IWI Galil ACE Spotted In South Sudan and Mexico

IWI Ace in South Sudan

The IWI Galil ACE is fast becoming the AK of choice throughout the world. The Ares Research blog posted the above photo of a Model 21, one of the short barrel carbine variants, being used by the South Sudanese Air Force. South Sudan, the newest UN-recognized country, is in the midst of a civil war and is still under a number of international arms embargoes. Ares suggests that this rifle may have been supplied by Ugandan security forces.

Also recently brought to our attention is the below photo showing the Attorney General of Mexico’s Reaction Corps (Cuerpo de Reacción) armed with the Galil ACE. The ACE is just about everywhere! When is IWI US going to bring it stateside?


PGR Cuerpo de Reacción

Steve Johnson

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  • Kyle

    They will probably bring it stateside when they make a version that accepts ar magazines so that it will have a better chance of success in the US market. Or they are selling just about every tavor they make right now and feel no need to expand their product line at this point. They also might be focusing on accessories for the tavor right now to continue the momentum of their sales right now. This is just speculation so please take it with a grain of salt if not a tablespoon.

  • Gidge

    Israel was the first country to recognize South Sudan and offer support so the batch of rifles is quite possibly a gift or direct sale.

  • 2hotel9

    I’m wondering when Mexican government is going to stop using leased commercial helicopters. Come on, they can’t have crashed all the UH1s USG has given them over the last 30 years.

    • rootman

      some of those in the back look like old models… the new one in the front is for the brass..

  • Seth Hill

    Is it correct to call it an AK, as it is a hybrid?

    • The Canadian government still bans it as an AK variant 🙁

      • FourString

        Shiiiit that stinks. So arbitrary that they allow Vz. 58’s and not Galil’s; makes you think of all the policymakers that can’t tell a Makarov from a Walther

        • vitor

          The vz58 is very, very different from an ak. One is a long stroke piston with a rotatory bolt, another is a short stroke piston on a tilting bolt, huge weight difference, also the vz disasembles much easier and allows to be fed by clips inserted on top since the bolt group is exposed.

          So yeah, not that much arbitary. Still dumb since both guns have the very same fire power.

          • FourString

            Yes, I knew all of this when I made my comment. The ejection port on the VZ is massive and it is a lighter weapon.

            Still very arbitrary as the Tavor too is a long stroke piston rifle and it’s unrestricted. Furthermore the VZ shoots the same 7.62x39mm round as the AK, whereas the Galil does not in its standard configuration, so it arguably has more firepower (considering Canadian mag capacity limit).

            As I implied earlier, the policymakers probably don’t know very much about firearms. How they decide what’s restricted and what’s not is probably based on how evil or how good-guy they think a rifle looks.

  • Rich Guy

    PLEASE bring a .308 variant here! Please!

    • FourString

      Yeh. One that takes FAL or PMAG SR25 mags too.

    • Blake

      You mean this one?

      Not sure they have a non-full-auto civilian version…

  • That photo from South Sudan is less than compelling. Any source or evidence to suggest that’s actually where the photo was taken?

    • The flags on the soldiers left shoulder is the national flag of South Sudan.

      • I must not be looking close enough. I can’t see any soldiers, shoulders, or flags in the first photo? Is it possible that it’s cropped? I see Mexico’s Reaction Corps in the second photo no problem!

        • 2hotel9

          I was wondering if Mexico was sending their crack drup enforcers to The Sudan, myself. lol

    • Michael

      The source is Aris Roussinos, a journalist with VICE news. The picture itself is actually a still from an upcoming documentary in S Sudan he is working on.

      • Thank-ya sir! Vice has done some stellar work in the past. I’m curious to see what Vice News brings us.

  • Lance

    Its not a true AK one. And two its not everywhere One small unit in Mexico doesn’t make it numerous and can 100+ AK from China and Russia for every Gaili there is.

  • FourString

    I would definite buy an ACE if they offered it in the states. I really love that modern sort of stamped look of the lower receiver. Holy hell is that attractive.

  • Esh325

    It would be safe to say the Galil ACE is the first successful mass produced modernized “AK”.

    • hino

      Seeing as not even Israel bought it in big numbers and most of its customers are countries that not even Russia wants deal with then I think it’s safe to say: absolutely not.

      • Esh325

        Why would they buy it when the Tavor came out before the Galil ACE did?

        • I’m guessing cost? We are talking about government purchases right?

          • 2hotel9

            No. IDF is not afraid of .30, unlike the c***ts in DoD.

          • BuzzKillington

            Many of us who served do not disagree with the DoD utilizing a 5.56mm carbine. It works and has become the rifle (AR variant) of the country, when civilians are able to buy whatever rifle they want (outside of NFA restrictions/costs). I love my AR’s. Though, I have been jonesing for a Larue OBR for years now. To the point that I have a bunch of SR25 pattern PMags just because.

