Tactical Assault Gear Magnetic MOLLE Mag Pouch

    Here’s something a bit different from the sea of operator gear out there. From Tactical Assault Gear is their MOLLE Shingle Pistol Enhanced Mag Pouch. So what’s the big deal? Well check out the video below. The pouch features a set of magnets in front of each pistol mag pouch to secure the pistol mags in place. In the front of the pistol pouches the magnets can also be used to hold additional mags, a multi-tool, your car keys, Russian ammo (if you can get any) even a full-size 1911! It’s available in a single, double or triple mag carry configurations in ACU, Black, Ranger Green and Coyote Tan. They’re made in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty from Tactical Assault Gear. They retail from $27.99 to $49.99 depending on configuration. Check them out at TacticalAssaultGearstore.com.


    Ray I.

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