.


Ray I.

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  • Anon

    Begin the dual wielding tactical reloads

  • gunslinger


  • Dale

    Sounds like a really great way to make sure you never have an accurate read on your compass too… Sheesh.

    • noob

      and randomly have metal objects loudly clink into you.

      Imagine what you’d look like after going prone near some artillery shell splinters

      • sianmink

        Or randomly sticking to passing armored fighting vehicles!

        • Leonardo Padrino

          Rust always sticks to these things. But I still love them.

        • Graham 1

          Or immediately erase all hard drives you walk past

      • BillC

        The magnets are covered in canvas, dumdum

  • Weaver

    I’ve actually use these at work for the last 2 years plus. These are some of the best mag pouches I have ever used. Retention for the pistol mags is still very good even after continual use. The one thing I do is remove the pistol mags when I have off to give the relastic a little break. TAG makes some great products and this is one I really like.

    • BillC

      Exactly. I bet my life with these in war, and it came out in better shape than I did.

  • SAR


    Here is an interesting quote that highlights those who purchase products that are desperately searching for a problem to solve…

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    Sorry but I see no need whatsoever for this gimmick.

  • Lance

    Still stick with my ALICE gear over this.

    • Weaver

      The magnets are for the mags not the weapon.

  • MP LT

    So… Who wants to tromp through the woods, hike up a mountain, or shoot a mobile course of fire with their Kimber Desert Warrior magnetically attached to their chest?

  • BillC

    All these comments are dumb. You don’t actually use it to hold a pistol. It’s just demonstrating how well the magnets work. I’ve used the same pouches which were permanently attached to my TAG Intrepid rig all through Afghanistan. They work AMAZING. kept three M9 mags and a multitool in the. NEVER EVER ONCE did one fall out or the magnets interfere with anything. Infact, if I was working with a tool that was metal, instead of setting it down temporarily, I would just slap it on the magnet so I wouldn’t set it down and loose it during immediate use. Maybe these commentors should actually use gear or stop being mall ninjas before they run their mouths, thumbs, and fingers. TAG quality is also, second to none. My rig survived an explosion as well and it is still fine to this day, albeit with stains.

    • Always good to hear from someone who actually used the product. It also cuts down on noise when it’s being used. Velcro can be pretty loud at 2am when you’re trying to be quiet.

    • Beaner

      Except that one time when you couldn’t figure out which was North.

      Kidding man, thanks for your service!

  • AA

    wondering if the working parts of a pistol become somewhat magnetized and if that would cause any functioning issues.

  • Jack

    As pointed out in some other comments.
    The picture isn’t the intended use of the magnets. Get over it.


    not the first magnet type mag pouch, Tactical Tailor has been doing it for a good while. Still great non the less, TAG is gtg.

  • Graham 1

    Does make all incoming bullets strike the hard metal plates kind of like that James Bond bullet deflecting watch?

  • Eric S

    I have no use for this, but it’s going on my xmas list. They had me sold at magnets.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Seriously: How much does it affect a magnetic compass?
    (I read all the way through the thread, BTW)