          • 2hotel9

            Yea, lots of people think that way. Don’t change the fact that DoD is run by c*nts. C*nts who were never man enough to hump a .30 of any type to begin with. C*nts who paid someone else to carry the M 60 on their weekend drills. Ah, hell, who the f**k am I fooling. Those particular c*nts been dead and gone for 25 years. Whole new crop of c*nts replaced them, and they are just as incapable of arming America’s Infantry Soldiers with an effective .30 weapon system.

            .22 is not a main battle rifle caliber. I don’t care how big an a$$ you put on the cartridge. It is still only a .22. And yes. I carry a .22lr pistol. At contact range it is effective.

          • BuzzKillington

            Weekend drill? I wouldn’t know anything about that. I’m not a Weekend Warrior. I’m in the real military.

          • 2hotel9

            Its called humor, troop. You should head to the supply sgt and them issue you some.

            Did 6 years as a 13B, back in the long ago.

        • Blake

          Because the Tavor isn’t available in 7.62×39 and .308

          • Esh325

            I don’t think the Israelis have much interest in a Galil in 7.62×39.

          • 2hotel9

            Yea, the Hebbs already have an effective 7.62 NATO piece in service. And yes. I call a few “jews” I know Hebbs. Just the ones who have studied HISTORY and get the joke.

    • hollann

      Well the Galil ACE is the only modernized AK that I know of, so it does appear to the most popular. (Although the SIG 550, XCR and Daewoo K2, use the AK action)

      • Esh325

        I don’t think the XCR was successful at all. The K2 was has seen no use outside of Korea. The Sig 550 was some what successful you could say.

  • suchumski

    Its just a Gun.
    i like it cuz its Israeli.
    It has a lot of top features
    and other guns have them to.
    For me its just the Brand, made in Israel, IWI….
    and I am not ashamed about it. 😉

    • No reason to be!

      • suchumski

        thank you.
        there are roumores out
        there about a tavor in 308,
        maybe a american made one.
        would be a nice toy,
        i guess.

  • rootman

    mm not so exciting… new galil loses some of the good features from the old galil

    ..tell us about the other ar the mexicans have…


  • rootman
  • Nick

    Someone didn’t get the memo to stare stoically away from the camera…

    • 2hotel9

      Actually that is a good troop exercising proper situational awareness.

      • Blake

        Nice boots 🙂

        • 2hotel9

          The best US military surplus pesos can buy! Wonder if they order from sportsmanguide catalog?

          • BuzzKillington


    • John L.


    • walter ego

      You mean Obama? I had no idea Obama was currently serving with Mexico’s Reaction “Corpse”.

  • noob

    has anybody got any info on how and how well the top cover rail holds zero with an optic mounted?

    • whodywei

      If it’s good enough for the rear sight, it should be good enough for the optics.

      • Hopsaregood

        Not always, the optic has much more mass than the rear sight.

  • rootman

    wow desert boots and jungle camies! That crew does not speak well for the choice of the questionable new galil! Couple of americans with ars could take em!

  • suchumski

    i am gun fan, for some 35 jears.
    somehow the gun industry must be depressed.
    we have revolvers in S&W styl, made from diferent material,
    most pistols are brownings with trigger/safety modifikations,
    mauser styl bolt aktion carabines and selfloadeing rifles in
    AK47 or AR15 spirit, thats all.
    frustrateing, this stuff is not just older then me, its older then my pop.
    where is the engenering genious of our grandparents?
    there where 3-4 diferent revolver systems, pistols with gas, blowback, fixbarrel,
    and muche more locking mechanisms, rifles with genial mechaniks.
    the industry needs something new, spectakular, superior
    or it will end up in china and india.

    sorry for my english. 🙂

    • 2hotel9

      “where is the engenering genious of our grandparents?” It is in our hands. Just because a design is old does not mean it is bad. Look at the new Remington R51, a recasting of the Pederson design action that was used in the very successful M 51 semi-auto pistol from the early part of 1900s. Or Ohio Ordnance Works reworking of the BAR. Or new production Henry Repeating Rifles. Plenty of good, reliable designs in the world, and lots of complete sh*t, too. Its quite difficult to beat the genius of men like Browning, Pederson, Colt, Stoner. And many others in Europe whose names I honestly can’t think of at the moment.

      Don’t fall into the trap of the shiny, new object. It is not always an improvement over what already exists.

      • suchumski

        the R51lock would give a perfect system for ordonanc sidearms, with a fix barrel it would work perfect with
        all supressors, ports… one could change the barrel…
        with different polimer grips one could interchange
        between double and single stuck magazines.
        there where nice systems from HK
        in the G3, MP5, P9 with fixed barrels.
        somehow i have the feeling that the arnees are not
        asking and so nobody is offering new stuff.
        where is the Space Schutle/2 ?
        its just a feeling.
        my grandpa had from WW2 (red armee) a p38 and a
        US 1911(no idea how he kept them). they are old but they give fine self defence
        guns, the mag size is absolutely ok.
        i wouldent underestimate
        any of them. its a kind of strange, and
        i know one guy with a mauser c96 copy
        in full auto, this thing is no joke at all,
        a sword from 1300 was not ok in1400
        but a gun from 1900 is perfekt in 2014?
        strange times, realy.

        • 2hotel9

          “a sword from 1300 was not ok in1400
          but a gun from 1900 is perfekt in
          2014?” Actually, the technological change in that time frame was the crossbow. In the 100 year span it became widely available to the common soldier of the line. The sword was still perfectly usable, no matter if it was made in 1300 or 1400, sharp edge, sharp point, the skill of the user being far more important than the age of the weapon.

          • suchumski

            first i want to apologise, my english is reaching its borders.
            in 1300 most knights had mail armour, 1400 a lot of them
            had plated armour, you are much enough of an expert, i guess,
            to understand the diferent swords needed.
            the krossbow was in europe
            something for experts, the use was extremly dangurous.
            pope innocent the 2 baned the crossbow 1139.
            today nobady would give a old sock on it but then, this was
            very important. if kaught they have burned you for
            the posession and all your people to.
            in the army of chinas king chin chi chuen day (200bc or somthing)
            the crossbow was a standart military arm, with standertised parts.
            1400 they used the first firearmes, dont forget, 1492 they dicovered AMERIKA.
            i have to work on my english, its something else to read then to
            write something.
            in 6 weeks i am in israel, may be i’ll shoot such a new galil.
            there are some kibutz-shooting ranges there.
            in germany, where i live, one can dream about this stuff,
            hardly everything is somehow banned, save your
            second amendment.

          • 2hotel9

            So, you are telling us you live your life crawling on your knees, s**king government c**k. Okey dokey, then.

          • suchumski

            in europe you’r not allowed to have self defenc guns.
            they want you to call the police and beeing killed till
            the cops arive.
            it is a big problem to get a licence for hunting or sports,
            i have thees licences, just they can take it and the
            allowed guns away, as soon as they like,
            licences are not forever.
            i fled the USSR for not to crawl on my nees no more.
            and the USSR is somehaw becoming
            EUSSR now.

          • 2hotel9

            Get out of Europe. My ancestors did that 410 years ago, along 3 separate genealogical lines. It is a human deadend, being over run by Muslim terrorists. Unless you are ready to go all Charles Martel on their a$$es you got to relocate.

          • suchumski

            thank you, when you get rid of Obama 2016 and there will be
            no 3. term for the current administrator, i’ll perhaps do
            it. you are so much right about europ, its so sad.
            this summer i visited S-France, Riviera…
            it looks like N-Afrika, lots of arabs, behaveing provokativ…
            the only thing what disturbs me on the US is the distanc to israel
            (my famili lives there and i visit there a lot.)
            and the unusual gun laws, i am kind of gun adikted and
            imagen a junky with access to all kind of drugs.
            just the imagination, what i can get the hands on, makes me
            euforious, its not good for my famililife.

            i am the kid of the socialist-diktatorschip and
            the news are smelling like once in mother russia.
            so let me wait for impeachment or 2016! 😀

          • 2hotel9

            Barri has no affect on your political situation. Other than pushing socialism and the crushing of individual liberty, that is. Stop being a victim. I have done what I can on 3 different continents. Time to stand and fight. I, nor anyone else, can do it for you. TANSTAAFL

          • suchumski

            i fought my wars, with varios flags on my shoulder.
            the frontlines of the batelfield are now here in
            europs mids. the headbangers have
            forgoten whom they are
            playing with.

            after WW2 the progressidiots blocked the european fighting spirit, but they dont killed it. there are now konservativ
            movements on the rise here, the headbangers
            think there numbr is important, forgeting
            that you need just 100.000 man
            to destroy ther countrys,
            one after the other.

            the grandfathers of the headbangers called every white
            man EFFENDY and they will learn the
            term again.
            i weared different krosses on my uniform and som
            stares to, even the star of david.
            nothing i am proud of,
            life forced me
            to this.

          • 2hotel9

            Whatever. Lying to yourself is the ultimate sin.

  • lion

    IMI opened a factory with the Vietnam Defense Ministry,to build the ACE locally as the replacement for their AKs.

  • Hopsaregood

    So the South Sudan AF is using the ACE, is that the primary weapon on their Sopwith Camels or are those Fokker’s flying Messerschmitt’s? And the Mexican AG’s Reaction Corps, were they supplied under the table and off the radar by our AG, Eric Holder?